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  1. We were on Explorer 1/24 to 2/2 Terminal G and Luggage Valet was offered. MIA - American, United, Delta. (Delta only domestic flights) Flights depart between 11:30am - 11:59pm FLL Airport - American, Alaska, United, Delta (domestic only) Flights depart between 2pm - 11:59pm Southwest Flights depart between 2pm - 6pm
  2. As noted previously, we were on the 8/22 cruise that docked early in Baltimore on Friday 8/30 due to the propulsion problem. Totally agree...I seriously doubt that the Captain would have left the Balt dock if they had any idea that the problem was not fixed. Agree...the possibility of heading into a hurricane path with potential engine problems would be a concern for the Captain. Agree...People in Florida are being advised to evacuate and RCI personnel are not only dealing with GOTS mechanical problems but also Passengers, crew, employees, and ships that could be at risk due to the Hurricane. I realize that being on a 30 minute cruise is a disappointment that none of us want to consider. It is difficult to sort out emotions of what is/has happened to you versus what is going on in the rest of the cruising world. Many purchase travel insurance for the additional costs that might crop up as a result of a situation of this nature. The pre cruise emails are basically computer driven...we got them as well even though we had already made the purchase. Emails concerning specific problems have to be addressed at a different level. Yes, they have your email...but...it will take time for RCI to recover from not only this mechanical problem but also, the impact of this hurricane.
  3. I can appreciate your feelings about a 30 minute cruise. We were watching the Ship Tracking to see if GOTS left the dock on time since we knew of the propulsion problem. We were happy to see the ship leave but, as we all know, the ship made a short run and turned back to the dock. At first we thought perhaps it was a medical emergency but when the ship did not leave the dock after an hour...well...we figured it had to be the propulsion problem. Quite possibly you have not heard anything from RCI yet because, if employees are at their desks in Miami, they most likely have their hands full with the ships that are in the path of the hurricane. Many are evacuating the Florida coast area. Hotels, resorts, and attractions are closing. It may take a little time for you to hear from RCI. I know we were thankful that we did not cruise out of Florida. While we would have had flights reserved...the airports could be packed with people trying to get out of town. Inbound flights could be cancelled which would make outbound flights cancelled. We were caught in that situation several years ago. Had to rent a car and drive to Orlando to get a flight home.
  4. There are many reasons why people choose to cruise on Lady G. Itinerary can be one of those reasons. Yes, lots of ships in Florida but that also means long travel to the pier. Many people can drive to the Baltimore port in a few hours. It can be a large savings for families to drive instead of fly. Baltimore has to be one of the friendliest ports we have cruised from. It is located right off of I-95. Arriving at the port, you drive right up to the ship and baggage is unloaded. If is not that traffic jam that happens at many of the ports. From that location, you drive up to the cashier and pay for the parking, park the car, and then head into the terminal. We arrived at the pier by 10:30 and boarding had already started. We quickly cleared security, checked in and proceeded right up the gangway and were on board by 11 am. The crew on the Grandeur are another reason to cruise on the Grandeur. Amazing crew!
  5. We were on the 8/22 sailing. The propulsion problems started sometime Wed. You could feel the ship vibrating. In the Crown Lounge the vibrations caused the chandelier parts to strike against each other making a noise. Thursday they announced that we would be arriving back at Balt dock Friday eve. They hoped to be able to make necessary repairs before the next sailing. When we got into the bay, the ship really rolled side to side. Never experienced that before. Going over the Bay Bridge Tunnel in the daylight was also Very different. Normally the sky is dark both leaving the Bay and re entering the Bay. As promised we got back to the pier in Baltimore by 10pm Friday night. We could not leave the ship until Sat morning. We were very fortunate on this cruise! We left Balt on 8/22 but had to return later that evening. medical evacuation of 2 passengers. Lady G did not go all the way back to the dock. A small vessel met the ship and transferred the passengers to the pier and waiting ambulances. The ship then took off full speed ahead to make up the lost time and get us to our first port on time. We were on time to all of the port destinations. We spent a beautiful day at Coco Cay. RCI then closed the island and evacuated the staff that resides on the island. Arriving early into Balt did mean that the casino, shops and photo gallery had to be closed by noon on Friday. This was a small inconvenience for us. Very sorry for all the passengers that had their cruise cancelled. Refunds and future cruise credits are nice compensation but it still does not cover the disappointment of a cancelled cruise and for some, it does not replace time taken off from work. The Captain needs to make decisions for the safety of the passengers, ship, and crew.
  6. What is the depth of the pool in the Solarium in on the Adventure Of The Seas?
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