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  1. 18 minutes ago, mahdnc said:

    some images and drawings that have been posted in the past:


    courtesy of @BAPON who took the standard deck plan and redrew the balconies on the slant to approximate reality.




    courtesy of @greydog



    This is EXACTLY what I needed to know.  Thanks so much for the graphic, super helpful!! This is a family with two little kids, I feel like the extra balcony room would be fabulous for them. 

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  2. Can someone please remind me, which of the four midship slanted cabins (on Solstice specifically but I don't think it matters) have the largest balconies? I know the first and third are similar and the second and fourth are similar but I can't remember which ones are larger.  Trying to help a friend book.



  3. Back in the day, before AI, the main benefit was the Elite Happy Hour.  We would collect our tiny coupons voraciously and carry them around all day til the clock struck 5 and we could begin imbibing! Although we were given three coupons, there always seemed to be someone with extras to share.  My DH, for example, doesn't drink alcohol.  So there was always someone willing to buy him a diet coke and them use his coupon for one last appletini!  Those were fun days.  We used to have 20+ people gathered at the Sunset Bar every afternoon. I'm sure other cruisers thought we were obnoxious hogging all those seats but we sure had a great time! Many of us are booked on the upcoming Apex TA--I seriously cannot wait!

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  4. Oh I have a good one! Our first transatlantic cruise quite a few years ago we were on Eclipse, I believe. You know how those S class ships have the two banks of glass elevators facing each other. Well, there were two young “ladies” aboard who apparently had been partying heartily, and around 2 AM they decided it would be fun to go “go go” dancing topless in the elevators. Security was called but apparently they had a hard time tracking the girls down as they kept changing elevators while displaying their wares. Eventually they were apprehended, however, and given a good scolding and then confined to their cabin. Unfortunately for them, this was the first night of a transatlantic voyage, and we didn’t reach land until six days later. They were confined to their cabin that entire time with a guard sitting outside to make sure they didn’t leave! When we arrived in Ponta Delgada, they were escorted off the ship and that was the end of their ‘vacation’!!

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  5. 19 hours ago, broberts said:

    If one cannot use the currently registered email, include that email address in the email requesting a change. Also include name, username and new email address.


    Don't forget to check the spam folder periodically for a reply.

    I have done that.  No response. . .Why is it ridiculously hard to change? Once I've logged in, I should be able to change my details easily.

  6. 16 hours ago, Phamer55 said:

    I'm a travel agent and I see no information on how to book cruisers for first responders, or even any official mention of them....So how are first responders going to book these cruises or even know any details about them?  I actually know quite a few of them who did fight in the northern California fires and wanted to reach out to them but I can't find any information.

    My son is a California firefighter and I am trying to figure out how to get him a cruise--that's why I'm on this thread.  If you hear anything, will you please post? Someone I know called X and was told to call back on Monday, but given the inaccuracy of their on-shore staff, that sounds like a waste of time to me without a specific department or person to ask for. 


    Thanks for any advice!

  7. 7 hours ago, iahawkfan21 said:

    We’ll be onboard with them as well!  I’ve definitely seen numerous steamers and power strips confiscated over the years.  If it does happen, I’ve found running the shower very hot for a few minutes with the bathroom door closed and hanging items somewhere in the bathroom really helps out quite a bit.

    Well if you see a really pretty blonde girl and a good looking tall dark-haired guy, in wrinkled clothes, say hi from me! 🤣





  8. 9 minutes ago, papaflamingo said:

    What does the steamer look like?  If it looks like an iron then it will likely be confiscated.  If not, then they may not have a problem.  Eitherway, as said, they'll get it back after the cruise.  

     I don’t know exactly what it looks like, but she said it was large and will probably be very visible. But I appreciate the reassurance that they’ll get it back!

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  9. Hi All:  


     My daughter and her boyfriend are in Miami preparing to board Navigator of the Seas tomorrow. She just mentioned to me that they brought a steamer and a power strip with them! Sure wish they would’ve asked me about that first. Does anybody have any experience with this? I assume that if they spot them on the x-ray  that they will confiscate them and return them the last night of the cruise but I’m looking for anyone with  personal experience with this issue. 


    Is there any possibility that they will confiscate them and not return them? I’ve never heard that but I want to double check for them. Any thoughts appreciated!



  10. Talk about watching the ship sail away. . .


    Three years ago while we were on Silhouette, my husband had a heart attack while we were docked in Rhodes, Greece. We were whisked off the ship post haste (I was given 10 minutes to pack up all our belongings including retrieving the laundry we had sent out that morning) and we went by ambulance to the nearest hospital. 


