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  1. SOOO much depends on where you want to travel to and what your expectations are in terms of food, service, beverages, entertainment, tours etc. The only place we found where it is less expensive and still provides luxurious services compared to cruise lines is Southeast Asia (which is why we were actually alternate vacations between cruises and Thailand/Indonesia/Laos/Vietnam. On the other hand in terms of wear and tear on the traveler, nothing beats a cruise ship. Even on a recent first class trip to Vietnam, where we had five star hotels in the car, driver, and guide it Still meant constant packing and unpacking. In land arrangements, we tend to eat in local restaurants and Street stalls (no ultra fancy preparations but sometimes mind-boggling flavors-often for $10-$15 for dinner for the two of us.) But those vacations although immensely pleasurable are work. Cruising is pure relaxing joy - maybe a bit less so in court intensive itineraries where we've never been before but still nothing like arranging hotels, cars, trains, etc. Thankfully, if you have enough time off,you can do both!

  2. Seabourn Sojourn

    Miami-Vancouver (152 nights! The idea of spending 5 months on a 450. Passenger luxury line...i'd gain 100 lbs). Might as well think BIG. Balcony cheapest cabin only $125,000 per couple... but that includes unlimited caviar, lobster every night if you want it, 20-year-old Scotch. A guy can dream :-)


    Palopo Indonesia ( I speak Bahasa but have never been to Torajaland. West Africa and Australia also highlights.

  3. POA1-


    Interesting website...

    What sort of scientist? (taught at Harvard Med for over a decade b4 moving to Chair position in NY...now more admin than research!)

    Alas, the choice of wines by the glass isn't very extensive... ok for a week but didn't expect Petrus, or even Ravenswood.

  4. POA1-

    Especially if you can to eat in the same restaurant, you can even go beyond this. We have sometimes ordered smaller portions of 2 to 3 different wines to try out with a single course (Does the salmon go better with the light red, a rose, or Chardonnay?). Partner and I are always happy to share glasses and we've never had a problem with them pouring a number of three or 4 ounce servings of multiple wines at once.


    One of her favorite stories was taking my nephew who had recently turn 21 and was interested in learning more about wines on a cruise. The very first night, literally, as we were talking to him about the difference between dry and sweet, and explaining the role of tannins, the cruise beverage director came over to introduce himself. When we explained the serendipity, he sat down, spend 15 minutes with us talking to my nephew about wines and for the rest of the cruise regularly stop by with suggestions and insisting that we case three or four different ones with different entrées or appetizers. (My nephew subsequently took a job working for a wine distributor!)


  5. We are booked in15870 for THIS Tha ksgiving..

    two concerns- I've been reading about the overhang but can't envision. Was it a problem?

    Was noise from cafe right above or H20 an issue? We usually love aft or angled balconies but after looking at deck plan got nervous

  6. Dessert wines are frequently bottled in 1/2 (375ml) bottles; I. Fact sometimes only so. As far as I recall, only one available by the glass on NCL with an up charge. Try a gewurtztraminer, or proseco with cassis as sweetish "dessert options". There's also an obscenely expensive ice wine, at like $70 a1/2 bottle. MAYBE for a fine sauterne but for Canadian eiswein?

  7. I seem to recall talking with a couple on an N L cruise after noticing they seemed to be eating different choices than I'd seen in the menu. They were kosher, and IIRC had chicken and kasha and veggies for the entree I'd noticed. I might be mistaken about the cruise line but seems like my memory puts it in Savor or Taste.

  8. It really IS somewhat unpredictable.. we choose NCL in part because the beverage package sometimes saves (vs. Carnival) almost as much as the entire cruise cost! Offers happen a great deal of the time,though the current unlimited beverages pus choice dining plus $100/cabin credit is such a deal we just booked today.

  9. Thanks! Rapid reply given the hour, even if not on EDT!

    Partner just raised an interesting question.

    Can we on night X have an appetizer or some such in the MDR, then go to a specialty Venu later?

    There are a few nights' menus in the MDR where we love some of the menu choices,hence the primary question. Do they change them around even on the same (western Carribbbea) itinerary or can we assume (if someone ne has the recent order) it will stay the same?

  10. we are planning on the 9/16/17 Escape western caribbean cruise. Likely to choose the 3 night SDP. Is there a way to know which menus from the 7-day rotation will be served which night so we have a better idea when to book Cagney's etc?



    It's our 3rd cruise on Escape...figure it's time to check out the alternate dining venues!

    We prefer to eat quite late, have seen the shows several times and won't need to get up early for excursions. Are we likely to have trouble booking the specialty DRs ( will likely book cruise tomorrow so basically a month out. )


    Will go for internet package if the consensus is "no way you'll get reservations at this point."



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