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  1. Has anyone used cruise control, only 12 comments in TripAdvisor.
  2. I am trying to decide between two companies for transportation from a hotel by MCO to port Canaveral and back (2 people). The two companies are Cortrans and cruise control. Cortrans is a 10am pick up at the hotel and would be $35 round trip pp. Cruise control would be a 9:25 pick up at the hotel and would be $28. Both have a 8:15 pickup at the port. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Please do not suggest any other company, I don't what to make the decision any more complicated. Thank you in advance for your help. Don
  3. Thank you everyone for your comment, Orlando it isπŸ˜€
  4. Going on a cruise that leaves in February out of Port Canaveral. Flying in the day before(2-14-20) at 6pm. I was thinking we would stay at a hotel by the airport then catch a shuttle the next morning to the port. First time out of Port Canaveral where we did not drive. I was wondering if this is a good plan or not. Thanks in advance.
  5. When we have walked to the El Morro Fort, there is a trail that goes along the base of the Fort next to the water. If I remember correctly there were several cats around it. Can anyone tell me if I take the trail to the point(entrance to the harbor), can I enter the fort there or do I need to walk back. Thanks in advance. Don
  6. Taking a cruise from port of Miami, flying home from Fort Lauderdale. My flight is not until 4:30 PM and I am looking for some advise on renting a car near the port and dropping of at FLL. If anyone has done this lately, could you please let me know where you rented the car(agency), location(airport, downtown...), was there a shuttle, how long was the wait for the shuttle, and was there any issue picking up the car(long wait...). Thank You in advance. Don
  7. There is only two of us, we were thinking of doing the Everglades tour($55PP), then I noticed I could get a car for the day through budget for around $35. I was thinking that might be a option, then we can set our own schedule. I have used SAS in the past with no issues.
  8. I did not get to snorkel this area last time in GT, but we are heading there again in February. Has anyone done Boaby rock point lately? if so where is the best place to enter and where is the best snorkeling? How far from shore do you go and what is the depth. Any information will be appreciated. Thank You Don
  9. Hello, We are cruising on carnival Magic Feb, 24 out of Miami. We will be flying in the afternoon of the 23rd and have booked a hotel by the FLL airport. I am thinking of renting a car(maybe budget) when we get into Ft. Lauderdale on the 23rd and dropping off the car near the Port of Miami on the 24th. Our flight home on the 3rd does not leave until 4:30 so I was also thinking of renting a car for the return trip and checking out the area. Another option is just booking transportation to the ship on SAS and when we get back do a ship excursion that would drop us off at the FLL airport. Any suggestion would be appreciated. Thank You Don
  10. Will be on the Dawn in September, can someone tell me what is free in the spa and what is not? Sent from my VS500 using Forums mobile app
  11. In September we are taking a cruise that is leaving from Quebec city and I have a couple of questions. 1. What is the best way to get from the airport to the cruise port. Shuttle or cab? I do not have international calling so I think uber is out. 2. Do I need to get Canadian currency to pay for a cab? Being from Michigan our banks usually have it. 3. I have never taken a cruise were the first night is a overnighter in the departure port. Can you get off/on anytime you want? Thank you Don Sent from my VS500 using Forums mobile app
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