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  1. Hi, I just departed LA on the Grand and we passed your lovely Emerald Princess waiting for you out in the water off shore. The Grand is feeling pretty empty, it's eerie. You and G have a great cruise. Can't wait to read the blog, thank you!
  2. My iPad is packed up for cruise tomorrow. I use the internet site, not an app. Looking at Chrome right now, your screen shot is not showing all the way to the bottom. There is another black bar at the very bottom and that is where the CHAT button is.
  3. We must not live far from each other. I get do it all over again in about a month for Majestic cruise, Oh fun!
  4. I am in SoCal too. Yup, no rapid tests available in these parts. I went to the CVS South St Lakewood location, but I imagine they use a common Quest lab. Big relief now that results are done. Appointments become available 14 days out, so try to get on website that exact day. Good luck to you.
  5. Many good ideas came out in this thread. Thank You. MY EXPERIENCE: I stuck with my CVS 1-2 day PCR test appointment at 9:30 AM Tuesday. I arrived about 5 minutes early and drive-thru test was completed easily. Negative results were received in approx 25 1/5 hours from test completion. Email came from Quest Lab, but results also found on CVS' My Chart Page. I am ready to board the Grand for a nice getaway.
  6. I do not think this is a bot CHAT at all. I was chatting with a real person and a bot could not have understood my question.
  7. Amazing! I just checked using Chrome and I actually see the CHAT button. I did nothing different and it was not viewable until now.
  8. Same here. I use a PC, I know old school. Not everyone/every device has access to chat evidently. I have called and just got the shrugged shoulders response, saying can't help you .... It's there. I suspect CHAT is intended for mobile devices not a PC or Mac. If I get out my iPad, yes I see a CHAT button.
  9. @srpilo If you found a rapid antigen test at CVS, good for you. None up here in Orange County/Long Beach area even into greater LA AFIK.
  10. I chose not to pay when testing should be free! I tried earnestly to find a rapid antigen test. I live in Southern California and was unsuccessful in finding one. I could have gone to Las Vegas or Yuma, AZ ..... LOL No way! I opted for CVS PCR 1-2 day test. I took it early this morning and keeping fingers crossed. If I get denied boarding because the results were not in time, next time (November) I will drive the 20 some miles and try Kaiser. The CVS is 2 miles from home and both said the same about timing of results.
  11. Sharing a link to a place that was shared on another site. I do believe this will bill insurances. San Pedro Urgent Care. https://www.sanpedrourgentcare.com/
  12. LA Harbor/San Pedro is my homeport also. Above post is a good explanation. Pre Royal class ships visiting LA it was determined that Royal class ships could not properly fit and maneuver at Bert 93. I was on the first arrival in LA of the Royal Princess (The epic FLL to LA Re-positioning cruise around South America) to Berth 92 with tents outside the terminal. It was February, so heat not an issue. My main issue was that I had to Schlep my multiple pieces of luggage from the long cruise to Berth 93 where they had the transportation options operating from. That is just not fun. I hope they have changed that situation, but I have no idea.
  13. @cruzsnooze Yes, Oct 14th. That is how I could tell it is not very full. It seems that most people who did book this cruise opted to go cheap** Insides seem to be the most booked category. But, Hey, I am using FCC so I went for a balcony. Barely a handful of cabins are booked in my whole section. ** I suspect some are expecting a free upgrade to a balcony. I stopped doing the wishing/hoping game a few years ago when they went to upsells most often rather than free upgrades
  14. Thank you for your thoughts. I board the Grand in 9 days! I am looking forward to the excellent service and the uncrowded ship. I think mine is going to be a very low number occupancy cruise from the looks of it.
  15. I had started a thread on this earlier. It was getting to be much too agrevating. A nice poster gave me a tip that WORKS for me. Sign In > Open My Account Drop Down > Open My Princess Home > Right side, click SAVED+ Cruise With Me. I am using a PC and this kind of back door entry works for me with Chrome and with my old Firefox Pre Quantum. I do not use a phone when I can use a PC, so I can not help with phone. Good luck, hope it works for you. YMMV
  16. Agree with you totally. It has been a hot mess since the beginning and just gets worse and worse. I think the whole medallion thing has been huge mistake, especially that they removed all pre-cruise "stuff" from the website and made it all dependent on the oh so wonderful App. Some of us can not even use the App because of the phone restrictions they made.
  17. I am really enjoying the live thread, Thank You! Question for those just onboard. Did you pre-purchase the internet in the App before the cruise at $10.00 per day? I am interested to know it worked out. Did you immediately see the 1/2 OBC on your onboard account once you boarded, or did you have ask for it at passenger services? I did the pre-purchase and was charged the full price already on my CC. I did not see the point of waiting til day 1 and pay $15.00 per day and get 1/2 back OBC from that price. The way Princess is doing this just seems to me we are lending them cash money for free.
  18. I got the email. Yesterday DMW was there and I was able to make selection for just booked 4 day cruise and my following cruise was all still there. IIRC it showed "shared" but I don't remember seeing a number of persons. Just now, I went to look and I get a message something like DINE MY WAY IS CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE, TRY AGAIN LATER. Well, at least we know they are working on DMW.
  19. Thank You. I just tried it, no luck.... just OOPS! page when I try to access SAVED from the home page. The fix recommended above going in via My Princess is working.
  20. That was my first instinct, but did not work for me.
  21. Thank You, Thank You. I knew there had to be a "back door" way to it until this issue goes away. It worked on my PC
  22. For 2 weeks or more now if I click on SAVED at the top right with the number in a red circle all I can get is a Whoops! Your page was not found. I use a PC and have tried 3 browsers. I also have an iPad, I tried Safari and all the same result. Let me know please if you are able to view you SAVED cruises on the Princess website or get the same Whoops! Your page was not found that I get. Contacted Princess, They say there is no known issue and their answer is just try again later.
  23. Has anyone else encountered this? I called to get assistance with the wonderful MedallionClass App this morning. The phone number I have 844 525-0942 now answers with a recording that says "You have reached a Princess Cruises phone number that is no longer in service" I called the regular number and there is a prompt for Navigator assistance, but that is just a long recording like FAQs at the end it just disconnects with no live help option. Does anyone have a new phone number to get live help with the app. The regular sales people are not App experts. It says they offer chat, but I do not use a phone for everything, I prefer to use a PC and there is no live chat on the Princess website on my PC. I have found the email mentioned for Navigator is not responded to.
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