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  1. Sailing on the Odyssey on 11/11.

    Two questions:

    1-does anyone have a copy of the TK menu?

    2- Right now, it looks like we can make reservations any night of a the cruise. Are we limited to one night only? Its a 12 day itinerary. I’m assuming that TK isn’t as popular as SB had hoped. Deciding which night to choose depends (for us) more on what’s offered in the MDR. Is there any way to know in advance the menus for the MDR?


  2. DO think about favorite dishes. If the ingredients are a bit obscure, mention them in the requests section of your reservation.


    I know pretty serious (though hardly professional) cook and have talked with the chef on board on several locations. He actually talked about what fun it was to prepare things other than the same dishes that they do over, and over, and over. A couple cruises ago, we described a scallops with bacon brittle dish that we had loved a restaurant in St. Petersburg. Over the next week, he prepared to different versions. Fun for all of us! It’s another reason why we love Seabourn.

  3. In my experience, they have been incredibly accommodating. One night, on election night, we wanted to stay in the room and watch the returns rather than be out and mingling.


    They serve to five courses, from caviar and blini through advanced ordered softshell crab and truffle risotto one course each hour. Needless to say, our tip to the staff pool was quite generous that trip.


    It seems like advanced notice is the single thing that they most appreciated since allows them to adequately allocate manpower.

  4. Personally, I think it's never are you out of order to split an entrée, weather on a cruise ship or any other dining establishment. Particularly the case with large size Entrees, especially if you were ordering starters and/or desserts.

  5. We just disembarked from the escape this morning. Probably the worst meal we had on the entire cruise was at LE Bistro; The service was terrible, the duck Parmentier resembled cafeteria food and it took 20 minutes for bread and ice water to arrive at the table. We both agreed to buffet would've been a better choice! :-(

    The best two we're probably at Bayamoanf Pinchos Tapas. The carpaccio st Bayamo what is perhaps the best we've ever tasted (we are foodies"). We had nine different dishes at Pinchos and each one was almost better than the last. The shrimp- both preparations-, the scallops, the bacalao, the duck...not to mention the meats and cheeses platters... we're almost all extraordinary. The anchovies were not my partner's favorite but I love them. And it's the only specialty restaurant open for lunch. We spent well over two hours there and savored just about every minute of it!

  6. for those who want to be able to plan specialty dining experiences informed by which daily menus in the MDR's are going on each night, I can confirm that the number one posting on this list is exactly what's been confirmed for our cruise on the escape leaving today. Thus, for example, Dave six and seven are our favorite MDR menus and so we planned around that

  7. Largely agree with those above.

    Independent excursions can vary from a snap to do ( most ports have folks right there) to wonderful adventures we spend weeks planning (private guisde for 36 hour do kings.in St Petersburg or Israel.

    For us the biggest issues are not only price but flexibility and individualization. Got where YOU want for as long as you want. Don't spend half the time waiting for the inevitable straggler who is the last one on the bus at each stop.. which eats up time you might otherwise be using to explore. If this were an exotic itinerary to ports with few English speakers, I'd say " learn this time, take ship tours. The W. Carribean is safe, used to cruise newbies..

    Check out trip advisor for the ports. For a first visit, wandering around town, maybe asking a cab driver what he'd charge for a few hours to drive around might be an option.

    And in any event, enjoy!

  8. Depending on your feelings, it's either a disappointment or (our perspective) a wonderfully refreshing part of cruising on NCL. Certainly, you can dress is formal years you'd like although a dinner jacket/gown combo will not be widely seen. We love the freedom of not having to wear a noose (tie) and long sleeve jacket over sunburned bodies. Maybe it's that those of us who wear jackets and ties on a daily basis enjoy vacationing from them as much as we do from the other parts of our lives :-)

  9. Check out Allianz. They offer an annual policy which cobers any travel. You choose a maximum reimbursement per year and pay escalating cost. We bought $10k this year.... no world cruise ��

    They reimbursed us $7k with minimal hassle after FIL death forced us to fly home withno notice from BKK. No squabble paying for our J tickets even though we were on award J ticket. Only problem is once issued you can't raise the policy max until renewal date. I'm 66 btw.

    NOT inexpensive but we were impressed with service and are planning to buy a much higher policy to cover 2018 since I'm retiring and expecting to do far more travel.

  10. For frequent Cruisers, or just frequent travelers, consider an annual policy. Last year, we bought one with a $10,000 maximum coverage and used $6000 of it when my father-in-law passed away and we were in Bangkok. They paid for business class return fair and all of our missed but paid for hotel reservations, and even our taxis to and from the airport. When we renew, we're going for a higher number since we have a lot more travel plans in 2018/19.

  11. As for ships, definitely a toss-up.

    UBP probably makes more financial sense. You may not be big alcohol consumers, but a cocktail each per day, perhaps a couple glasses of alcohol free mint lemonade by the pool and A glass each of wine with dinner and either way, way ahead. Check out the post and menus and those of the specialty restaurants. Even buying a specialty dining package with your OBC Will give you the dining options and guarantee that you don't have to think about that second glass of anything.


    Personally, A balcony is up there with the most important parts of my cabin. However, (although I can't predict what it will be like for your sailing) if you check out the upgrade bids threads, there are a lot of reports of people getting upgraded from inside the balcony on bids of $50 a person. It's a gamble. Except when traveling with our elderly parents we're being close to their favorite spots matters location on the ship is never been much of an issue for us.. You're either from from the theater or the casino or the buffet or the dining room or the pool . Hi decks have better views; low ones less motion but for me, particularly in tropical Saillans, being able to sit outside in the fresh air on a balmy evening in January without having to leave your cabin is fantastic.

  12. Or to decide you'll order both!

    I'll confess that my partner and I frequently order two appetizers each, then asked to split an entrée as our "pasta course", and even then sometimes order three entrées between us. We are actually in the process of going over the seven day menu for our seven day cruise and deciding which nights to use our specialty dining plan.



    in fact, (though admittedly, we both diet before we cruise) we've been known to hit the MDR for appetizers, see a show, and then do a late night sitting at a specialty restaurant or back to the MDR!. As an offset, we're basically "just coffee" guys for breakfast

  13. Thanks. We're actually just curious. We're in the process of trying to figure out which nights to use our three specialty dining perks and went to eat in the MDR. But more than that, was just wondering about the general issue of how to different shifts on two different cruise l was just wondering about the general issue of how to different shifts on two different cruise ships compare in preparing identical fleetwide menus

  14. Given in CL's "fleetwide menus" were the main dining room then use the same on each of the two different cruises? Where there are nights where, as opposed to specialty restaurants, you actually ate the same menu prepared by each of the separate chefs? Maybe it's just the research scientist in me but that would be the comparison I would most like to see.


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