    When the port agent came to take me to a hotel, I could see the beautiful Silhouette, all lit up, sailing toward the horizon. Saddest thing I’d ever seen. . .


    But! It turned out to be a minor heart attack although they kept him in the ICU for a week. We ended up spending 10 days on Rhodes, came to love it, and actually look back on that time as just another crazy adventure! We have fond memories and laugh about it a lot!!

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  11. 15 hours ago, hiccups said:

    Oh, I think my husband would plan the trips if I asked.  But control freak me would be going behind his back to check everything, so I just cut him out as the middle man  :classic_smile:  I'm still wondering why I let him choose the itinerary when I really preferred the other one... I guess I wanted to give him SOME say in the matter!  LOL.  Of course I let him know we missed out on the insurance payout, Captain Kate and the Cake Boss, though 😉

    This is funny. Yesterday a friend asked DH when our trip was. I just laughed. No way would know the dates, perhaps might know departure MONTH!

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  12. Oh, great updated information, thank you so much. We'd be happy just to be able to drop the stuff and go off and show the kids the ship so we'll go with that plan. I don't want to have to worry about bags not arriving until after dinner. We normally cruise on Celebrity and have always gotten our bags about the time of muster, although I'm sure there are exceptions! To The Phoenixx, happy cruising! We are a group of seven, my husband and myself, my son and his wife, and their three boys ages 14, six, and four. The kids have been well indoctrinated on cruise ship behavior and I'm sure they will make us proud. When I asked them what kind of clothes we're going to wear to dinner at night, the six year old said, "Something that begins with F but I can't remember what it is!" I wracked my brains to think of some item of clothing beginning with F, but couldn't think of a thing. Then inspiration hit me, and I said "Do you mean 'formal'??" And he said, "Yes!! That's it!!!" So they've all got cute little suits to wear every night. I realize that this is not normally the type of cruise that one would wear a suit to, but it's never too early to teach them proper behavior and good manners. My three kids were about the same age when we took them on their first cruise, these make a perfect introductory trip!

  13. Thanks all, that's helpful. We will have four adults and three kids, two of whom are four and six, so we're just trying to minimize our stress level! Our check-in is 12 to 1230, which means it could be a couple of hours that we'd be dragging everything around with us. Appreciate the input!

  14. We just looked at location, and deck. I prefer close to mid ship for stability. Curious about your including gratuities, we haven't seen that deal. Was this thru your TA?


    Through an online TA, yes. It was a one day special. Plus the cabins were WAY cheaper than on the RCCL website. It looks like there are a ton of available cabins. We're using it for transport to Europe and we need to be there by May 19, which is how we picked this cruise, the only one that got us where we needed to go at the time we needed to be there! But we had to book in a hurry to take advantage of the sale, so I didn't have time to research properly!!

  15. Part of the problem is that it is VERY hard to tell on the deck plan what category is which. The colors are too similar and there are too many categories on each deck. I found it very frustrating, plus I was in a hurry to get my reservation in while the special was still going on. I'll try to do more research and see if I can find a cabin closer to the midship elevators. Don't care at all what floor it's on. Thank you for the replies, very helpful.

  16. All D's are the same size...really doesn't matter...pick the LOCATION that suits you! We love being near the elevator/stair foyer!


    So do I! That's what I was looking for but there were none very close to the elevators on the deck plan! It looks like would be about 10 cabins away from the midship elevators. Not terrible but not ideal. On solstice class ships, I prefer the cabins that are right outside the midship elevators but I can't find those on navigator. Oh well it was really cheap and included prepaid gratuities so I can't complain!

  17. Okay, thanks very much for the quick reply. There are only two of us. Would we be better off in a D2? Does it matter?


    The website was spectacularly unhelpful in trying to discern the differences. All I know is that D1's were more expensive than D3's so I assumed they were better in some way. Since all the prices were the same I just went for what I assumed to be the highest category!!

  18. I am currently looking at the Navigator transatlantic in April. We normally cruise on Celebrity and I'm not familiar with the cabin designations at all on that ship. The travel agency I'm using has just about every balcony category at the same price. Can someone tell me if a D1 is the best balcony category? It looks like it's best but it's really hard to tell. Is there any significance between D1, D2, and D3, or is it just location? I was surprised to see that most of the cabins considered 'superior' were so far either forward or aft.


    Any advice appreciated, I have the cabin on hold but I have to make a decision by tomorrow. Thanks!

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