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  1. Thanks for this - I only dealt with them once a year ago, and they were pretty spectacular then (definitely more on the ball than the regular Royal reps). It’s good to know.
  2. Whoops - wasn’t clear enough, ha! I made Prime AND earned the free interior cruise instant reward. And then my husband earned a $500 instant reward for his play on that cruise. We were able to combine the two certificates earned on the ship to make it “free balcony cruise (off the list).” The back of our certificate said that two members of a household could combine certificates and go up to a JS, but I’m not sure what kind of certificates you’d need to have to get that far!! Our interior + $500 certs got us for free only up to the balcony level; the lady said we’d need to chip in ANOTHER $1,000 (total) to get a JS.
  3. Hey there! I made Prime on April 10-12, 2019; not sure when, I’d forgotten about my table games points! I definitely asked the Casino Royale phone lady today - she said (and this is as much of a direct quote as I can remember): “Since you earned Prime in April, your status will begin on April 2020.” And then I said, “Oh no, I was hoping to use it for WiFi and no fees in the casino on this next cruise (sept 2019).” She responded, “No, sorry - but maybe you can check with the casino host when you board, let them know you earned Prime this year already and maybe they’ll give you something early. I can’t guarantee they will do so, though.” It definitely wasn’t mixed messages - she definitely intended to say that earning Prime in 2019 meant no benefits until April 2020 - I’m really hoping you’re right! Has anyone else ever had experience with this?
  4. Hi all! Like another recent poster, I just made Prime status on my last cruise (ending April 12th). I’ve booked our free cruise, and we used my husband’s $500 off certifícate to upgrade to a balcony (wooo!). I called Club Royale to ask how the status levels work (I’m excited about our newly booked cruise). The nice lady on the phone told me the status (annual cruise, WiFi, drinks, etc) doesn’t take effect until April 2020. I didn’t realize you had to wait out the qualifying year! Just wanted to check with the CC hive mind - does that sound right to you? We were really hoping for a discount on WiFi and the casino 5% fee for our free cruise. 😞
  5. Just wanted to circle back and thank everyone! Bought our packages on the pre-Christmas deal right now, I think it came out to around $600 for two soda packages and two devices with Surf and Stream (and you were right, buying separately was the way to go). Oof, but way better than the original pricing! So many thanks!
  6. Thanks, folks - it’s one of those “I don’t mind the mark-up price when it’s only for 7 days, but gee, can’t they bring it down when we’re talking 14?” sort of things! I mean, $722 for soda and internet is actually what we’d pay for a YEAR’S worth at home! It’s gotta be pricey to host ship-internet..but it can’t be THAT bad, right? Oof! Sadly, we want simultaneous internet hookup - we’re big balcony-sitters, reading the news, researching upcoming ports, downloading new books when we inevitably run out of the ones we’d brought, etc. I don’t even drink soda, but I adore the Coke Freestyle machine’s non-fizzy options - it’s all we drank last cruise! Black Friday/Christmas/etc sales would be great! I didn’t even think about that possibility. I’m also wondering if we can get away with the Surf package, instead of surf-and-stream?
  7. Hi all! DH and I will be doing our first transatlantic on Jewel in March - with all those sea days, we definitely want internet (and the soda package) for the whole trip. But the Soda + Voom package for both of us, for the whole trip...yeah, that’s $722!!!!!! Oof! Oddly enough, if we book individual Soda packages and a 2-device Voom package, it’s only $665? None of this makes sense! Help? We don’t mind it so much on 7-dayer, but those prices are a bit high for us. Do they ever run any specials for the TA crowd?
  8. Super bummed by the TA move to Miami. I live in San Juan, so now I have to add a flight. But MORE importantly - the March 29th sail date now has us arriving at Holy Week in flippin' Rome. We were planning on spending a week. I bet hotel prices will be astronomical. :(
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