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  1. I am going to be on the Oasis on December 22. I have been checking availability of shows every week. Today, I can reserve seats for Cats, Frozen inTime ice show, and comedians. There are no shows for the Aquatheater. Do they usually put out reservations at different times? What shows besides Cats are shown on Oasis and what are your opinions of them? Thanks
  2. We were on a cruise on the Allure last July. I think there were about 15 girls with their families doing the Quincenera trip. They had a private event in the ice rink area one night, but otherwise didn't affect our trip at all. The girls were lovely. The only problem I had was this was the first trip in 10 cruises that I did not pack a gown for formal night. Felt a little underdressed in my cocktail dress with all the amazing gowns and tuxes for those families.
  3. Just wanted to let people know: I just found a military discount on the Oasis of the Seas Holiday cruise , December 22, 2019. I know how elusive this discount is. I saved $250. Also, if you need a handicap accessible cabin, there are 2 junior suites which can hold 3 people available, as well as some balconies. I don’t know if there are any 2 person rooms available, because I did’t need that category. ( and I don’t book handicap accessible, they just showed up in my search). I hope this will help someone.
  4. Yes, there are showers. The women’s showers are nice and MUCH larger than the room showers.
  5. You are right. It was very difficult to find much info about the rainforest hike. But since I read so many great things about Thenford Grey, I took a chance. We were a group of 4. My husband and I are in our early 50’s and our sons are teenagers. Nowhere near in good enough shape to do the Volcano tour (my sons could do it, but not us mature adults), but I wanted to do some outdoor activity. This tour was perfect for us. I don’t know if this is usual, but we had a private tour for the 4 of us. We started out at Romney House and visited the batik factory, then went on the rainforest tour. I am guessing it was about 2 miles. We walked all through the rainforest and learned a ton about the plants and animals. There were really cool trees. Most of the hike was flat, but there was a scramble up a hill with ropes near the end. Now I do want to remind you that it rains in a rainforest, so there was a lot of mud and slick spots in the forest. Wear appropriate footwear. Sorry, I can’t post pictures. They didn’t really turn out well with the dappled light in the rainforest.
  6. We did this in December. Very enjoyable hike. It was raining and the footing was a little slick in places. Make sure you wear sneakers, not sandals. Thenford Grey does a great job.
  7. Day 2 was nice and relaxing. We have a priest on board who did a Sunday service and will be doing a midnight mass for Christmas.I did a bunch of trivia, hat a lovely dinner in the Main dining room ( fillet for me and my son, seafood linguini for another son, and duck al’orange for my husband) Everything was cooked well and very flavorfull. We went to the “majority rules “ gameshow. It was just OK. The adult comedian was hysterical, One note about dress code. Day 2 was formal night. I like to dress up, so I was I was in a gown and the guys were in suits. Maybe the. Christmas Cruise brings out the nice clothes, but way more people were dressed up than they were on my last few cruises. Plenty of tuxes, gowns, several gentlemn in their Army and Navy dress blues, and even one formal kilt. Overall, very festive. So, Day 3 arrived with a change in time. I don’t know if it was the time change or too many cocktails last night, but the gym was empty this morning. The weather has improved and kids are in the pool. It is currently12:30 ship time, and the Solarium is relatively empty. Yes, the chair hogs were out early this morning, but have counted over 10 padded lounge chairs available. I can’t comment on the poolside chairs, because it is still too cold for me in the pools. My husband and one son went to the sushi making class at Izumi. They had a great time, and the sushi they made was actually really good. We now have 25% off coupons for an Izumi dinner later in the cruise, Izumi on the Grandeur is ala carte, and does still have the hot rock, so I am looking forward to it. i am now going to relax witha good book for an hour or 2. Our Facebook/cruisecritic group has a slot pull at 2:30, so I guess I will see if we can win some money.
