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  1. OK, thanks. Can you tell me how long from pier to Marriott?
  2. Hi, how far from cruise pier is the beach club? Thanks!
  3. Hi, I was wondering about that also. We will be there in February. Does anyone know how far it is from cruise pier? Thanks!
  4. Paul: Great review! On one of your previous cruises did you go to an all inclusive resort for the day? If so, was it St. Kitts? I seem to remember reading about it, but cannot locate that review. Many thanks, and Happy New Year! Shine
  5. Shine


    Hi, going to Puerto Rico in February on the Equinox. Does anyone know if Pamelas Restaurant is open? How about the beach right in front of the restaurant? Did they reopen after the hurricaine? Any info appreciated. Thanks! Cheryl
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