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  1. We are sailing on the William Shakespeare in 10 days on the Rhone and Soane, having done this trip before with Emerald waterways it will make a very interesting comparison. Watch this space after the 24th of September.
  2. I don't remember being offered a choice of dining times, if I had I would not have chosen 6pm but you can change. The drinks package is bookable in advance or on board, this entitles you to one bottle of wine per night and as stated the cheapest wine is about 50pounds (inc vat). The package does save money but I don't feel it is a generous offer. Much better to have a couple of drinks in your cabin and just buy a glass with meals.
  3. Yes the lights showed up on four nights although I missed one alert. The open sea was a little choppy on the way to, I think, Honningsvag but I'm not sure however the last nights open sea leg was very rough ,enough to clear all the shelves in our cabin. But living on the Isle of Man we're used to rough seas. Overall the weather was very kind to us.
  4. Here is my view on our 12 days classic round trip on the Kong Harald,7March/18 march. Fix your own luggage tags with your name & cabin No before boarding the transfer bus, otherwise you will have to transport your own bags from reception (deck 3) to your cabin. If embarking in Bergen you will board on deck 5 and have to find your cabin as there is no one to offer directions. You will need to be patient at check in if you are part of a charter flight,very slow . For the benefit of our drinking companions around the world ,we saw very many people carrying bags clearly marked DUTY FREE ,some with 3 bags!,and none were challenged,the staff really aren't bothered,I doubt if you will be challenged.On that theme there are many outlets for alcoholic beverages during the voyage.They are vinmonopolet's the 3 we used were in Tromso in the Nerstranda shopping area,visible from the ship,and in Hammerfest & Stomarknes,very easy to find very close to the dock.Just be discreet when boarding,we found the wine boxes good value eg 1.5 litres of chenin blanc for just over £20.00.. If you aren't happy with your assigned dining time see the maître d on the first night and they will do their best to change it for you,we went from 6pm to 8.30 without problem.Also the fine dining restaurant,Kysten,is excellent,the menu looks expensive but full board passengers only pay the cover fee of about £20.00 and no more,well worth a visit. Our cabin ,344,on deck 3 seemed small at first but there is plenty of storage for the 11 day trip,there is no tv or kettle in these cabins.Deck 5 cabins have a walkway outside and the windows are not one way glass ! If showering at sea do not leave anything on the bathroom floor as the shower tray is very shallow and if the ship rolls the floor will flood as my soaking slippers prove. The shower is the smallest we have ever seen on a ship.The lectures on board are popular so you need to be in good time,the only padded seats are by the windows.Importantly check the website before booking excursions as the brochure does list the times,the website does and some visits take place at dusk or in the dark. Hurtigruten call this the most beautiful cruise in the world,it is,the scenery is breath taking. Oh one final point about on board drink prices the prices shown all have 25% vat added to them. Hope this helps you to enjoy the trip.
  5. I would say that the average age is over 65,at least it is on the Kong Harald at the moment and some of them are rather pushy but most are good company.
  6. The Isle of Man will be very very busy at that time for us anyway ,if you don't want to take an included excursion you could walk to the end of the bay,about 1.5 miles, and get on a vintage electric tram to Laxey or even do the whole trip to Ramsey.Alternatively get off in laxey and take another tram to the top of our only mountain,Snaefell which has a café at the top. To get back you would have to do the trip in reverse. In the sea terminal there is a visitor centre where lots of advice is available,maybe you could buy a transport rover ticket which is good value if you are adventurous. There is also a Victorian steam railway only a short walk from the harbour. Peel is another place to visit by bus or taxi where there is a heritage centre. I don't think you could entertain yourself in Douglas all day,we are a very friendly and helpful lot over here ,everyone will be only too pleased to help out and answer any questions you have. Hope you enjoy our lovely little island.
  7. Well here is an update for all you kind, helpful people. I decided to email RSSC's ceo politely asking why they penalised their UK clients so heavily compared our US cousins. Very soon after I was contacted by the London office again explaining my complaint,they said they would check the relevant t&c's coming back with the reply that they couldn't be changed but they were prepared to cancel the cruise at no cost to me. This obviously shamed our TA into also refunding their cancellation fee of £300.00. Today my card has been credited with the full amount. Well done Regent ,needless to say I am very happy with the outcome.
  8. We are in a strange situation regarding Brexit, we have a trading agreement with the EU, and have to abide by their rules but we're not eligible for any subsidies. Come brexit we will simply take whatever crumbs the UK leave for us, the channel islands will be In a different but similar position. We have our own Manx currency which has parity with the pound btw. That said we would never contemplate leaving this wonderful island.
  9. Our agent charges 150gbp per person cancellation fee! but they can provide good prices. The stock answer is 'please note our t&c's' all very well but when responding to online or email offers you normally click the link without checking conditions first. I did check with Regent UK and got the same answer, sorry sir it is clearly stated in our t&c's.
  10. Thanks for your interest flossie, unfortunately for us here in the Isle of Man we are considered to be part of the UK by most businesses purely for their convenience. Not great when disagreements arise, just to rub salt into the wound our TA is also charging a fairly hefty fee. Another notch on our ' experience of life ' stick sad to say.
  11. OH boy, guess I'm a bit out of date, the new conditions state 20% of the fare will be charged and then progressively more the closer to sail date 😤😭
  12. We recently decided to cancel our cruise for November 2020 and our TA told us that Regent would take nearly all of our deposit in fees. I can't see anything about this in their t&cs only a $200.00 charge as it's such a long way out, anybody else come across anything like this. Or has the TA got it all wrong, nearly $3000.00 is a lot to forfeit.
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