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  1. Not sure which ship you booked for 7/14 Alaska, but looking at HAL website today, there are two ships sailing that date out of Vancouver. Pricing for inside guarantee is either $325 or $345 per person (plus fees/taxes) or just about $50 per person per day. At that price, I certainly can understand providing free gratuities of $14.50 per day (bringing your daily cost for lodging/food/and other available services down to around $35 per day. It seems like you got a great deal on a last minute booking. Enjoy the deal, keeping in mind that HAL is a company that, to stay in business, does have to make a profit. Something to learn from the experience, book with a HAL agent or TA rather than on-line. This way you get to talk to someone and confirm what you think you have. You also get a name of someone if there is a problem.
  2. Pertaining to gratuities, the above answer is incorrect. While I do not know about casino credits, On-Board Credits can certainly can be used for Hotel Service Charges (gratuities).
  3. Could it be that people are tired about reading how much is missing from HAL? Could it be that people are tired about seeing the same topics/questions and answers repeated? When preparing for a vacation (a wonderful cruise) I always keep in mind how lucky I am. It amazes me to see how many people look for all the bad things. It turns people (myself included) off. I see more and more of that on Cruise Critic. Shouldn't we just consider ourselves lucky that we can take a vacation? By the way, on the Wdam's Trans-Atlantic crossing (April 28th) there are currently 158 names on our roll-call. I am expecting one heck of a turn out for the Meet and Greet that I am coordinating. It is true, sea days equal a more active roll-call because many people like to share activities (book groups, cabin crawls, card games, tours). Having said that, I grow weary reading all of the negative posts and attitudes. Often I mumble to myself, "if HAL is so bad and/or isn't like it use to be, why don't they move on to another cruise line?" Sorry for the venting -
  4. Boy, all of this discussion and fret about what "one person said". On 34 cruises I have never had a problem having an open bottle of wine sent from the Main Dining Room to another restaurant. This was certainly not the case on the Nieuw Statendam in December, 2018. In fact, on the NS I asked our wine steward to send an open bottle to the Pinnacle Grill for the next night. Once in the PG the wine steward said he couldn't find the half bottle and rather than wait for the bottle to be located in the Main Dining Room, and delivered a full bottle to us instead. Pretty amazing service. On the other Beverage Card issue. A few days into the Nieuw Statendam voyage, we received a written notice that the Beverage Card would no longer be valid and that the remaining value would be transferred as a credit on our account. If unused by the end of the cruise, we would receive a refund of the balance. Never told if this was a one-time glitch on the NS (it was the Premier Voyage and the cards were not on-board upon boarding.) A notice saying they would be delivered at the first port - and were and they worked for a couple of days. -- As an aside, the two beverage cards we had were actually obtained via our HAL Visa Card points program. So it was a wonderful deal.
  5. Depends on the ship. On the Nieuw Statendam, they share the space with the BB King group. So, on the Premiere Voyage there were three sets a day (with some days off) and they were all in the early evening or the late afternoon. They were always finished by 8 p.m. so room could be reset for the evening entertainment.
  6. My wife and I were on the Premiere Voyage. The music walk entertainment in all rooms was amazing - suitable and enjoyed by ALL ages on board. There were two shows in the World Stage presented by the Step One Dance Company. The World Stage (Humanity & Steps) was full, and the shows were top of the line (and I love live theater and have not been impressed with HAL's Cast Shows in the past). The other guest performers were fair to average. The Music Walk was jumping till midnight each night of the 14-day cruise. Add to that the Lincoln Center Stage classical music mid-day and early evening and there was certainly plenty to do every evening. The problem was deciding which room to go to. The Nieuw Statendam (and I suspect the Koningsdam) are game changers for HAL. For those that like lots of evening activity, I would stay away for the older/smaller ships and book cruises on the Vista Class (ie: Zuiderdam/Westerdam) and newer. Certainly HAL is no longer is a cruise company for only older folks that shut down at 10 pm. By the way, I am 72 years old. To answer the original question, in my opinion I think the original poster will have a have a very enjoyable time on the Nieuw Statendam. As an after thought, I am amazed at how many Cruise Critic posters that have never been on a particular ship or class of ships (ie Pinnacle) make statements about how the new ship WILL be. It seems to me that HAL is making changes to appeal to all ages of passengers, and in my opinion, that is a very good thing to assure that HAL will be in existence for years to come.
