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  1. I did a review of the Rhapsody of the Sea for sailing Christmas 2016. RC seems to be really cutting corners, especially in the dining, which has been mentioned on the boards. They are really pushing Specialty Dining and other money makers once you get on board. If you are looking for a smaller ship, then this would definitely be an option.


    You can read about it here.



  2. On our last couple of cruises with the most recent one in December (Christmas week), we saw alot of men just wear a dress shirt and tie. Dressing for formal nights seem to be going out of style. RC does not seem to enforce the dress code. Less packing for us.

  3. I was on a cruise in December and watched a women put six towels on six chairs and then left. I was there all day and only saw a couple people come and go several hours later. Even though there were signs posted that items would be removed after 30 minutes if you did not show up. No one touched any of their things all day. What a waste. This is chair hogging.

  4. I wrote a blog to help first time cruisers before they get on the cruise, what to expect during the cruise, planning your own activities in port, walking off the cruise ship at the end of the cruise and some things to take along to make cruising easier. I went on Royal Caribbean Rhapsody of the Sea in December. These tips can be applied to all cruise lines for the most part. You can read it at http://winenchocolate.com/tips-for-first-time-cruisers/

  5. One of the biggest questions we had when we first went to Roatan was what was the difference. After going by cruise ship and then staying on the island for a week, I did a post to show you this is an island that you do not need a tour. It is very easy to get around on your own. Grab a taxi and go to West Bay and then take a water taxi to West End. Then take a taxi back to the ship from West End. Check out my post to give you an idea on which place interest you or visit both. Enjoy the island.



  6. We stayed at the Marriott and loved it. It was a great location and really nice beach.


    We ate at Plasa Bieu, Pops Place, Jaanchies and Pirate Bay Beach Bar just to name a few places. All the food was good, and when I go back I want to try more places.


    The best smoothies were from the truck near Plasa Bieu for $3 it is a steal, especially when they give you the extra.


    It is an island I will definitely return to.

  7. We used Platinum car rental in Curacao. He is a local but not sure if he rents for the day. He was great to deal with and I would rent from him again.

  8. I just recently did a post on What to do in Curacao on my blog. We stayed in Curacao for a week after visiting from a cruise ship. When we visited we only stayed in town and missed seeing Curacao. Renting a car and driving around the islands to the different beaches and eating with the locals is worth your time for your day on the island. The island is one of the friendliest I have visited. There are also posts on the different beaches we visited and places to eat in Curacao (you can walk to from the cruise ship). I hope this helps in your planning when visiting Curacao.



  9. You could also visit Portovenere from La Spezia. This is another beautiful town along the coast. I did a post on my blog from Cinque Terre to Portovenere, we took the train to La Spezia and then took the bus to Portovenere. This is just another option for the day. We took the bus to Portovenere because the ferry was not operating that day due to weather.


    It is very easy to get around once you learn to ride the trains.



  10. I was there at the end of Aug/Sept last year and hiked from Monterosso to Vernazza and Varnazza to Corniglia all in one day. The other trails were closed. Taking the ferry would be ideal, if it is running. We stayed in Cinque Terre and it did not run 2 of the days we were there. Have a backup plan. If you do not have time to take the long hikes, at least walk up the hill at Varnazza at the beginning of the trail and you will get some beautiful shots of the town. There is a hut to buy your tickets as you walk the trail. In one of the pictures you will see the hut along the trail to buy your ticket. You can walk the trail without paying before the hut. You can see my pictures of my hike at




    Have a good trip, Cinque Terre is beautiful.

  11. The car would hold 4 people. When you reserve a car, you can reserve a larger car than the one we got. We always go for the smallest car on the islands as it is easier to park.:):)

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