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  1. We just got off the CB and both had coffee packages. The waiter will bring you brewed coffee in the dining room without charging your package, since that is unlimited, although it could take a few minutes. We always just picked ours up from the IC and took it in with us, but the waiter will bring it if you prefer and don't mind waiting. In the buffet, since Coffee and Cones does not have brewed coffee, you will need to spend a punch to get an americano, which the waiter will also bring you.
  2. I haven't been on a medallion net ship yet, but from what I've read here on CC, if you aren't platinum or elite with free minutes to trade for a discount on a package, then there isn't an additional discount once on board. I'm not sure if the price is the same or higher than pre-board so I don't know if you're better off buying ahead or waiting. Can't wait 'til Monday, though - see you on board!
  3. The Island and the Coral Princess both have forward no balcony minisuites on Caribe and Baja. They are very nice and large, and there is an very large open forward deck right to the front of them. This deck is great for a warm weather cruise, but maybe too windy and cold for colder weather. We had one going through the Panama Canal and it was wonderful. I thought about one for Cape Horn/Antarctica and decided using the forward deck would be too cold.
  4. So if I have a ship internet plan and WiFi calling enabled on my phone, then I can text while on board without additional fees?
  5. For me, the Medallion app took the same password as the Ocean Ready app. I didn't have to create a new account for Medallion. I just logged in using my email and password from Ocean Ready, and everything was there.
  6. I hope so. We're on the CB from 8/19 - 9/4 and it would be a bummer for Princess to deny the coffee card for the last 4 days. I have one with 2 punches left and two that have never been touched, so it's use 'em or lose 'em!
  7. I downloaded the Medallion app yesterday and everything seemed to transfer over from Ocean Ready for our cruise on the CB next Saturday. So am I safe in deleting the Ocean Ready apps? I don't need them any more, right? The QR scannable boarding pass is in the new one so I think I'm good. One suggestion I'd have is an option to put the scannable boarding pass in your phone wallet like you can with airline boarding passes and other tickets. So easy to find that way with no logging in, etc...
  8. I've glanced at the Princess 2021 Europe sailings and didn't see Venice on any of the itineraries. Maybe it's still on world cruises but I didn't see it on my quick look at the cruises in the Elite pre-book email my husband got. We boarded the Pacific with an overnight in Venice in 2017 so at least we were able to do it once.
  9. Me, too. I've tried on my phone and 3 different computers so I really don't think it's anything on my end...
  10. I ordered one this morning and I'm hoping it arrives before we leave next week. It looked to me that it slips over the strap, so it wouldn't work for a regular stretch watch band that slips over your hand onto your wrist. I think it will work on bands that buckle, or in my case, velcro together.
  11. We just received ours yesterday and the paper background was blue for both of us. Our lanyards were different also, thinner and white with blue lettering that says "Accenture> Ocean Medallion" and the Princess logo. They're a soft material though so I think they'll be comfortable.
  12. It was combinable last year. We had a couple of cruises booked under 3FF with our casino discount. We've since refared them to another promo, but I remember that we've had the casino rate since the beginning. Who knows for this year, though.
  13. The current Landmark sale has a refundable option. You need to call Princess and ask to be booked under it. If the rep doesn't know about it, tell them it's option N7 for the refundable deposit. Your price might be a little more, a little less, or the same as the non-refundable option.
  14. My husband and I get these frequently about different things, like ship names, excursions, elite benefits...they're legit.
  15. I'm interested in knowing this as well for our Canada/Greenland cruise in a few weeks. Once you get a little north of NYC, I think the speed deteriorates.
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