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  1. Barb, yes we have. We were lucky to go in the off season of early December a couple of years ago. The weather was perfect, and there were no heat or crowds to contend with. We loved it and were fascinated with every corner of it. However, that was long after we named our little guy and I chose it for my CC name.
  2. Pompeii was the name we gave our beloved little pomeranian who came to us as a stray. But everyone called him Pomp or Pompy.
  3. Yes, the medallion fit in the holder very securely. No chance of it falling out.
  4. I used this on my fitbit watch band. This way I wasn't wearing anything additional, like a clip or lanyard or additional wrist band, it fit right on my watch which I was already wearing. Many people asked me where I got it, including lots of Princess staff. It will only fit on a fairly narrow watch band, though. https://www.amazon.com/Luke3DP-Adapter-Holding-Carnival-Medallion/dp/B07RC2B9BY/ref=sr_1_1?crid=66DVF7XADJF3&dchild=1&keywords=cruise+medallion+holder&qid=1599649391&sprefix=cruise+me%2Caps%2C184&sr=8-1
  5. Ok, good! The last version of this form I was using no longer had the 3 month rule at the bottom, so when I saw it on this new one I thought maybe the rule had changed back. Glad to hear that's not the case, even if the form says it is!
  6. Thanks so much for sharing. An email address is good news indeed. But I noticed in the small print at the bottom of the page that "^Shares certificate and brokerage statement should be dated no earlier than 3 months prior to cruise departure date." So we're back to the 3 month rule?
  7. As others have said, copy and paste works fine. I right click and save as to my desktop. Mine say "Live Chat Transcript" and the date and time at the top, so I don't need to add that information. You can also open up the chat box by using the "popout" button at the top, the square with the arrow. Makes it a little easier to read.
  8. I was having the same problem and F5 just worked for me. Thanks for the tip!
  9. I still have the green live chat button all the way at the bottom of the screen next to contact us. Maybe you need to log in?
  10. You can try using the chat function to get the information from Princess, then saving and printing the chat. I have two chats saved on my computer, so I have in writing that Princess says my disputes have been settled in my favor. My problem is that Princess Barclaycard says my chargebacks are still open, even though Princess says they found in my favor and closed the disputes in early June! I can't reach anyone on the phone in the dispute department at Barclay, and their messaging function on their website won't give me an answer. They just say I need to call the dispute line. I do have provisional credits on my account but nothing has changed since they were originally posted in May when I opened the disputes. So as far as I can tell, they are still temporary credits. I am approaching 90 days from the dispute date, so I think they will automatically change to permanent at that time?
  11. I disputed about $5,000 in payments in May on my Barclay card and Princess tells me (via live chat) that they accepted the chargebacks on June 4th in my favor. However, the credits on my card are still temporary, and as of yesterday Barclay (via their contact form) says the disputes are still open and so I have to take it up with Princess. I explained that in Princess' eyes the disputes were resolved in my favor over a month ago and that Princess is saying they don't need to do anything else, and that Barclay is the one who needs to "complete" them. Each is saying that the ball is in the other's court. I've tried reaching a live person at Barclay but haven't been able to. In a letter from Barclay from when I originally filed the disputes, they said although they issued provisional credits they would rebill the charges within 90 days if not resolved in my favor. So, since no one will give me an answer, does that mean that once 90 days are past the money is mine?
  12. So I just chatted and was told that my refunds were processed today (!) and are on their way to my Barclay card. Since I filed a dispute and temporary credits already show on my account, will those just drop off when I get the real credits? Just trying to figure out how I'll know when I've been refunded for real.
  13. That's what I was afraid of. I did include all my "documentation" when I filed the dispute, ie cancellation notice from Princess and booking info showing the deposits, which is really all I had. It's been about 6 weeks since I filed the dispute and the temporary credits are still on my account, so at least they haven't decided in Princess' favor yet. After all, the basis of my dispute is not that the charges were not valid, it's that I have not been refunded for a service that was cancelled months ago. The funny thing is that I received a new Princess credit card in the mail yesterday since my original one expires in August...I could have saved them the bother.🤨
  14. Would you mind saying which card this is? I disputed on my Princess Barclaycard in early May, and although I have provisional credits on my account, they say it could take up to 90 days for a final decision. I wondered if Barclay was finding in favor of the customer on these disputes...
  15. We are in the exact same boat, so to speak. I'm a brand new Elite after our last cruise in January, but I don't know if I'll ever reap those benefits. We do have one more booked in Sept 2021 with just an $100 future cruise deposit. Since we've been waiting over 60 days for our refunds ($5,000) for this year's cancelled cruises, I've pretty much decided it's not in my best interest to pay ahead for any future cruises. From now on, I'll let payment wait until the last possible moment.
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