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  1. Twas the night before cruising And all through the house Not a creature was sleeping, Not husband, not spouse The cases were packed And by the front door with care Waiting for Uber to soon show up there. And I in excitement was lying awake Thinking of the trip we were soon going to take. The sailing, the ship, and the food on my mind, All we’d been waiting for soon we would find. When suddenly horrified out of bed I did climb. The passports! How could I? Almost both left behind! The wife by me blissfully snoring away Was dreaming of beaches and bright sunny days. Soon we’d walk up the gangway excited to see A beautiful atrium filled with laughter and glee. Sniffing the air we’d head up to the buffet What a wonderful start to our first cruising day! The party now on! Faces all full of cheer. Our shipboard vacation is finally here! Grab the swimsuits, a towel, and get to the pool Be the first to get there and the chair hogs you’ll rule! Island music is playing, I feel like a dance Time for movies and bingo and a bit of romance. Six lobster tails, seven, let’s eat all we can, They’ll bring you whatever, much more than on land. Off to the show, who is starring tonight? And tomorrow in port we’ll see even more sights! Ah cruising, how relaxing, it’s the best vacay deal, Can’t wait until morning to start it for real. So with a wink of my eye, and a nod of my head I’m finally and actually going to bed. But before I roll over and turn out the light, Happy cruising to all, and to all a good night!
  2. Thanks, everyone, for the encouragement. We're going to give it a whirl...😎
  3. Yikes!! $40!! OK, thanks for your input. Was hoping I could contact a cab company like the one we use in Ft. Lauderdale that will allow you to call the night before and schedule a pick up time for the next day. But if not, we will check with the hotel desk staff.
  4. Thanks for your reply. We need to get from our hotel to the cruise port. It's out in Doral so don't think there will be taxis lined up there. 😊 From past experience, we don't want to use the hotel's shuttle service as it stops at every ship and you have to wait for everyone's luggage to be unloaded before moving on to the next ship. Prefer a straight shot taxi ride. Hopefully, a local or someone who's used taxi service in Miami can help.
  5. Hi, just wondering what is the most reliable taxi service in Miami? Not interested in a limo or any private type of transport service...just a plain old cab. Also, is there one that you can call the night before to schedule a time for pick up? Thanks all!
  6. Thank you to those who responded giving helpful information from their experiences similar to mine. I believe I now have the answers I was looking for. Heading out to sea soon...!!!
  7. Uh...cost would be a very big reason. Flying into one city and leaving from another raises the price of a ticket considerably. I appreciate all those trying to respond with advice, but I would really like to hear from folks who either have recently been on a Celebrity cruise where they changed the itinerary to leave from one port city and return to a different port city or are scheduled to do so like we are. I'm trying to learn what allowances Celebrity made for your transport (on previous cruises) or what plans you have made for yourselves on an upcoming cruise. Thank you.
  8. To JBare...you are totally misunderstanding my question. We made arrangements to fly in and out of Miami (due to Celebrity changing the embarkation port to Miami from the original Ft. Lauderdale embarkation). So the cruise is leaving from Miami but returning to Ft. Lauderdale--leaving from one port and returning to a completely different one. So we need to get from Ft. Lauderdale cruise port back to the Miami airport AFTER the cruise ends.
  9. Thanks! I know there will be taxis at the terminal (hopefully another ship will be at that terminal on that day). But I wasn’t sure how far the parking garage is from the terminals at Port of Miami and therefore not sure if we could grab a taxi at the garage area or if we would have to walk a long way to the terminal. The bus is said to be going to the parking garage at Terminal G. We will have a lot of luggage so don’t relish dragging it a long distance.
  10. To Texed...Were you transported to the Ft. Lauderdale airport or to the parking garage? Right now, they seem to only be offering transport to the Miami parking garage after our Ft. Lauderdale disembarkation which is not much help to those who flew in to Miami. Are taxis readily available at the parking garage?
  11. Are you talking about paid transportation through Celebrity to the Miami airport? I know this is possible at any time. But I am asking about complimentary transport to Miami airport due to the unique situation of them changing the embarkation port to Miami (when it originally was to be from Ft. Lauderdale) and then returning passengers to Ft. Lauderdale after the cruise. Thus, it creates a transportation problem for everyone onboard who flies in for the cruise--whether you are flying in and out of Ft. Lauderdale or flying in and out of Miami. If I am correct, I believe this has happened on one or two cruises already where they sailed from Miami and returned to Ft. Lauderdale.. So I am reaching out to anyone on those cruises who happens to know how Celebrity handled passengers who flew in to Miami to board and needed to return to the Miami airport from Ft. Lauderdale at the end of the cruise. Thank you!
  12. I just called Celebrity directly not more than a half hour ago. I purchased $500 in onboard credit and charged it to my American Express card (where I had already selected the offer). Before I even got off the phone with the Celebrity rep, I had already gotten an email from Amex congratulating me on using my offer for $150 cash back on Celebrity. So to answer several questions, yes it does work if you purchase onboard credit. FYI...I purchased my cruise from an online agency but went straight to Celebrity to buy the onboard credit. Hope this helps! Happy cruising everyone!!
  13. Has anyone experienced this recent glitch in Silhouette’s itinerary? Got an email from Celebrity a few weeeks ago stating that instead of our cruise leaving and returning from Ft. Lauderdale as originally scheduled, we would now be leaving from Miami and returning to Ft. Lauderdale. It mentioned something about transport after the cruise back to the Miami parking garage being furnished by Celbrity. So I called Celebrity. I was told that transport could only be arranged once we are on the ship. That is a little late to find out anything as we’ll already be at sea. We are not driving to Miami and parking in the garage but rather flying in and out of there. So we need to get back to the airport, not the parking garage. Just wondering if anyone else has been in this same situation and if Celebrity helped them get to the Miami airport following disembarkation in Ft. Lauderdale? Thanks!
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