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  1. Call? Is there a telephone number for the Voyagers Club?
  2. If we would like to relax on our balcony to watch the evening lights on Ocean Cay, on which side of the ship should we book our cabin? Or does it vary by ship?
  3. Thanks so much for the replies. It helped me understand.
  4. I'm not being very successful navigating the MSC website to find details about dining options on the MSC Divina. WIll some of you who have sailed her help me out? The two main dining rooms are the Black Crab and the Villa Rossa. The Yacht Club's Main Dining Room is Le Muse.Calumet Buffet is the main Buffet. Having cruised I think I have a good idea of what to expect in each (but if anyone has some special tips for these restaurants, let me know.) My biggest blanks are the "specialty" restaurants. La Cantina di Bacco is listed on the Deck Plan, and I found a menu for a restaurant called Eataly (attached) … are these the same? Will someone clarify? I found a menu on CC for Butchers Cut and Galaxy Restaurant (Also attached - thanks, original posters!). Looking forward to Butchers Cut, not so much for me for Galaxy. I have dined in pan-Asian restaurants on other cruise lines, but the Galaxy doesn’t seem to offer much if you don’t care for cold seafood. Am I right? My other questions are: Are there other dining options (beyond La Cantina di Bacco, Butchers Cut, and Galaxy) I should try to work into my upcoming cruise on the MSC Divina? Am I correct that these all are al la carte restaurants? How does that work if I am sailing in the Yacht Club? Thanks for any information you will share. Eataly.PDF butchers-cut-menu.PDF Galaxy.pdf
  5. I know those traveling with me should get the coupon book that has “Buy One, Get One Free” Specialty Restaurants for the first night ... and we’ll probably take advantage. But what happens when the cruiser is a single? We have a single in our group. Has anyone done this? Do you get your “get one free” for another night?
  6. Is Princess at Sea an app I need to download? I can’t find it in the Apple App Store.
  7. We are on the Regal in July. I downloaded Ocean Ready, uploaded everything for my husband and me, and we are both “green check” on the app. That was easier than expected. I’m just starting to fiddle with Ocean Compass and Ocean Now - just downloaded but can’t get my voyage recognized. Will work on that more tomorrow. Brain is tired. But something occurred to me: Since we both are registered with the one login for Ocean Ready, what happens with Ocean Compass and Ocean Now? If we have the same login, how do we find each other (Ocean Compass)? How will a server know who ordered what for where (Ocean Now)? Will someone with experience explain how this worked?
  8. Unfortunately, no. Not even with inside cabins. My sister frequently travels with us as a single, and it is a double charge for her in most cases.
  9. This is an interesting thought - I didn't know you could move OBC to gamble. It's a unique "work around" if we can't do it straight with Guest Services. Thanks, all.
  10. My husband and I are traveling in one cabin, my sister in another. We have enough onboard credit that we want to pay for her daily gratuities. Can I transfer OBC to her? Or can I make arrangements at guest services simply to take her gratuities out of my account?
  11. El-Stone, just realized I had not thanked you for this. I hope you know how much your postings help in others planning. Many thanks.
  12. Sometimes, because we “love” the particular cruise line, or even the experience of cruising, it is easy to forget this is just a business to those on the other end of the phone. The reps area nice people, and I have always been treated nicely, but I, like you, am usually disappointed if I ask for something out of the ordinary. I just keep reminding myself “It’s just business” and try not to get too attached to one cruise line.
  13. Thanks to all for sharing your experiences and advice. It is the warm response of Cruise Critic members that helps so many of us!
  14. Thanks for taking the time to do this. I haven't been able to get a focused search to work on this most recent interface.
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