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  1. Kamelia's scenario comes closest to mine. I had 2 cruises cancelled that I had applied FCD's as the deposit. These were not pause 1 (That's a whole nother story) In my case much to my amazement they took both of those and applied them as my deposit for World Cruise 2023, U.S. Island Princess, Jan 2023. No immediate real payment due, another deposit due March 2022.
  2. My guess is for any resemblence of a normal cruise not until 2023 and I expect that will be very different than we are used to. It seems Covid is going to be with us for life I am afraid. It will just be how the world will manage/not manage it to get back to a type of normal life, our "new normal"
  3. @1965 You're welcome. She is definitely a very different experience, that many love. On our world cruise we passengers and crew and entertainers formed quite a bond. We were basically stranded together at sea on the ship from March 3rd when our cruise started falling apart to disembarkation in Fremantle the 21st (and beyond for some) We are keeping in touch and hope Princess will provide us a "re-do" cruise to ease the deep disappointment we are feeling.
  4. True, Pacific Princess does not have the Medallion technology and my guess is she never will. If you are asking because of interest in MedallionNet WiFi .... No Pacific Princess does not have upgraded internet at all and is absolutely horrible. A ship can have MedallionNet and not yet have the medallion technology. I was on the PP when our world cruise was abruptly halted and we made a u-turn in the Indian Ocean and were sent back to Fremantle, Australia to make our way home from Perth. All in all, I still loved the little girl.
  5. I was booked on the WC 2021 Venice to LA segment and Voljeep you are correct. All I am getting is my FCD back to my account, nothing more and that will likely take weeks to months to happen. My final payment was not due until 12/02/2020. Nice way to say "sorry" your cruise has been cancelled, huh?
  6. It appears that way for me too. No double anything, (My understanding from the cancellation email) just the single FCC. An FCD is more value that the FCC.
  7. AFIK Illy has not been served on board Princess ships unless it was a very long time ago. This is the coffee brand served in the pay venues on board the Princess ships.
  8. Me too, Susan. This was all on Princess! AFAIK Princess never contacted N regarding the World Cruise I was on. I never thought about dragging N into this mess. After I got the FCC I did ask her to request that Princess not randomly apply it to an existing cruise, because I expect the 2 I had booked long ago will get cancelled too. I don't want to go through the worry and waiting for a refund again. I will not book another cruise and will not pay Princess another dollar for the foreseeable future. BTW, I have now received travel expenses, FCC, cash refund to CC, OBC folio refu
  9. I don't get the early booking emails either. I guess you have to be on an extra special list to get them. Maybe most traveled? Book with Princess / PVP? No email for us just the regular elites?
  10. Attention those awaiting OBC refund (especially WC 2020) Check you credit card accounts!!! I just went into my credit card account and I have another credit that just happens to be the amount that was in my folio when we disembarked 🙂 This included a small "non-refundable" amount. Maybe this is in-lieu of a check from Bottomline I think, unusual, but most likely. I really wish Princess would allow us to have the information on how they arrived at our refund amounts. I still am unclear about what happened to pre-paid shore excursions that were booked against
  11. Princess seems to have released a flood of cash overnight. My cash refund of cruise days missed appeared on my credit card today. YAY!!!!! Pacific Princess World Cruise 2020, 111 days, LA-LA Embarked Jan 20, 2020 Disembarked at Fremantle Australia on March 21, 2020 Still awaiting remaining "refundable" OBC from folio from Bottomline and will initiate appeal for 1 item denied on travel home expenses as I have found that another passenger was reimbursed. Thinking good thoughts for everyone else who has been waiting that yours comes soon
  12. I was on the Pacific Princess abruptly halted World Cruise 2020. There was plenty of Zumba and instructor was certified. You may be lucky and have Tavo, but with what has happened, and the uncertainty of the cruise industry, who knows what it will be in the future.
  13. Nothing new to report, but several of my fellow passengers have also received their FCCs. AFIK, no one has received any $$$$$$$ refund to credit cards. I am hoping June 30 opens some kind of flood gate of $$$$$$$ refunds.
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