  8. Hi again all, To answer a few questions: Yes, John Denton is the Hotel Director. Mike is the Cruise Director, and CC is the Activities Manager. No, there is no Vitality Cafe, so no smoothies that I saw at the Vitality Spa. So last night we had a very nice dinner in the Main dining room. Service was a little slow, but friendly and good food. My husband and sons had the prime rib and I had the fish of the day. Both well cooked. We went to the Welcome Aboard show with Mike and a comedian, very enjoyable. We then went to see the “Who WNts to Feel lime a Millionaire?” I got to embarrass myself in front of an audience. If you don’t know, the US bought the Virgin Islands from Denmark, pearlis the 30 th anniversay present, and penthaphobia ( not sure of the spelling) is the fear of your mother-in-law. Shoutout to the audience for helping with the answers. went to bed early, and up at 6am to go to the gym. The gym is very small: 4 ellipticals, 8 treadmills, 2 stationary bikes, one erg machine, and some free weights and weight machines. When I arrived at the gyn, only about 1/3 of the equipment was in use. When I left at 7:30, it was packed. So if you are a gym rat, get there early or go later in the afternoon.. There are several classes available. There is a stetching class at 7 am every day. At 7:30 on sea days, they alternate abs and full body workout. Pilates, yoga, and spin are available for $12 and body pump for $20. Breakfast at the Windjammer was the usual. Ther is a whole section labelled “gluten free” and I saw a sign if the coffee shop about milk alternatives (almond, soy, and lactose free), so I would assume they would be available in Windjammer. The buffet was much less crowded than I have seen on bigger ships. I attended a few trivia games and am going ro rest this afternoon. I will continue to address questions and report as the days go by.
  9. Hi all !! I am aboard the Grandeur of the Seas and will be attempting my first live report. I am not too tech savvy , so only text , no pictures. We arrived at the port at 10:30 , and apparently the boarding had already started. It took us 30 minutes to go from dropping off luggage, to parking, through the security, and on the ship. I was in the hot tub in the solarium by 11:30. Windjammer was not crowded so got a nice lunch. Rooms were open at 1 and we went and unpacked. Walked around the ship for a while. It is beautifully Decorated for Christmas. I am going to see some shows and will report back tomorrow. If anyone has any questions about Grandeur, I would be happy to answer.
  10. Hi all. My family will be in St. Kitts and would like to go on a Rainforest hike. I have read great reviews online for Greg’s Safaris and Thenford Grey tours, but not many reviews about their rainforest tours. Anyonewith any experience with either? Thanks for your assistance.
  11. I am going to be on the Grandeur for the Christmas cruise this year. It is 12 days long, and I would like to NOT have to pack 12 different outfits. I know there is no self serve laundry facilities on Grandeur, but is there a way to get laundry done (other than hand washing in the bathroom sink)? Do they charge per piece, per pound, or per bag? Thanks for all replies. (22 days and counting!!!)
  12. There does seem to be a shortage. I went on a cruise in July and had to go to 3 different pharmacies to get 3 patches for my cruise.
  13. I will be on the Grandeur for the December holiday sailing and am an Air Force veteran. Are veteran’s invited to the buffet and recognition event ( if so, how do they know if yiu are a veteran), or is it just announced in the cruise compass?
  14. Your concierge will email you one week before the cruise. You can email them back your preferred reservations for Coastal Kitchen and specialty restaurants (I can’t comment on main dining room as we never ate there). Easy as pie. As far as the comedy club, they can most likely get you reservations (again, I cannot be sure as we were able to get reservations ahead of time). They can also book appointments at the spa, or port excursions through the ship. Just talk to them when you visit the suite lounge ( which of course you should).
  15. Whatever you decide to do, look into the “Luggage Valet” service if you have it in your ship. You fill out a form, and 24 hours before your flight Royal Caribbean will check you in to your flight and get you your boarding passes and luggage tags. You put your luggage tags on your checked luggage and put them outside your room the last night of the cruise. The next morning, you only have your carry on luggage with you. Whatever excursion you do, you will only have carryon to deal with. Then, go directly to security and your gate at the airport. You will next see your cheched luggage at your home airport luggage carousel.
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