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  1. Hmmmmmm. Interesting. I just tried my iPad and could log in as well. And, now the pricing is there. I just don't get it. Boggles my mind
  2. I can't get it to let me log in using Firefox. It's been about a week like this. All it does is go to the blank log-in screen over and over again after I enter the required information. Anyone else have that kind of issue. Frustrating for me. Clearing cache and cookies makes no difference. I can only hope that someday soon they fix it.
  3. I have stayed in E424 and totally agree with Cruise Raider. Great Cabin IMO
  4. Hi to you and Debbie 🙂 Thanks for this semi-live from.
  5. If you mean a "post" cruise date after your debarkation day .... YES, you sure can. Go to EZAir in you cruise personalizer look for the date drop down for your return. Select the date you wish to travel. It may be limited on how far out you may go.
  6. 3 For Free for me ......... Some will say Sip And Sail, though
  7. Stairs up 2 decks, down 3 decks .... Otherwise elevator
  8. I just booked on the Jan 19th Coral Princess cruise. About Sea Days, I would lean toward Princess. IMO, HAL is dull as far as activities. Buenos Aires is nice to spend a couple days, but if you want WOW! think about adding Iguazu Falls too. (Not easy to DIY, but can be done)
  9. Agree and I don't want any complications. I pretty much went country by country to their visa section of the gov't websites.
  10. Thank You. I realized my dilema as I was doing visa research. According to my research and confirmed with special travel dept at Princess it seems I need to get ETAs for NZ, OZ and Sri Lanka on line and Tanzania, Madagascar and Maldives are done on board. Brazil no longer requires a visa for US (though I have mine, which I got the hard way before the recent on-line version)
  11. It looks like renewing is the thing to do. I would happily go to the Los Angeles Passport Office, but they only accept in person visits if your international travel is within 2 weeks. Time to get a new passport photo, UGH!
  12. I am booked on the World Cruise 2020. I have discovered that I do not have a plethora of blank pages, maybe 5 (which some countries require a full blank page) remaining in my passport which is not due to expire until 2024. They NO LONGER add pages to passports. I could forfeit the remaining years and request a passport renewal .... BUT, I have another 1 week closed loop Caribbean cruise on Dec 1st. I have checked with cruise line and I can get by with real id and original birth certificate. So, I could send in the passport renewal request ASAP and get it back in plenty of time for the World Cruise. I suspect the stamping requirements might be a little looser being on a ship, than arriving by air. Am I being overly concerned? Would you send in the passport renewal request?
  13. @Matzaball Yours is the last segment of the LA-LA World Cruise 2020. I am on the cruise from the beginning January 20th. We have a very inactive roll call, which really surprises me. You can take a look. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2537098-2020-world-cruise-pacific-princess-january-202020-la-to-ftl/
  14. I am not a frequent HAL cruiser. Are the internet prices better once you are on board rather than on the HAL website in advance? I will be doing a 7 day Caribbean cruise from FLL.
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