  7. Have no idea where this comment comes from. I was on the ship and found it to be quite open, with plenty of space to enjoy the ocean.
  8. Having sailed on the Premiere voyage of the Nieuw S., it was a wonderful experience. I did not find the dining room to be disorganized. Sure, every once in a while on the 14-day voyage the MDR (fixed seating) the dinner took 10 minutes "longer", but we were always in and out between 1 hour 15 minutes and 1 hour 30 minutes. Again, disorganized??? Half the staff came from the Kdam (the same ship) so they already knew the drill and HAL's standards. If the prices are low, take advantage of it..... and I suspect you will be smiling at the end of the voyage. The ship is amazing. In my opinion, it sets a new and wonderful standard for HAL.
  9. For those that have a HAL Visa card, you can use 5000 points to purchase a $50 Beverage Card. If you use the HAL Visa to pay for any HAL related items (cruise fare, air via HAL, etc.) you get 2 points per dollar spent. So, make $2,500 of HAL purchases and you can get a $50 Beverage Card. That equates to 2% cash back. I realize that other credit cards might give a better "cash back" rate, but I am happy with the not paying for some drinks on board. It works for me.
  10. You might want to look for the two other threads on this same subject.
  11. sfocruiser: don't notice that you are included on the list of cruise critic members on the Nieuw Statendam Premiere Voyage roll call. Would love to have you join the 147 others that are on the list. I am sure the majority of them will be attending out Meet and Greet.
  12. To the best of my knowledge and experience, they do not. Port fees and taxes are like the cruise fare. They do not count as on-board spending.
  13. The Press Release below is dated August 28th. It is great news for those booked on the Premiere Voyage (we already 137 Cruise Critic members on our Roll-Call). Thought you might like to read it: ================================= Holland America Line’s Nieuw Statendam Reaches Milestone and Successfully Completes Sea Trials Seattle, Wash., Aug. 28,2018 — Holland America Line’sNieuw Statendam, the second Pinnacle Class ship in the fleet, returnedto Fincantieri’s Marghera shipyard in Italy Wednesday, Aug. 22, aftersuccessfully completing two sets of sea trials off the coast. Nieuw Statendam left Marghera Aug. 10 and performed the first set of sea trialsover two days before going into dry dock at Fincantieri’s Trieste shipyard,where the trial’s data was reviewed and standard hull maintenance wasperformed. The ship sailed its second sea trials Aug. 18, making its way backto Marghera Aug. 22 where the finishing touches will be completed. “The sea trials are ahighly anticipated milestone for any newbuild because it takes us one stepcloser to delivery, and we’re thrilled that Nieuw Statendam gave a strongperformance out in open water,” said Orlando Ashford, Holland America Line’spresident. “There’s a lot of buzz surrounding Nieuw Statendam and theinnovations we’re introducing on board. The ship is going to have an excitingdebut in early December.” During the sea trials, NieuwStatendam underwent a series of performance tests on the ship’s systems,machinery and engines. The shipyard’s team of nautical officers, navalarchitects, engineering officers and builders tested the ship’s maneuveringcharacteristics and safety systems. About Nieuw Statendam Due for delivery Dec. 1,2018, Nieuw Statendam will explore the Caribbean in winter and then moveto northern Europe, Iceland and the Mediterranean in summer during itsinaugural year. The 2,666-guest, 99,500-ton ship will reflect the ongoingevolution of Holland America Line. From familiar elements that reflect a richheritage and classic style to state-of-the-art enhancements that chart a boldnew course forward, guests on board Nieuw Statendam will delight indetails that are artfully inspired and perfectly presented to create theultimate Pinnacle-class experience. While much of the ship’sdesign will be similar to Koningsdam, the first Pinnacle Class ship, NieuwStatendam will have exclusive public spaces and its own style created byleading hospitality designer Adam D. Tihany and designer and architect BjørnStorbraaten. The ship will feature all of the hallmarks of Pinnacle-Classdesign: grand, light-filled spaces; visual drama; and sumptuous interiorsinspired by the fluid curves of musical instruments. Holland America Line’sfirst ship to be called Statendam sailed in 1898, and this will be thesixth ship in the company’s history to carry the name. In combining the Dutchword for "new" with the classic "Statendam," HollandAmerica Line celebrates the company’s past, present and future.
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