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  1. West Bay and West End are two different places. We got confused on our first trip to Roatan and went to West End by mistake. We wanted to snorkel and were very disappointed. Nothing there but a bunch of sea grass. But West Bay is fabulous snorkeling. If you are a decent swimmer, there is no need to take a snorkeling excursion. A huge reef lies about 50 yards off a sandy beach. Very easy access and much to see on the reef. It's well worth the 45 minutes or so that it takes to get there from the cruise ship. Many places up and down the beach offer food and drinks for sale as well as
  2. They do look like they would help - if I wore shoes!. They won't work with sandals. But if you will wear shoes for a while (perhaps during cooler months), it will fix the problem so you CAN wear sandals.My favorite sandals to wear now are Crocs, not the ones with a closed toe but the style with two straps across the top of the foot and open toes. My chiropractor recommended them, and I wear them with no pain at all. Of course, this is after I wore the heel that pain inserts for several months in my regular shoes. I wanted to find a permanent fix for the probl
  3. heelthatpain dot com heel inserts for shoes. I had plantar fascitis so bad I could not walk from the front to the back of the grocery store. Was even considering surgery. Then I found these online. They were cheap enough (like $24.95 a pair), so I thought I'd give them a try. I experienced instant relief the moment I put them in my shoes. And as you wear them over time, they actually fix the problem. After about a year of wearing them, I could wear normal shoes and sandals again without pain. However, I still put them in my regular shoes from time to time just to "maintain." I do
  4. #1 15 day cruise to Hawaii for our 25th wedding anniversary. The descriptions of the islands do not do justice to their lushness and beauty. #2 Cruise to Alaska. Seeing eagles, seals, orcas, humpback whales and a bear in the wild, along with the gorgeous snow covered mountains and glaciers...breathtaking! We'd love to do both cruises again...
  5. Thanks, everyone, for all of your responses. With not being able to cruise right now, it's kind of fun to live vicariously through the experiences of others and anticipate having some of the same experiences when I finally get to cruise again. I don't know about you, but I have read tons of trip reports in the last few weeks and enjoyed following different ones throughout their cruise--from leaving home until their return. Seeing it through their eyes and looking at all their photos makes me feel in some small way like I've made the trip myself. And it does help to scratch the crui
  6. Yeah, my cruise was not yet fully paid for. I guess that's why I got the price reduction on final payment.
  7. Well, I gave it my best shot at completing the online form on Carnival's website. And Carnival got right back with me via email, saying that since I had booked through a travel agency, that agency would have to submit the price drop request. So I called the agency, thinking I had about a $100 reduction coming to me. I was surprised when, after a short wait, the agent got back to me and told me I had a $280 reduction in price. Awesome! And I got to keep my same cabin and all the onboard credit I already had! A win-win!
  8. Saint Greg had it right! My ship will not have JiJi's. But thanks for the input! Maybe I'll get to try it on another ship. Everyone's recommendations sound delish. Keep 'em coming! Thanks!!
  9. When completing a price drop form on the Carnival website and requesting onboard credit for the difference in original and new pricing, could I possibly lose my cabin assignment and onboard credit from the original booking? No offense to anyone, but please only post if you've had experience in requesting price drops. Thanks!
  10. Have never dined there from the $15 paid menu. What are some of your favorite appetizers, entrees or desserts? Thanks!
  11. I saw a sign that said $20 taxi to Ocean World. Not sure if that was per person or for the entire taxi. Sorry on that point...
  12. I just bought a Cancel for Any Reason policy for an upcoming cruise. I booked the cruise through an online agency, not Carnival. The TA from that agency said the agency has stopped selling Cancel for Any Reason insurance (I'm guessing because of COVID-19, because they sold it as recently as December of last year). But I found a policy through an online travel insurance broker where you can compare different companies and their policies. Just do a search on travel insurance and a few such brokers' websites will turn up. The policy was not cheap. But it does cover cancelling for COVI
  13. So if you wanted a table for just 2 persons, could you get it using the app? Or might you be seated at a larger table with others that happened to have 2 open seats? We will be celebrating an anniversary on this cruise and really don't want to share a table. Thanks to those who have previously answered and thanks in advance to those who can answer this most recent question.
  14. For those in Your Time Dining, can you request a table for a specific number of people on the HUB app? Say like a table for 2? or for 4? Or do you just have to take the next table that becomes available? Thanks!
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