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  1. We did the escape room yesterday. It was loads of fun with some really cool audio and visual effects. Better than any escape room I have done on land. It was the last ship activity to appear on the cruise planner. I think it appeared about 1 month before the cruise. We had 12 people and finished in 30 minutes.
  2. How does one sign up for laser tag? Is it an activity that you can make reservations for (but not available on my activity list on line) or something you wait in line for once on board? If you have to wait in line, how does that work, and how long is the game?
  3. I am sailing on the Oasis in December 22. Just went online and found the soda package is on sale for $6.50 a day ( never seen it below $8.99 a day) and the refreshment package is on sale for $17 a day. Check your sailings and see if there are sales.
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