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  1. Was hoping to avoid carrying that much cash from the US, as we are visiting several other cities and taking overnight train before embarking. Most of our recent traels have been in Asia, where the ATMS often have rather low daily limits, and quite high per transaction charges...


    I'm hoping some other reader has info specifically about Euro TCs.

  2. We are on the Spirit 12 day Venice-Barcelona.

    Several of the private tour operators with which we are working want payment (or balance) paid in Cash Euros. The trip is so port intensive we probably need several thousand Euros for the three of us.


    Anyone know if the casino or pursar will have problems with cashing large quantities of Euro Travelers checks? Do they charge commission, etc?



  3. On port days, you can save a lot of money by packing a "lunch to go". What's of cold cuts available at the breakfast buffet which you can eat instead of spending money in restaurants while touring. Happily, I no longer have to live on a shoestring but still frequently do this when I know there going to be long train rides or sometimes just so I can grab a quick bite rather than interrupting exploring the town. A box of Ziploc quart size bags works great for this (we carry them anyway to get through customs, bring home wet bathing suits, or bring food onto the ship from the port in towns with really wonderful fruit or exotic cheeses etc.

  4. We love both port days and sea days. I think this is so much a matter of individual taste, need for stimulation, and need for relaxation. We spend many of our Sea days consolidating the friendships that we've made on board. I'm university professor myself, and so do end up carving out parts of most Sea days for work on the Internet. The unlimited Internet access package is one of the great bargains on Seabourn!

  5. There are rare(ish) items that aren't expensive but hard to find in some areas. We had our cabin stocked with Tanqueray Rangpur Gin (me) and cases of diet Mountain Dew. Waiting to see if they will find these for our Singapore- Mumbai leg next week!

  6. We don't mind noise at all. Frankly, would have been happy with just about every cabin except those at the very front of deck five with truncated balconies.

    Since I'm an incredible caffeine junkie, my immediate thought was having a short distance to that first triple espresso!

    Besides, if the chair scraping gets too intense, will just crazy glue all the Patio Grill chairs to the deck (kidding!)

  7. We've probably done this 20 times.

    1-use the taxi dispatcher, and absolutely insist that the cabdriver use the meter.

    2-spring for the extra six dollars for the expressway. In the grand scheme of things, that Extra sleep after a long flight is worth it!

    3-difficult to estimate costs without knowing where in the city your hotel is. Bangkok is fairly huge. However, regardless of location, with the meter running your know that you'll get there without spending terribly much.


    Enjoy put favorite city!

  8. Interesting. We are arriving in Phuket for the day of March 31. Simba tours (I assume that's who you meant) said they don't do cruise pier pickups except for charters (37,000 baht plus $1000 p/p as regular tours started at 7:00am before we dock.. We're you picked up at pier? Did you do charter?

  9. Scheduled 8:00-6:00 for Seabourn Sojourn stop in Phuket.

    We almost always arrange private tours. I've now emailed about six different companies all of whom say they can't do pier pickups, or that we wouldn't get back to the ship on time.


    ANYONE have a referral for a local company that picks up from the cruise pier and does either long tail or Speedboats to Phang Nga?



  10. Great picture.

    Alas, realize my partner and I will LOVE DINNER, AND Dad will eat steak every night! (When we took him to Italy he complained that the pizza was NOTHING like Papa John's..one dad's complaint is another kid's delight!)


    Looks like it'll be 5pm buffet for him and he'll keep us company in La Muse while we eat octopus carpaccio. Wonder how my Mom will choose... Tho she's pretty adventurous for 83.

  11. This is for anyone that isn't aware of this (like me!). I referred a couple, they and we are paid in full. I travel next month and they travel the next. Seabourn just emailed me that they will pay the referral credit to them, but not to me, because my cruise is not after theirs...


    I have NEVER heard of this. I just sent two coupons in, both for folks traveling after me. I am reading the back of the referral coupon, which says NOTHING about this, only that the new folks must be paid in full.

  12. Ready to book tonight or tomorrow, and new to Seabourn.

    Emailed someone on the list who had a coupon, but haven't heard back.

    1-What, if anything, is the 'coupon protocol'? We'd really like to hold the suite for an 11/21 sailing... and want to make sure we don't lose (and have someone else lose) the credit

    2- Am I reading correctly? I need the coupon before the final payment???]

    JLMK and I guess it's a first respond, first coupon used model if I don't hear back from the first person I emailed?

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