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  1. I would love to be able to preselect having coffee cards loaded to our Medallions rather than asking them to remove the mini bar and substitute coffee cards after boarding. That could be easily programmed in advance and save the crew a little time on turn around day. For those that like the mini bar but swap out some selections, letting them select those in advance would save the crews doing double work. Maybe Princess will offer these options?
  2. Is the iced tea the same syrup blend they use on other ships or is it true brewed iced tea?
  3. We did this tour this last August and it was definitely very memorable. The American cemetery is beautiful, probably the most beautiful cemetary I've ever seen. I wish the tour had been offered at the beginning of our cruise rather than the very last day before disembarkation though, but that would have required the cruise have France as the first port instead of the last and I don't know if Princess ever does that. It was a long day and to get back and have to rush to get packed to get luggage out and eat dinner to get to bed for a very early morning made the last evening feel very rushed. The bus ride there and back is definitely long but we felt it was worth the trip. We did made a note to ourselves to try to pick shorter excursions the last night of the cruise in the future though.
  4. Is the pump soap available in every stateroom? I too always bring my own pump soap and would love to leave that behind when we cruise on the Sky next year.
  5. I posted this on the Private Islands board over a month ago and no one has responded, so I thought I'd try here. I'd like some feedback on this excursion from folks who've done it. We generally just walk around on Princess Cays and maybe shop a bit but last year we took my mom (77) on a stingray encounter in Antigua and she still talks about it. It was packed with cruise line passengers and the snorkeling was awful but just being in the water in the middle of the ocean with the stingrays totally made her day. Can anyone who's done the "Princess Cays Stingray Beach Encounter" comment on how it was?
  6. Or cruise isn't until Nov 2020 but I randomly picked dates throughout 2020 and was unable to find a 2 bedroom available. Maybe I need to all the hotel directly? I was hoping to compare amenities and prices online.
  7. We were on the Crown Princess in August 2019 for a British Isles cruise and I thought the food was some of the best ever. There were a lot more offerings that were tailored to the area we were cruising (Irish Stew, Shepards Pie, etc) and they were excellent. I ate the Irish stew several times. Maybe the food was tailored to the demographic of the passengers on your cruise? Or the area of world you were cruising? We've been on many Princess cruises and while I may not have always loved everything I've tasted, I've always found many things I enjoy and we tend to eat mainly in the buffet.
  8. I'm also interested in a 2 bedroom suite option but am having difficulty finding one even when using the links others provided. For those who have stayed in one of these rooms, how far out did you have to book? Do you recal the approximate rate?
  9. We did something similar recently except our flight was out of LHR. I was also concerned because our flight left at 12:35 and it was a weekday (Thursday) putting us in the middle of rush hour traffic. We were assigned one of the earliest groups getting off the Crown Princess (I believe our group got off at 6:30) and we also had Princess transfers. We did not do self disembarkation. We were off the ship very quickly, gathered our luggage and went to the waiting buses. Ours filled up quickly and we left around 7:15 and were at LHR by 9:00. I'd worried we might miss our plane with all the reports of how bad traffic could be, but we were fortunate and had plenty of time to spare. We were extra fortunate in that our plane was only about half full and our party of 3 each got a row to ourselves. One of the best flights ever! : )
  10. Would like some feedback on this excursion from folks who've done it. We generally just walk around on Princess Cays and maybe shop a bit but last year we took my mom (77) on a stingray encounter in Antigua and she still talks about it. Can anyone who's done this excursion comment on how it was?
  11. It will let me search for cruises....not what I really wanted but better than nothing!
  12. However it won't let me sign in to my booking....oh well. It's getting better....slowly!
  13. I've been trying all morning and just now was able to connect
  14. I'm with Suspaul. Our last cruise was in a room that was right around the corner from the elevators (so close you could see our doorway when you stepped off). During the day, if we were napping we could hear the elevators announcing the deck name and number, but it was faint and not really bothersome. What WAS bothersome were the people that would stand right in the doorway to the elevator foyer at 11:30 at night talking and laughing loudly. In the future, I wouldn't book a room right there again. It was certainly convenient to the elevators, but I would book a room a few steps farther down the hall in either direction if possible.
  15. Our British Isles cruise on the Crown last month also had the 4:30 - 6:30 time. It worked really well for us.
  16. I've also tried finding that type of accommodation in Ft Lauderdale and while I find hotels that offer 2 bedroom suites, they never seem to be available. Is there some trick or do they have very limited accommodations of this type?
  17. One our 3rd or 4th cruise we had a flower arrangement in our mini suite when we got there but it didn't say who it was from. There was no card attached and we never did find out where it came from. It was absolutely beautiful but we ended up having to put it on our balcony after a few days as it was so fragrant it was giving both of us headaches. I still occasionally wonder who might have sent it....we would have liked to thank them!
  18. Here....I found this photo from a previous thread. I believe this was tea for 2
  19. We didn't choose, but I've read on here that you can ask for only certain items or to have them not include items but are limited to the things they normally put on the tea. We ordered it for 4 even though there were only 3 of us (guess we were worried we wouldn't have enough!). I thought I had taken a picture of what we received but I can't seem to find it. If you do a search on it, I know there are some on this site. I had also read that as long as you give them ample notice you could have the tea delivered earlier in the afternoon, but we were told it could only be served after 4:00 pm. The scones were still warm when we got them and with the clotted cream and jam they were delicious!
  20. It is very nice. They bring it on trays with cloth napkins and a tablecloth and everything. They make quite a production of it. We had it on our last cruise and AstroFlyer is right....there's a lot of food! If we did it again we would ask for less of the sweets (there was a whole plate of cookies we hardly touched) and get just the scones and little sandwiches. Those scones are wonderful!
  21. We're doing this cruise next month and can't wait. What time did they allow embarkation? We're trying to arrange transportation from London.
  22. Thanks for the input! I was pretty sure it couldn't be that simple, but it never hurts to ask!!
  23. I hope I'm posting this correctly as I've read all the threads and done a search on the rest of the forum and not found the answer I was looking for. We are staying for 3 nights in London in a flat at Saint George Wharf Anchor House, which I believe is very close to the Vauxhall underground station (right across the street in fact, according to the description). We'd like an easy option for transfer from our flat to Southampton that won't break the bank, yet is simple for folks who are new to the city and public transport in general. We don't mind a bus or train, just don't want a lot of changes within the journey. We're travelling with my 80 year old mother and while we can certainly maneuver our suitcases to some extent, less schlepping of luggage is better. We've gotten a quote from Smiths for Airports of £150 and that would clearly be the easiest transport option, but is there any chance there's a bus or train option that is equally easy from our flat? Any chance a bus or train leaves from Vauxhall station and goes direct (no switching or buses or trains)? I've looked on both the train station website (quite hard to decipher) and the National Express site and if the answer is there, I'm missing it.
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