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  1. I took the Silhouette last December for a 12 night Southern Caribbean Cruise and absolutely loved it. Great service and entertainment. Able to get a spot by the pool without a problem. Great ports with so many excursion options. Enjoy!
  2. Great recap. Thanks for the info and photos. Hoping my cruise to Europe in May is a go. Your review will definitely help me with my onboard choices.
  3. Go on cruisemapper.com. It will let you know how many ships are in your port on a certain day and also has a bit of information about the port itself. Very useful website.
  4. Will be visiting on May 11, 2020 with Norwegian Getaway arriving at 7:00 am. I will probably depart the boat at 8 and take a taxi to Pile Gate to enter the Walls. I'd like to exit at Ploce Gate and take the cable car up to Mt. Srd. I'd like to then go to the Old Town but am not sure where the entrance to Old Town is. I assume I'd take the cable car back down to Ploce Gate but thought I read the entrance to Old Town is at Pile Gate. Can anyone help me out?
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