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  1. Is the Raw Bar part of the specialty dining? And if so, do you know how many dishes you are allowed to order? I thought I saw a review that the person said he ordered everything on the menu and it was covered, but I can't find that now.
  2. Why? I am going on the Breakaway this fall and was planning on having a dinner there. Can you please tell me why you didn't like it, and why I shouldn't go.
  3. I used Singleword for my first cruise. On the Carnival Celebration, back in 1987. I think we were the 3rd cruise out of port. My travel agent booked me an a friend in an inside cabin with 2 other people we never met. Think about that, and would anyone do that today? Lucky for us, one of the guys had to eat at specific times, so he was always leaving the room before we needed to get ready for dinner. I had a great time, didn't take another cruise until I was married and had kids.
  4. I just booked on the Breakaway in September, and I was looking to see what shows I want to see on what days. I can't find any info on when the shows are. Is there a list somewhere? I am interested in Rock of Ages, Escape the Big Top and Burn the Floor. Are there any I'm missing? I assume I need reservations for all 3 of these shows, so I'd like to get an idea so I can book dinners and the shows once it opens up for me. Thanks! Jack
  5. I booked an Escape cruise with the Dining plan for June 3rd late, and by the time I went to make reservations, there weren't any left. I was told that the ship holds a bunch of spots open for booking on board. I would like to do that as soon as I get on the ship. Can anyone tell me where I have to go, and if I have a chance to get the dinners I want? $ for Cagney's, 4 for Moderno's, 2 for Le Bistro & 2 for Teppenyaki? Thanks for everyone's help in advance!
  6. Do you know if Modeno Churrascaria, Teppenyakki or any of the others are included?
  7. I cruised on the GEM a few years back and was able to get an Aft balcony. If was the best cabin I've ever had. Looking to do one on the Escape next. Does anyone have any recommendations for which floor/cabin I want to get? I don't want the be where people above can look down at us from the railings, hoping for some privacy. Also don't want to deal with noise from the early breakfast crowd scrapping chairs or the late night disco music pounding away every night. Thanks for your help!!
  8. I am thinking of booking on the Escape, and taking the offer of the free dining. I looked at the menus on some of the restaurants that we would want to eat at, Cagneys, Le Bistro, etc; and see they now have A La Carte pricing. Does this mean we would still have to pay at those spots with the free dining? If that is correct, what benefit is the free dining? Thanks.
  9. Thanks for these, but they are not what I am looking for. It was a site that had a list of ships, and when you clicked on the ship, each cabin came up with comments from people who were in those cabins. It was by the people who sailed on the ships, and gave great info on everything about the room. I used it for a previous cruise and found out that the room we had booked had a smell from the plumbing in the wall behind the cabin so I was able to change it. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi all: A couple of years ago I found a website that listed all the rooms on the ships, and gave reviews. It also said which rooms had noise, leaks, etc. Can anyone send me a website like that? Thanks, Jack
  11. I want to sit on my balcony and drink some wine with my wife. Can I buy a bottle of wine and have it in my cabin? How does this work? Thanks! Jack
  12. Leaving on the GEM in 12 days. Booked a balcony, but when the prices dropped, they gave us an AFT balcony on deck 10. I can't wait. I have a couple of questions for those who have been there before. I've read about a staircase in the back to the Great Outdoors, but don't see it on the deck plans. Can we use it, or not? Also, does this room come with bathrobes? Thanks! Jack
  13. Philly won't get past the Rangers!
  14. Does anyone know if the Gem aft balcony 10668 has a tub in the bathroom? Or is it a shower like in the ocean view cabins. Thanks! Jack
  15. Thanks for a great review. Did they have the Chef's Table on this cruise? If so, which day was it? Jack
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