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  1. They tried to move us from our favorite cabin (inside sideways up high mid-aft) to another inside lower and forward. Nope If they want to move us to a balcony, then we would consider it.
  2. I have done the upgraded afternoon tea. It was WELL worth the extra money. Wow what an experience. If I still ate carbs and sweets I would do it on every cruise.
  3. Regal is out of port everglades. OP is in a suite so they should have priority boarding Show up when you want and board the ship. If you want to be there early you will be one of the first few groups that boards. I think it's Elites then Suite passengers.
  4. Did you make your inserts for your medallion holders? If so with what type of paper. I was thinking maybe scrapbook paper as it's a little thicker. Thanks
  5. Thank you. I figured someone on here could tell me. Electricity scares me so I normally don't mess with anything to do with it. But being able to plug in my cpap close to the bed would we awesome. This is from the description of my machine So I am guessing this would work. Power Consumption: 80W Power Supply: 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 2.0-1.0 A
  6. Thank you for this info. Can I ask one more question, do normal everyday american products need a voltage converter as well?? Sorry but I have no idea and do not want to buy these and then plug in something and fry it. this is part of the description. ****[Please note] - This Euro power adapter for european outlet is not a converter between voltages. Make sure voltage on the outlet and are compatible with the electronics used or getting a voltage converter with this adapter
  7. Steelers0854 Thank you for the live post. We are booked on her next year in March. Would it be possible for you to ask someone where all smoking is allowed? Thanks again
  8. Good morning, I tried to search but am not coming up with anything. (But then again, I am still figuring out this new format) Would it be possible for someone to list what if anything Princess does for milestone cruises? ie 25th 50th 75th Thanks so much
  9. Good morning, Has it be determined when the propulsion issues have been scheduled to be fixed? Thanks
  10. Good morning, I have just spent the last 25 minutes trying to find out the answer to this by searching the boards with no luck. Does anybody know when the Caribbean Princess is scheduled for Dry Dock to fix her speed issues?? Thank you
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