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  1. Thanks so much for all this information. As of now I only took the cabin only fare which I had booked last time there was a 4 category upgrade. We are in an A3 cabin but am thinking of upgrading to a Penthouse. Last time we were told we could do that but someone on here just said that the highest cabin you can upgrade to was an A1. I am going to ask my travel agent to find out what the air credit is as I don't see the costs online or am missing them. I usually book my own air fare. We will be taking a Viking river cruise in May and their air fare usually works out well so went with them for air fare. Looking forward to cruising again..... Phyllis
  2. We booked a cruise from Miami to Barcelona on March 20, 2021 cabin only. We are thinking of changing our booking to include Qlife with airfare since the air fare is so high right now. Of course, the air fare is probably this high now due to Corona and not many flights available at this time for booking. We actually booked this cruise the last time they had a 4 category upgrade and are now in a A3 cabin but am thinking of moving up to a Penthouse if available. For those of you who have used Qlife with air fare before, what are your thoughts. I have heard of many problems when friends have used other cruise lines with included air fares in their booking. Thanks for your help. Phyllis
  3. I was surprised that we received the offer from Blue Chip. My husband I do cruise a lot and frequent the casinos way too much but have only been on one Celebrity Cruise. We choose 3 different cruises and our offer they emailed us and booked is on the Edge December 6. We were booked on Royal Caribbean Symphony of the Seas December 5 which I will cancel as the Edge is costing us $229. Certainly can't pass that up. We are booked in a E4 stateroom with Infinite Veranda. I believe there is a 15% obstruction . I'll have to research this room but what could be bad. Looking forward to seeing everyone. Phyllis
  4. JB, You are suggesting then we rent a car and tour. Here are our plans. We have already rented an air b & b in Nice so we will be going there first May 21 - 24 before river cruise as cruise starts in Avignon which is closer to Nice. Then river cruise Avignon to Lyon ending May 31. We have to fly back to Chicago on June 7. We are now trying to figure out where we should go after the river cruise for the 7 days we have available for touring. I am aware that the Cannes Film Festival and Grand Prix will be around that time since my cruise critic friends alerted me but we had already booked the river cruise. Looking forward to all your thoughts and advice. Phyllis
  5. Hi everyone, Thanks again for all the information. After our river cruise Avignon to Lyon - May 24 - May 31, we were going to go the Zurich (my son is living there but will be out of the country. So now we are game for visiting any of the countries near France. I am open to any suggestions - France, Switzerland, Italy. etc. So for those of you who have visited the area, where were your favorite places.. We enjoy sightseeing, shopping, eating and visiting small picturesque villages. Happy holidays to all.......
  6. Thanks. We have done that before when the staff would open the dividers.
  7. I have been on many cruises but what is a bowling alley balcony cabin?
  8. Good luck to you also. I haven't been on a Premier cruise for a couple of years and have heard things have changed regarding the promotions for premier players in the casino and not in a good way. I am a video poker player but also play tables if I am doing bad at the machines. Hope we can get a table to play.
  9. Yes, the Carnival Legend on January 25, 2020, out of Tampa is a Premier Cruise and we are booked on that cruise. Actually there are 14 cruisers in our group but only 4 are actually casino players. Looking forward to meeting everyone at the meet and greet.
  10. You are right as I meant Port Canaveral. We have rented a car in Tampa and will drive to Port Canaveral, hopefully.
  11. reps23

    Gate 1

    My friend just booked a Gate 1 river cruise with a referrral code from cruise critic which ends today. Does anyone have this code? Phyllis
  12. Thank you to all of you who have replied to my post. I will definitely be buying travel insurance for my February 2 cruise out Orlando just in case we encounter fog and the ship does not dock in time for us to drive to Orlando. At least now I will be aware of that this problem could occur. Phyllis
  13. My husband and I booked the Carnival Legend for January 25, 2020 out of Tampa. We were offered money off on a Royal Caribbean cruise so decided to book a cruise from Port Canaveral on February 2, 2020, the day we arrive back in Tampa. We have never been on one of the large ships so wanted to try one and the price was right. Our thoughts were there would be no problem to drive from Tampa to Orlando and board the same day we get in from Legend cruise. Now I am reading on cruise critic that sometimes in January fog rolls in and ships cannot dock in Tampa. We are on medicare (young 70 but travel a lot) and I only buy year polices such as Geo Blue in case we have to ever be airlifted off a ship when we are out of the country to be sure I can get home. Should I be concerned about the fog in case we cannot make our other cruise in Port Canaveral and consider buying travel insurance. We also pay all trips with our Chase Sapphire Reserve card which has travel insurance. Has anyone had trouble docking in Tampa during January/February and how long were you delayed. Thanks for your help. Phyllis
  14. Thank you Hank for responding to my post. We are renting a car in Nice and will tour around that area for 3 days. We will drop off the car in Avignon and board our riverboat. When we are done with our riverboat cruise, we will take a train to Geneva Switzerland from Lyon and pick up a car at Ramada in downtown Switzerland. I will ask about the Swiss Vignette at the Europcar where we are renting a car as no one at any of the car rentals said a word about them. The car rental will be for one week driving between Geneva Switzerland and Lindau Germany. We will drop the car off at the Zurich airport. Any suggestions of where you think we should stop along the way would be greatly appreciated to make this easier. As trying to find the right car to rent for 4 adults and 4 pieces of checked luggage is taking a lot of time. phyllis
  15. We have now decided to definitely fly to Nice and are checking B & Bs. We need 3 beds and two bedrooms. Then on May 31 we will take the train from Lyon to Geneva. The drop off rate for a car in Zurich was around $500 so the train seems a better idea. Then pick up a car in Geneva on June 1 so we can take the drive that was recommended through Lausenne and Bern to Lindau or Zurich. So many choices. We can take the train to Lindau and back if we like instead of driving. Time for spreadsheets. Thanks for all the help but always looking for suggestions.
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