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  1. I just read in 2 different places that D+ perks are being reduced. It has always been that D+ were allowed in the Concierge Lounge BUT...they are now creating Suite Lounges and D+ are not eligible for this lounge. SO, are D+ now being excluded from the existing Concierge Lounges? We typically find the D Lounges to be full and often overflowing, so the option to go to the Concierge Lounge was always nice. This is not a deal breaker for us but will help us plan for our December Cruise. Thanks!
  2. Thanks!! It is never something that you want to happen. But... it seems to happen a lot more often than it did in past years! While on board the NOTS 1/2018, we booked the NOTS for Jan 2019. We then found out that the ship was going into dry dock. RCI price protected us and offered us OBC for the inconvenience. They offered a few cruises in that same time frame. Turns out that we were able to book the same itinerary on the JOTS for approximately the same date...at a lower price and we got OBC added to that! So...it worked out in our favor for that cruise. Sometimes, a plan that is disrupted can turn out to be better than what we had originally planned!
  3. This is just an example of what I experienced. I was on a charter and it was announced prior to disembarkation that the group chartered the ship for 3/21/2019. I came home and found a Roll Call for that date - NOTS. I posted a heads up for those booked on the cruise. One response to my comment was from someone whose TA told them that charters are done 2 years in advance and there was no way the ship had been chartered for that date. On 6/26/18 the charter group started selling staterooms. It was mid July before the first CC member posted that they were notified by RCI that the ship had indeed been chartered. Yes, some posters on that board may have thought I was spreading a rumor..but..the truth finally emerged.
  4. We are also on the 3/28 sailing and I would prefer not to be on a cruise right out of drydock. We were on Enchantment out of Balt. right out of drydock. My allergies did not like all the fumes from new this and that plus the dust created doing remodeling. They did not have any fresh eggs until we got to PC!
  5. I cannot remember how many DI bracelets I have gotten and how many charms I have obtained for free. When I started "collecting" the charms had to be placed by pliers. Now, they have the "lobster claw" like attachments that immediately attach the charms to the bracelet. I showed up at one port with my first DI Bracelet and the store clerks demanded to know where I got that bracelet! Hey...stuff happens over the years! As a freebie...it is a great memento of our travels! Is it worth $$. NO...it was FREE! That does not mean that it does not have value. There are a lot of memories attached to those charms!
  6. Perhaps it comes with from where you are arriving. We are in PA and Bayonne is a very easy port for us . They have recently completed roads that lead to the port that make it that much easier for us to leave our home in PA and get to the port within 2 hrs. Ships out of Bayonne are RCI and Celebrity. We are somewhat loyal to those brands so Bayonne helps us take another step up the ladder in terms of loyalty points. Summit.will probably continue Bermuda runs in the summer and NE/Canada cruises in the Fall.
  7. JMG

    Port of Bayonne

    Same happened to us. We spent a bit of time taking photos with the approved background...downloading them onto the computer, then attaching them to the docs... Got to port, they retook our photos in less than 60 secs. Now we do not even bother to submit photos with our docs.
  8. I totally agree. We cruised right out of dry dock. Boarding was delayed until 4pm. The cruise line tried to discourage people from arriving at the pier but...for some of us, we had no where else to go. They did provide a rather nice boxed lunch for us. The reason that boarding was delayed is that they were still laying carpet in some of the public areas. During this dry dock, some stateroom baths had been refurbished. Our Cabin Steward told us that the dust was everywhere and that he cleaned everyday but had trouble keeping up with the dust. Crews were still on board doing some of the repairs that had not been finished. Okay...I have allergies and one of them is dust! Needless to say, I was so congested by the end of the cruise...even the Captain got sick during that cruise! In addition to the dust, there are also the fumes from the new materials. We enjoyed our cruise but will never do a cruise right out of dry dock.
  9. JMG

    My two cents on Summit.

