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  1. Just booked on the January 18 sailing  of the escape. The agent I spoke with said that they were noaccessible cabins unless I tried to book an aft facing balcony. I was booking a regular balcony guarantee, and the additional  charges fairly excessive. I do not require a wheelchair, but the handrails would be helpful. The category showed accessible cabins and I don’t know whether I just got one on hold for agent. Ended up booking a standard balcony. Anyone who experience with this?


  2. I posted over a year ago about our experience with I’ll Leon’s. This is not been a great year for us either. While in Thailand in April, I developed a severe pneumonia requiring a month in the intensive care unit. They not only paid for the entire hospitalization, my partners hotel room, all of the prepaid and unused hotel nights, Went far beyond. The flew an EMT from Toronto to Chang Mai to evaluate me and fly home next to me with portable oxygen all the way back to our house in New York. They paid for business class seats for the three of us. They even paid for my partner refilling his medication prescription since he ran out While I was in the hospital.


    Honestly, I can’t think of any service industry company I have dealt with who were as easy to work with and wonderful as they were.

  3. We arrived at the noodle bar on the Getaway around nine. Over HALF of the tables were empty but we were given a pager and told it would be a “couple of minutes”.



    Fifteen minutes later..still told we needed to wait until the tables were cleared.


    This was way beyond disorganized service.

    The later tragedy of the crew member going overboard eclipsed going to complain to guest services, but this was almost insulting.

  4. We are also leaving on the getaway on the 24th.

    Any chance you could upload the activities page of the dailies? Our group of four ranges from my 26yo niece,, through me and my partner (57 & 67) to my Mom at 88. Mom does best with predictability and structure, and I’d love for us to be able to plan activities with her even before boarding.


    Thanks for the postings so far!

  5. Thanks. My pleasure.

    Amazing how after less than46 hours onboard one can already feel the tensions melt away. Talked with so many interesting folks, our team win st trivia today...Only a bit weird but- we are, apparently two of only eight people to book the serene area. Works for us but seems like the spa area crew have so little business it is somewhat sad.

    Frankly, except for a cabin attendant who seems helpful But a bit clueless, we’re finding not much difffrom our best prior experiences. (Ok, I CAN live without Tanquerey Rangpur in the room!). My partner couldn’t without his diet Mountain Dew; but a case was there waiting!

  6. Able-


    And I have facial dysrecognition disorder. I can spend three hours talking with you in the afternoon, and although I remember your name and what we talked about, will not recall your face when I see you later. Would be quite a Jack Spratt couple :-)

    Thankfully I DO Eventually connect the face and the person.

    My partner actually has to watch many movies with me through the beginning, since if, say, a female actor pulls back her hair and changes her blouse, I won’t necessarily recognize that it’s the same person as in the previous scene.

    As you can imagine, frequently quite awkward socially. I’ve come to explain it to people so they aren’t offended when I passed him later in the day and don’t respond in a way that socially appropriate to someone with him you had dinner the night before, or that afternoon!

  7. RussG-


    We've sailed on many of the major cruise lines, and boarding our fourth Seabourn cruise on Saturday. We are a gay couple having celebrated our 21st anniversary last month. We are fortunate to be able to travel frequently, and Seabourn periodically. I can't think of a resort, cruise line or any venue where we have found the degree of comfortable and fascinating (in the best SMS of the word) interaction, and have made friendships- some now extended for years- with folks on board of all ages and other 'demographics". Wear a Rolex orTimex, poloshirt or POLO shirt...as long as you don't wear jeans to dinner! :-) Overwhelmingly folks have been thoughtful, kind and relaxed on Seabourn. Just be aware... it will change you view of cruising, whether Singapore to Mumbai or RT Miami.

  8. Perhaps we hesitated too long. It look like the grill was available every night of our cruise. Today, when I try to book, the only seating time available any night was 615. We generally prefer to eat later.

    Right now, we have reservations for the second night of the cruise precisely so we can check out whether we’d want to return. Do you think it’s likely that later reservations might open up? (Our’s is the 12 night Caribbean cruise leaving 11/12).


  9. As others have noted, the itinerary, length of cruise, dates of the cruise and I think degree of discounting (that is, cost per night) have strong impact on the demographics. We are 54 and 66; Took our first Seabourn Cruise something like eight years ago and felt perfectly comfortable with everyone on board and made some enduring friendships. You lie


    Two ways to save money. Let me know and I’ll be happy to get you a referral coupon, which will provide $400 in onboard credit.. Buy 100 shares of carnival stock and you’ll get additional, combinable credit. I think it something like $250 for longer cruise. It definitely pays to shop around a bit for travel agents. We ended up with an additional $250 credit for our upcoming 12 day cruise.

  10. Surprisingly, this is ‘teasy information to find. I vaguely recall that it was something like $200 for the two of us on previous cruise on the sojourn. Can’t seem to find the information on the website or even on these boards.


    Anyone with info? I love the sun.My partner Goes from white to lobster in about 20 minutes and loves the serene area. And I’m happy using the steam room etc. before I overdo it outside as well :-)

  11. Thankfully, I’m one of those individuals who seems “immune“ the seasickness. Remember one horrible cruise (on some giant 3000 person ship) with me were about 150 of us total in the dining room.


    That said, I agree that The odyssey class ships seem incredibly stable. We have been in 508, and are sailing in 509 in a couple weeks. I’ve never noticed more than comfortable gentle rocking except when we went through the Straits of Magellan on the Sojourn a few years ago. Even then, the ship was amazingly steady.

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