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  1. Thank you for posting what I have been thinking for over a year. Sometimes I wonder why those with such a negative attitude still continue to post, and even sail on HAL. I appreciate your positive and informative posts. I am certainly not against constructive criticism, but constantly reading negative "HAL is out to get you" type comments from some really turns me off. (It is NOT my intent to turn this excellent thread into a discussion about criticism. I know there are those that do not agree and that everyone had their right to an opinion.)
  2. My wife and I truly enjoyed the Inaugural Cruise on the Nieuw Statendam. It was quite special and did sail on the initial departure date. Still, the current date for the Rotterdam VII is still close to a year out and things could happen. So in your situation, having no flexibility on a possible delay, I think I would hold off on any booking till much later. Just keep tracking the progress of the ship's build and make a decision much closer in. This certainly will reduce you choice of cabin assignment, but at least you will have more knowledge of the departure date.
  3. This is from an article in Seatrade Newsletter (August 12th) ======================================================================================= The US Federal Maritime Commission initiated a process that may lead to amending its regulations concerning cruise line nonperformance and refunds for canceled or delayed voyages. The FMC on Monday voted to accept the recommendations made by Commissioner Louis Sola in his Fact Finding 30 Interim Report issued in July, which examined the effects of COVID-19 on the cruise industry. The FMC also directed staff to dr
  4. Had you booked your hotel room thru HAL (obviously more expensive) I suspect you would have your money back. I booked a hotel room via Hotel.com for one night prior to a cancelled Zuiderdam cruise. It was a non-refundable booking and I knew that when I booked. Therefore NO reimbursement from Hotel.com nor the actual hotel, although I was told that the hotel would honor the payment for a year if I should re-book. Of course the chances of me being in Quebec City within the year are zero. Still, it seemed like a very nice offer. I realized that it was a risk I took to save money and n
  5. I have to say that over the years, my PCC has been amazing. She constantly goes above and beyond to keep me informed, solve issues, and get things done. Most recently, due to the cancellation of a October 2020 Zuiderdam cruise, she was able to obtain a 100% "bonus" on the portion of the booking relating to the cruise fare. This was immediately transferred an already booked cruise on the Ryndam. Just recently we received a cash payment sent to our Credit Card in the amount relating to our payments on fees, taxes and airfare. So that account has been completely cleared out!!!! On the
  6. My wife and I returned home yesterday from the MS Zaandam's South America/Antarctica 22-day cruise. I usually not all that impressed with HAL's mainstage evening entertainment, often finding it dull. BUT, on this cruise, I found the guest entertainers, a variety of singers, dancers, musician, comedian, juggler, and magician were fun and quite entertaining. As an aside, many of the entertainers were from South America. In my opinion, they were far and away the best that I have ever seen on HAL. Again, my opinion only, the Cast Shows were the same old same old... a group of talented
  7. Just off the Zaandam's South America/Antarctica 22-day adventure. The Orange Party was held on one of the final evenings of the cruise at 10 pm. Band, dancing, officers etc. About half way thru the cruise the gift shop started offering Orange Party Tee Shirts, Hats, and a few other items. Most were offered at 2 for $20. The event is fun and it seemed that everyone in attendance had a wonderful time. While it isn't necessary to wear orange, why not "get in with the party" and dance. The late night start is probably set (10pm) to permit late seating passengers to have dinner, catch the show in t
  8. Or, you could order the drink (s) at a bar and bring them up to your cabin verandah.
  9. Hard to believe it has been a year since the Premier Cruise. It was an exceptional experience. Have already booked passage on the Ryndam's Premier cruise. Have no idea of itinerary nor pricing, but want to be part of the excitement of a new ship. Happy Birthday Nieuw Statendam! May you continue to have smooth sailings and happy passengers and crew.
  10. My opinion; the luncheon really this isn't a big deal, BUT it is a Mariner Perk. There usually is a greeter at the dining room entrance, and I have seen times where they check the invitation. I always bring mine with me. So, letting your guests know about the perk for Mariners shows them HAL does value it's Mariners. It just might encourage them to return for another HAL cruise.
  11. $359 (just over $50 a day) for a 7-day cruise and you are looking for On-Board Credit or a cabin upgrade because of missing Half Moon Cay? Wow.
  12. FYI, I booked space on the Ryndam's inaugural voyage on May 14, 2019 thru my personal cruise consultant at HAL using a previously purchased Future Cruise Deposit. At the time, no price, cabin assignment, specific date (but know it is May, 2021) nor itinerary. The previous Ryndam was our first HAL cruise (2002) and we were on the Premier Voyage of the Nieuw Statendam. So I knew that we had to apart of the special cruise of this Ryndam. We do know that the itinerary will be Western Europe, but are looking forward to learning about the length and ports of this "Maiden Voyage".
  13. Well, the title that got your attention! I started cruising when I was 17 years old, realizing how fortunate I was to have this wonderful experience. In 2002 I discovered Holland America on a 7-day Alaska cruise. Since then, HAL has been my exclusive cruise company (35-cruises, five star mariner). Why? A quality product for a reasonable price. I have always started every cruise with a positive attitude, and realized that not everything can be perfect. Regardless what we do in life, things can go wrong. Gosh darn, they don't want to give me TWO main courses for dinner. The prices
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