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  1. Regarding our new concrete driveway and future replacement windows, we would have done them eventually but with our budget windfall, we pulled the trigger on the driveway and we'll start on the windows in phases. When we go back to travelling, then at least these two big expenditures will be done. We also renovated a basement bathroom, but that was really a function of having free time and energy, not extra money. We always do what needs to be done; we're not going to let our home fall down around us so we can go on a cruise, but it's nice to do the things we've been wanting to do.
  2. Replaced asphalt with a new concrete driveway. Next up, installing replacement windows.
  3. Worldpeek, would you mind saying generally what the instructions were the Barclay rep gave you? I called and of course got the recording saying they couldn't file over the phone, so I filed my dispute on line and then followed up with faxing the supporting info. Is that what they asked you to do or did she give you another way of opening your dispute? Thanks.
  4. January 2020 Santiago to Buenos Aries including Antarctica on the Coral. Before that, August 2019 Canada and Greenland on the Caribbean. Both were wonderful.
  5. For some inexplicable reason, Princess did away with this. I've suggested numerous times on their feedback tab that they add it back, but you can see how much good that's done...
  6. I recently returned from my 15th cruise and didn't receive any type of notification regarding change in status, either on the ship or via email. My personalizer did change to Elite, so all is good but Princess did not inform or congratulate me on my new status in any way. I remember on previous cruises getting a letter and new pin in my stateroom towards the end of whatever cruise I was on when I changed status explaining my new Captain's Circle benefits, but not this time. Since I could never find the rep at her desk I asked at the passenger services desk and he said they don't send out anything but he did root around and find me a pin. My husband reached elite a couple of cruises ago and he also received nothing.
  7. it's also helpful if you title your thread to relate to your specific question. Something like "Club Class question" or "Does Club Class section open to all at 7:30?" or whatever best sums up what you want to know. 🙂
  8. Unfortunately we weren't there for a couple of hours. The captain inexplicably decided to leave after 1 hour 15 minutes. Even though we arrived over an hour early and were scheduled to be there for 2 hours 30 mins, per my memory and the log of the cruise we stayed in the bay only half that time. As you can probably tell, I am still fuming over this because we had already lost so much of Antarctica, to cheat us of half our scheduled time in Charlotte Bay was absolutely unacceptable. We could have stayed 3 and a half hours and still been on schedule. Yes, they heard about this in my survey.🤬 Even with that, it was amazing and I feel fortunate to have seen it at all. You guys are very lucky to be there for a few hours.
  9. My gripe is that we didn't stay in Charlotte Bay for our full allotted time. We were scheduled to arrive at 8pm and leave at 10:30pm, and we arrived about an hour or so early. Which was perfect, until we left after less than an hour and a half, instead of staying the full the full two and a half hours. An hour short may not sound like much, but this was the most magical place with just us, the silence, and the whales all around. And since our time in Antarctica was already shortened so much, there was no reason to cheat us here. We did not need the extra hour to get to Deception Island by 5:45am the next morning. We could have stayed until 9 or 9:30 and still been ahead of schedule. There was certainly not one person on board saying "Well, this is boring, let's get out of here." Our cabin was Baja forward on the port side, and the naturalist (can't remember which one) was outside the bridge on the little platform right above us when he concluded his commentary for the evening. After he turned his mike off, I asked him why we were leaving early, and he answered "well, we got here early." When I replied I know that but we didn't stay the full 2:30 hours, he turned and walked back onto the bridge saying "I wouldn't know, I don't second guess the captain." Gee, thanks for the explanation.
  10. If you're spending any time in Santiago, you'll have a chance to use your summer clothes there. Temps have been in the 90's and are dropping a little into the mid-80's over the next week or so.
  11. In one of the ports, Nanortalik, there was only a small pier and room for one tender to unload at a time. Our dinner mates said they sat in the tender at the pier for an hour waiting for their turn to unload. If Nanortalik wants cruise traffic, they need to build a pier that can accommodate more than one tender.
  12. Hi Hank, I would agree with you except the lady giving out the tickets at that time was the future cruise consultant, who should be senior enough with Princess to not be confused on the policy. I had been to the future cruise office a couple of times so I recognized her. When she relented, she kind of scoffed and said "let's just make this an easy day", indicating that she felt I was gaming the system and not that she realized her error. At the time it puzzled me more than anything because this was my husband's first cruise as elite so I thought maybe I had misunderstood the tender policy. I'm glad to be clear on it now because we are leaving for South America and want to tender off as early as possible in the Falklands.
  13. Funny you should mention that...we were on the same CB cruise to Greenland. My husband is elite and I am platinum. The lady giving out tickets refused me one, saying sorry, elites only. I told her I was the elite's spouse and in the same stateroom, and she still tried to send me away saying there were too many elites on board to give tickets to non-elites. I waved my arm at the otherwise empty dining room (literally, there was absolutely no one else in there) and she finally relented. We didn't even have time to sit down before they called us down to the tender. I realize that tendering was a bit of a mess on that cruise, but really.
  14. Or download and use WhatsApp. You can message, voice message, or call using wifi to any of your contacts who also have WhatsApp. Take and send photos, too.
  15. We, too, are on the cruise from Santiago right after yours, so we'll be following your journey. Very glad to hear that there are lectures on Antarctica. After your days cruising Antarctica, can you give us a run down on what clothes you found useful? Yes, I know...layers; but I'd love a first hand account from someone who is actually there around the same time of year we'll be there. Would be very appreciated! One more think, can you tell us who is the cruise director?
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