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  1. On another line I had Perry Grant. I was walking out to go to the bathroom and he the nerve to ask where I was going. I wanted to understand why people liked him. He was ok for a day or two but not for a long cruise.
  2. Some guests I know just finish the B2B. They changed cabins between cruises due to their toilet not working. No idea of deck or which side of ship.
  3. I cruise many lines and I agree with you. I think on all the lines i read posts in if you do not agree you are flamed. I did not use that size cabin but I do know i would not like it.
  4. I am not sure if people do from their cabin. But if you enjoy the steam room or had a massage you will see the locker room busy. The showers there are not only bigger but have many sprays or needles depending on the one used. Both are a little different. if i use the steam room i have showed but not washed my hair. That is to much hassle.
  5. I only been on Celebrity. I know our MDR food better. Our specialites are different. staterooms are small but is Aquaclass cabins. you have a bigger stage and back stage so the shows would be better. i think our tours are a mix from to quiet for me to snorkeling and hiking. Not sure what ius offered on other lines.
  6. ellbon

    Takeaway cups

    never did figure out what i was drinking in morning pre tour. Always wondered why people were sitting there drinking dish water.
  7. Pretty much, at the section and maybe the cabin. A few years ago my toilet do work after flush I run like where the help. My butler like do not flush.. to late. Learned it was panties..guess it washing tub now
  8. I am loving these last two posts. I can so live without Perry Grant. Saw him on Celebrity. On the Cmas cruise that still set dining some nights I was in the Ave pre dinner. At 930 I was at dinner. After dinner I went to the late show or Ave. so that means I was showing up after 10. It would be quiet but then people were wandering in. Some nights I shared a table with strangers or they with me. So it was full then he take a break and people wandered off . Now I do not like Dan Davis music. Not enough 60’s to80's music. So I pop in to see if full or hi to a bartender and go to the Cove or Pulse. Well, I am now interested in what you thought of the couple that played in the Cove most nights. I listened to them rarely then but this winter every night they played. I felt they played a great range of music.
  9. Guess you skipped the full house at 745 pre dinner when set dinner. I also found it busy after dinner in general. if a show at 1030 then it was quiet but on nights no show busy.
  10. really! how does a huge hand towel land in a toilet and get flush? handiwipes- what was she cleaning? how does one get on a ship and be so stupid.
  11. ellbon

    Takeaway cups

    I drink a latte or something per noon. i find it fine. But I had real Italien coffee and coffee from other countries. Some ships i skip he coffee and tea. But only Crystal the tea is ok. Better brand than some ships.
  12. it was one person who came on in Capetown that had no clue. Marie and Olga were faster but i knew an hour was the norm from all the Steiner ships I have been on. I had some very good people on non Steiner ships and some Steiner good ones. If they would just let you soak off. But they think they are right. i was taught the customer was always right.
  13. Charlie- i wish he was on Serenity. I loved him. he worked my Cmas cruise . The room was slammed nightly. Thought he left ships.Gee, the ship has Russ and Charlie. prefect Dec.
  14. My email is mrobsnest@me.com. I am friends with Russ on facebook. Try to get him to find me and say hi. either one of you. he never goes on but people tag him. i have pictures with him in Milford Sound and AZ White Night. The outdoor party. I know Crsytal guests like him but a group from AZ went on his new ship and had so many guests he set up a dinner for them all. I am trying to find a cruise he is own for sure that i can do in 2020 summer or spring. Tell him Ed Waters working for Oceania and is somewhere in AK. Dana Morgan on an RCI ship. The rest no idea. They made so many entertainments changes that i think Russ got fed up with the changes and complaints. besides who does not like 2 month contracts vs 4. To be honest the new CD's are not Russ so you get unhappy guests.
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