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  1. That was what we were originally told, however some friends on the same cancelled cruises as us were told they are combinable. In looking at Celebritys Cancel cruise FAQ and other places it is not spelled out either way. At least no where I can find it.🤔
  2. We cancelled our two cruises ( after final payment) under Celebrity’s policy of cancelling up to 48hrs. before the cruise departs. We received some cash and the rest was in FCC. We have several cruises booked between now and the end of 2021 so using the FCC will not be a problem. My question is if anyone has a definitive answer if those FCC can be combined to pay for one cruise or do we have use one towards one cruise and one towards another. Only asking because I’ve heard different things from different travel agents. Thanks.
  3. Visiting Port Douglas on the Celebrity Solstice in March , we will be tendering but have no information from Celebrity on how far out we will at anchor. How long a trip in should it be. I'm trying to book a private tour with a local company, Celebrity says we arrive at 7 am, the tour operator wants to Pick us up 8:30-8:45. This seems like a reasonable amount of time but since I've never been in this port I have no idea. Any input from others would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks, Ed Boston,Ma.
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