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  1. keep in mind that diabetics need low carb , not necessarily low calorie. they are very different. I have been a diabetic for 7 years and control my diabetes by living a ketogenic lifestyle and do not need medication. It will be hard to find low carb 'FrooFroo' drinks. Most of those come from fruit or sugar which doesnt lend itself well to a low carb diet. While most diabetics will not go the the extreme that I do, I choose to do it so that I will never need medication. Carbs = sugar so all carbs need to be looked at carefully, Straight alcohol is ok and mixed with diet coke or a flavored water (0 calorie) will work but its not froofroo Just food for thought. Good luck and enjoy your cruise!
  2. I think this is for all US sailings. NCL mandates all passengers have had the covid vaccine (double vax card) Having the negative Covid test in your hand taken within 72 hours will allow them to retest you if you get a positive covid result at the pier
  3. you have an absolute right to determine if you want to share your vaccine status or not. you are 100% free to not tell anyone ever. The downside to that is that private companies (like NCL) is also free to make rules to not allow you on board. They will ask, and you are 100% free to not disclose your status. They will then stop you from boarding and that also is 100% legit. Regarding the HR person , that's sorta a grey area. As an HR person , she is not allowed to disclose anyone's medical reasons for anything. that would be a HIPAA violation on the part of HR. Having said that, she would not be breaking ANY HIPAA rules if she disclosed her own medical situation. you cant break HIPAA rules when you are telling others your own medical situation Example - HR rep Karen tells you Joe has cancer. that is a HIPAA violation HR rep Karen tells you that she has cancer. that is NOT a HIPAA violation
  4. I appreciate your opinion... I have mine agree to disagree.. apologies for going off topic regarding cruising.. Im done with this line of thought. Hopefully cruising starts sooner rather than later with the proper protocols
  5. I dont think they went to try to make it completely and totally bad. They needed people to know it was not the miracle cure others were touting so in order to get to the middle , then needed to stress that NO proven studies proved this medication helped at all. So they kept saying that. if it had not been for them stressing that no scientific study proved any effectiveness , there would have been a shortage of HQC and people who needed it for proven cures (not covid), would now not be able to get it causing more issues and not helping the people with covid even if they took it (According to proven scientific studies).
  6. and as I said... if a hospital wanted to prescribe it they should but because of people claiming it was a sure fire cure... many scientists went to the media to stop that rhetoric and had to publicly say that there was no proven studies that was shown any effectiveness. The scientists and the media had to set the record straight once political figures touted it as a sure fire cure. if someone wanted it and the hospital wanted to provide it.. Im sure it was provided and people on this thread said they know it was prescribed many times
  7. The son of a high political figure (the highest), posted a video of someone claiming it was a 'sure-fire cure' and his tweet was 'MUST WATCH'. Twitter and YouTube took it down for false claims these are more than just his opinion
  8. I could be wrong but I don't think anyone banned its use. it was just publicized that there is no approved double blind study (gold standard) that said it showed any improvement whatsoever and there was a few studies done. I assume if a hospital wants to prescribe it, they could have. but I assume no one should feel this will significantly help.. if it does... great there was a political figure that said that HCQ was a miracle drug that could cure everyone and I think most others were trying to do damage control to make sure that mentality was corrected that's how I saw it from the scientific documentation I saw. I certainly could be wrong
  9. I believe hydroxychloroquine was not shown effective in any double blind case studies. I do not believe it had anything to do with the side effects. If you found a documented proved double blind study that shows that its effective, I would certainly want to know because as far as I know, there isn't one. This drug has saved lives for other issues and has helped many people but just not for covid that I have seen so far
  10. Also, this might be happening due to the change in administration coming. The CDC wanted to prolong the cruise ban longer and the current administration put pressure on them to open it up quicker. With the administration changing, maybe the CDC feel comfortable going back to their original thoughts on cruising
  11. thats a slippery slope. for every person that has it... they 'can' infect a person that is elderly or compromised or in some cases healthy people that will need hospitalization. so the more cases... the more likelihood people with compromised immune systems can get it and that will lead to more hospitalizations and more death most states have seen a rise in cases, followed in a few weeks by a rise in hospitalizations followed a few weeks later by a rise in deaths. this is why the percentage of infection at any given time is important if you disagree... thats fine. Im done with this conversation. Most experts are saying this over and over and if it didnt matter about the spread, no experts would tell people to wear masks. if the percentage is no big deal.. then why are the experts telling people to social distance and wear masks or are you one of those that believe this is all a hoax?
