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  1. Thanks all - appreciate the suggestions we’ve got some great options for Thursday night and will plan to get there about 4:30
  2. Thanks! Think we have some good options to choose from We’re going to adjust our time and show up closer to 4:30 (with the 7:10 start)
  3. We are arriving a day early for our cruise and managed to snag Red Sox tickets for that night (Thursday 7:10pm game). We’d like to have dinner right outside Fenway before the game. Looking for opinions/recommendations on where and how early... Have done a little research and thought to eat around 5pm at either Cheeky Monkey Brewing http://cheekymonkeyboston.com/ (current favorite) or Beer Works #1 https://www.beerworks.net/ Thoughts?
  4. We are staying at Courtyard by Marriott near North Station (used points) for our precruise night. https://courtyardbostonnorthstation.com/ We like the location - easy to catch the T
  5. We’re in Boston one day early as well & we were able to snag tickets for the 5 Sept game. I have figured out that Fenway is right off the “T”. https://www.mlb.com/redsox/ballpark/transportation/subway https://mbta.com/destinations/fenway-park https://moovitapp.com/index/en/public_transit-Fenway_Park-Boston_MA-efsite_40eb3d00f964a520250a1fe3-141 hope that helps for Fenway - if you can get to Fenway from Quincy Market there should be a return there fron Fenway.
  6. We'll be in Sydney in early Sept and have booked a Highland Village/Baddeck/Bell Museum Tour (Blackwood). We're hoping it will have beautiful scenery and some history. We are also history buffs, but decided against Fortress Louisbourg since would be so few reenactors . https://www.blackwoodtours.com/tours/highland-village-baddeck-bell-museum/ Good luck
  7. Thanks for the information Just very steep for the 32? Did you enjoy the hike?
  8. Or any review/feedback/opinions? on NCL excursion (we're on the GEM in Sept) Hiking Saguenay National Park (4 Hrs, $85), but the hiking is only 1.5 miles ("...recommended for advanced hikers with a rise in height of 450 ft and 500 steps to climb."). Wondering if they're over stating the advanced... Sounds very similar to hikes we've done in Phoenix, so believe it would be doable for us.
  9. Looking at options for our NCL Gem stop in Saguenay in September 2019 Have found these two excursions we are considering... Has anyone taken these tours or used these tour companies? Okwari Adventures - $72 (?Canadian) includes short hike Rivière-à-Mars canyon/Excursion on lake in Rabaska canoe/Black bear observation (from safety of a tower) https://www.contact-nature.ca/en/okwari-adventures/summer-and-fall/#half-day-package-cro Saguenay Guided Tours $104 Canadian 24 passenger minibus tour https://www.saguenayguidedtours.com/new-page/saguenay-shore-excursions/saguenay-shore-excursions/ They also will do "private tours" $719 (6 people) $825 (7) $930 (8), etc -Canadian dollars
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