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  1. Does he have a business card he can use?
  2. We are going on the Carnival Mardi Gras in 2 weeks. Could you recommend an insurance that will pay to get you back home if you get kicked off the ship at a port of call due to a positive COVID test? We are vaccinated, but concerned if we get COVID while traveling. Also, would consider annual insurance as we travel at least twice per year. we purchased Carnival insurance, but I have heard it doesn’t cover you getting back home from one of the islands.
  3. Thank you for all the responses. We are trying to get back home by a certain time that afternoon. If it doesn’t happen, we understand and are willing to be rebooked later that day or the next day if we miss our 12:20 flight. We are flying Delta to Detroit and have first class tickets. We also have TSA precheck. Timing was the most important factor and not the cost as that was why I asked about waiting taxis. I will check again after Mardi Gras docks this weekend and get feedback on how it was handled.
  4. We are going to be on the Mardi Gras next month (9/4) and our flight departs at 12:20pm at MCO airport. Carnival recommends flights leaving no earlier than 12:50pm. We are Platinum and will try to self disembark. Has anyone taken a taxi from Port Canaveral to MCO? Are taxis usually waiting? What is the average cost? I was going to arrange a dedicated car service, but a little worried that they won’t show on time and be reliable as I know some of the services were impacted by COVID. Another option would be an Uber. We also have TSA precheck to hopefully help through the security lines at the airport. I would appreciate input for those that traveled from Port Canaveral recently.
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