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  1. lardor

    Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa Port

    I am not "here" from 11/24 until 12/11...........
  2. lardor

    Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa Port

    R U still interested in info?
  3. lardor

    What to do in port......

    Like CYA except it's "cover their a$$", instead of "cover your a$$"..........
  4. lardor

    What to do in port......

    Yes, it's too bad that so many people are scared away by what the cruise lines say to CTA.....I sure do miss the fresh carnitas behind the ZIH market and tacos el pastore....
  5. lardor

    What to do in port......

    Nope, we can no longer travel http:
  6. lardor

    What to do in port......

    I see this asked often, what to do and see in "X" port and quite often one is directed to a local bar or restaurant. You've probably spent a lot of money to go on your cruise and to eat and drink along with other gringos and gringas in a place that is really not much "Mexican" seems to me a waste of vacation time. I would get a taxi and ask to go to the Mercado grande to see what Mexico is all about. This is the main place Mexican's go to for most of their needs, the market itself and all the stores and stalls surrounding it. Most of the port cities have one, at least the larger cities do. I have been to a dozen or so and find them very interesting to walk around to see what our great grandparents might have shopped in when they were little kids. They are safe, and food and drinks never got us the least bit sick. You'll see that a taco is not made with hamburger or cheese on it and fresh squeezed OJ is made from oranges picked in the last few days.....When in Zihuatanejo, we often went to the market for breakfast....
  7. lardor


    cruise compete has a list of all the ships that stop at zihuatanejo....
  8. lardor

    Ixtapa Tour by Luis De La Maza?

    Ask this question by goggling zihuatanejo-ixtapa message board and asking there.....
  9. lardor

    Zihuatanejo, Mexico (Ixtapa)

    The water is warm, not too clear as a snorkeling port. If you want to "see" Mexico, I would walk over to the mercado (15 minutes or so)and wander through it. Safe to eat at any of the fondas. Also, I think you arrive at 7 so try to be first off. As you leave the pier a short block to the right, is the fish market. The fishermen have the fish they caught in the night right on the sand, housewives, restaurant owners doing their daily shopping....it's over around 8:30 or so.....have coffee and/or breakfast right there under the umbrellas...Spend the day as a beach day on Playa La Ropa at Paty's, (good food, clean bathrooms) a 40 peso taxi ride, (if you don't have pesos US 4 bucks will do it) all taxi drivers know it. Paty's does not take charge cards but does take US dollars....
  10. lardor

    Cruises to Zihuatanejo?

    Hop on the US Air non stop to ZIH and spend some time in our little "village"....As much as I like cruising, ZIH has it beat.....
  11. lardor

    Adagio Strings

    And I thought they were far, far superior to the Adagio groups I have heard in the past....and most people on our cruise though so too....sometime it was difficult to get a seat to listen to them
  12. lardor

    Lobster in the Lido??

    After several letters back and forth, the home office thinks they do but I think that the person responsible for ordering food on the ships does not buy them to save money.....I have finally decided to jam a wrinkle-free sport coat in my luggage to get jumbo shrimp, lobster and rack of lamb on formal nights...
  13. lardor

    Help roll call is dead!!!!

    Because they did not ask us.....
  14. lardor

    Excursions in Manaus

    Does your cruise stop at Boca de Valeria?
  15. lardor

    Excursions in Manaus

    Oceania usually does one.............