  12. no its not if you are talking percentage which is the only way to judge it 1000 people in a town 100 people tested 10 people test positive 10% of people tested are positive if you test 200 people 20 people are positive 10% of people tested are positive. the percentage is the same and we can start to see that about 10% is the positive case load. no matter how many people you test, the percentage should stay the same if you have a handle on the disease 1000 people in a town 100 people tested 10 test postive 10% of the people are positive if you test 200 people 50 people test positive 25% of the people are positive then you do not have a handle on the disease and you have no clue how infectious it is. If the percentage goes up, you are not in control of the disease. more cases does mean more positive results but percentage should remain the same if you are in control.
  13. ALL my point was that NY has a high number of test... and a low number of positivity rates.. thats all I was saying and your quote here proves you agree.
  14. no... their decision to close businesses when they did, open them when they did , etc had to do with the economy the testing in and of itself has NOTHING to do with the economy..can you say that today if they stopped testing but kept all the other enforcement's in place the economy would be better? would you say if they doubled the testing the economy would be worse? Nope the amount of testing in and of itself only proves that more testing does NOT mean more cases. thats all
  15. all I was doing was proving the statement "It’s simple the more you test, the more you find. " is 100% false. thanks for agreeing that it is indeed false.. the other part of your statement has NOTHING to do with the point I was making and has nothing to do with the fact that the more you test DOES NOT mean more positive results. the testing ratio in NYC has nothing to do with the economic impact so my point is made.
  16. the how do you explain the current situation in NY that tests more than just about anyone and has one of the least positive rates (less than 1%) if the more you test, the more you find, NY would have one of the most daily positive cases in the country right now
  17. my son is a RD at a college and he was a 'close contact' with someone who tested positive. He was told by the state that he had to quarantine for 14 days because it could take that long to show a positive test result. in that time he was tested 4 times and all 4 times was tested negative but the 14 days is the time they believe a positive test could happen
  18. but would meemaw , after she contracts it from her children after they went on this cruise? (And there would still be breakouts unless you dont think people get the virus under the age of 60. They get it and some show symptoms... they just usually dont die. there would be outbreaks regardless)
  19. not if done right MANY MANY countries have FIRST gotten the curve down and then managed the outbreaks. NY has NOT gotten spikes. If you followed the CDC and government guidelines , you could manage the spikes with contact tracing but not if its still out of hand what they have in common is that they didnt follow the guidelines
  20. maybe you need to read this https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMc2020836 We understand that some people are citing our Perspective article (published on April 1 at NEJM.org)1 as support for discrediting widespread masking. In truth, the intent of our article was to push for more masking, not less. It is apparent that many people with SARS-CoV-2 infection are asymptomatic or presymptomatic yet highly contagious and that these people account for a substantial fraction of all transmissions.2,3 Universal masking helps to prevent such people from spreading virus-laden secretions, whether they recognize that they are infected or not.4
  21. then explain why florida went from 4% - 20% infection rate
  22. California did NOT follow the CDC and government guidelines on when to open which included 14 consecutive days of downward movement in cases and other qualifications they opened too soon
  23. lets look at the charts... May 15: DeSantis announces that on May 18, Florida will enter what he calls “full phase one” of reopening. That includes allowing gyms and restaurants to operate at 50% capacity. June 3: DeSantis announces that Florida will enter phase two of reopening starting June 5. That means bars, tattoo parlors and other establishments will be able to reopen
  24. they opened too soon. that is the most obvious answer. Just like Texas. You cant control this virus when you have too many cases and you open up everything. Thats why NY is handling it with more testing... They got the numbers down and followed the CDC and government guidelines and it worked. I wish all states followed the CDC and government guidelines
  25. for anyone thinking more testing means more cases.. here is NY stats to prove that wrong. A picture is worth a thousand words. Done right... more tests means LESS positive cases
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