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  1. When you rent a car in Cayman Island you need an International Driving Permit. You can pay the fee at the car rental desk or purchase a permit before you go and show the rental car company the permit. I just did a blog on this. You can read it here


    winenchocolate dot com


    This would benefit you if you are going to different locations where an International Driving Permit is required during a one year period. There are other islands where an International Permit is required.

  2. We used Andy car rental. They are located on 7 mile beach and the airport. Ton the web site it says about Georgetown. Email if you have questions. Check out my blog on my experience with Andy


    Winenchocolate dot com

  3. We took the train with luggage from this port to Rome. We travel with carryon luggage only: one roller bag and one backpack. The train leaving the port was full, my husband ended up sitting on the luggage near the door and I was able to grab a seat. Luckily he was able to get word to me when it was our stop, or I would have missed it. If you can not manage your own luggage, or you have a lot of luggage, I would recommend a cab.


    check out my blog

    winenchocolate dot com

  4. I just posted a writeup and pictures about eating like a local for the week while we were in Cayman Islands on my blog. We went to Sunshine Grill, Kurt Korner, Chicken Chicken, Over the Edge Cafe, Rankin's Jerk Pork, Heritage Kitchen. Kurt Korner had the best food for the money and definitely worth a trip if you are on that side of the island. We have passed by not realizing there was a place to eat there until we went to look for it. We will definitely put this on the return list.

    If you are looking for good local food check it out.

    winenchocolate dot com

  5. When we were in Santorini we needed a motorcycle license and intl drivers license to rent a scooter. We did not have a motorcycle license so they would only rent us an ATV or a car. The day before in Mykonos we were able to rent a scooter. All depends on who you are renting from. See my post about our day in Santorini and Mykonos at my blog


    Winenchocolate dot com

  6. Thanks for the feedback. We are already booked for the flights. Some of these places we are visiting we have been to before. Others are new. Only staying in 6 hotels in 2 weeks. My type of travel is not for everyone, but we enjoy it. It also allows us to decide if we want to return for a longer stay, such as Capri, We have been to Capri and now returning for 2 nights. We are staying in Positino and doing day trips from there. Been to Rome several times but they had the best flights back for us. Will be writing about it when I return.

  7. I will be doing a two week DIY trip through Italy. I am looking for recommendations to eat like a local in the following locations. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I will be doing a write up of my trip on my blog. I will be going to:



    Lake Como

    Cinque Terre



    Amalfi Coast






    winenchocolate dot com

  8. I did a detailed write up with pictures on my blog on how to use the People Mover to get to the cruise ships. It is under the post of "Taking the Bus from Venice Airport to Piazzale Roma. People talked about it on the board, but its a little hard to find and hopefully with the pictures this will give you a better understanding on how to use it. It was very easy to use. You can use the people mover to return back to Venice once you are on the ship. It's much cheaper to use and it will allow you to see more of Venice by walking.


    check out the post at:


    winenchocolate dot com

  9. I would highly recommend renting a car or ATV. It is very easy to drive around. There were 3 ships in port that day and we had no problem getting off the ship picking up our ATV and were on our way. I found the Island very easy to get around. Check out my detail report along with pictures on our day in Santorini


    winenchocolate dot com

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