    We were also on the Sept 9 sailing of the Summit. Yes, we also noted that Bar service did not exist at the pool area. We also had trouble getting service at the Martini Bar. Typically a favorite spot but this year, we just bypassed that venue. We agree with the assessment that this is probably the result of the Beverage Packages. In prior years, the Mast Bar was open on the pool side only. This year, they added lots of tables and chairs and opened up the back side of the Bar. This is possibly how they decided to handle the thirsty passengers. We did notice things that had been changed since we cruised 8/2017. First - we were in a Sky Suite. Our first invitation was to join the Officers for sail away on the Helipad. This was the first time we ever got that invite! The Captain rang a bell and waved to all of us from the Bridge. They quickly served drinks...but, the wait staff could not carry around trays filled with liquid after the ship sailed. It was a great experience! Our Suite was well maintained. Last year we saw the renovations in the Solarium. They added tables chairs and a few sofa type pieces of furniture, removing the lounges from the one side of the Solarium. The sofas were claimed early and held for the entire day. Several of the tables/chairs were used for card/board games so if you wanted to eat at the Spa Cafe, you could have trouble finding a table. We also found that the ship was a little worn in areas but the crew kept things clean. We love the Summit. Nothing caused us to have a bad vacation experience. We would definitely cruise the Summit again. Cruising out of Bayonne is so much easier for us rather than flying to Florida.
  10. We started cruising on HAL...at that time, their prices were hard to beat. Service was superior, food was excellent, and at that time...entertainment was typical cruise line stuff. We met some friends on board and they convinced us to try Princess. There were lots of passengers from UK. Princess offered great deals on B2B for those that had to fly to the US to board the ship. Very nice people, great food, service was okay and entertainment again was typical. Next we tried RCI. Totally different population. Still a great product but not at the same level as HAL and Princess. Then Celebrity. Maybe because this was after RCI but it was wonderful. No announcements every hour. Read your daily paper if you want to be active...otherwise...relax without all of those announcements all day long! Food again was great, service great...but we do notice that with each passing year..things are a little bit less than the year before. Not a problem...the same situation exists on land. I think Celebrity has a great product with different itineraries, good service, good food and satisfactory entertainment. We would try HAL again...not sure if we would do Princess? There was never a problem with Princess but...we just preferred Celebrity and HAL. Overall...I still say that we have not been on a bad cruise. Our worse was NCL Norway when the company was approaching bankruptcy...repair parts for this older ship were not plentiful, toilets overflowed...hallway carpets got wet..they used cardboard boxes over the wet areas... rolls were from the local grocery store.s mass produced line of bakery items.. Definitely not representative on NCL today. We definitely prefer cruising to taking land vacays!
  11. I know there are definitely chair hogs on every cruise. In the morning you can watch them get a stack of towels and reserve lounges for other family members that are probably still asleep and might show up sometime during the day. Yes, they will claim that their family is in the area. However, a friend had his belongings on a lounger and he did go into the pool along with his wife. This was on a sea day and the people were searching for chairs. He returned soaking wet to find that a women had removed his things from the lounge chair. She claimed the Captain gave her permission because the lounge was not occupied for 30 minutes. If his lounge chair had been with a group of vacant chairs I could accept her attitude. However, this was 2 chairs side by side, cover ups, lotions, shoes, books, tote bags...on both chairs! Sad that someone actually was in the pool and returned to find their possessions removed. The couple ended up sharing the other lounger.
  12. JMG

    Embarcation Day

    Also agree with you that people should consider that others would like to enjoy a bite to eat and need a table. We like to go the Sunset Bar (Summit). Order a drink and then one will go to the buffet while the other sips the drink. If we both went at the same time...we would lose our drinks and table. We enjoy eating outside. We finish our meal and then give up our seats and usually find another place where we can relax while waiting to access our stateroom. If the weather does not permit us to enjoy lunch outdoors...we will go to Luminae.
  13. As stated, they only change major shows during dry dock. It is more involved than just having a comic pack a suitcase and walk off ship. The backdrops are heavy and they need special equipment to take one set out and install another set. Then there are all the other scenery items, props, and wardrobe for a show. They do not have time or equipment to make these changes on turnaround days.
  14. JMG

    Bermuda - tokens or tickets for ferry

    Here is a website that has lots of answers... https://www.bermuda-attractions.com/bermuda_000091.htm
  15. On the Celebrity boards someone stated that the garage is used for Anthem and Adventure. Summit passengers are designated to use the surface lot. Of course, if there are more cars for the Anthem or Adventure than there are parking spaces, some cars will be parked on the surface lot.