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  1. As bad as ststes is we seem to be ahead on vaccines compared to other countries. As the crew needs theirs fir anyone to sail. at this point Give a beach, water and a room..come back two weeks later and bring vodka. I just do not see anyone sailing before Oct.
  2. Do you think we are sailing this summer anywhere ? I am afraid to even look at tours.been several times to Norway but only three times to Olso.
  3. I like to go back to Olso. Seems AZ skips it ..even on their Norway cruise.
  4. Somehow NCL has that market and it begins and ends there.seven day cruise. Not sure how but been doing for years. So there is a loophole.
  5. Never notice! Can not reach it but the shower heads
  6. It is a great bathroom just go with the storage flow.also you have your own private door to spa area
  7. ellbon


    He was on another cruise talking about it.With all the places he has travel he had never sailed into Seville.I remember reading the River had been cancel but had forgotten why. I skipped dinner and just enjoyed deck 11 for hours.everyone left And I had the landscapes to myself
  8. List for him..oh and I walk to pool bar to get ice as I can get there faster thsn he can,
  9. I have been in 9000 several times. There are four closest but two,are useless..not deep enough for hangers I store the extra pillows etc. from bed in one. Lack of storage.but the bathroom makes up for it.lots if counter space, great shower and tub, but I hide my folded clothes where ever. yes, I have booked again. Smell not in cabins but hall..I use my oils on the carpet by my door and it helps. But cabin is very quiet. An extra walk for butler so if I am calling I have my lost so no extra trips for him.
  10. ellbon


    I did it on JR. Taxi's I walked all day the first day.second day went across the road to a park and got my hour walk in there. What ac great city.
  11. As someone very active in theatre I realize crew are not the only ones not working. But theatre people can do online theatre. Crew ..well the ones I know are selling food. as far as vaccines my government is clueless. Each state doing their own thing. So one state 65 and over and another state 70 or 75 and older. meanwhile I seem to know people who are refusing their vaccine..yet I will go ASAP. Robin
  12. If crew can not get vaccine then Thry can not work. No,work..no money..no money they lose their homes.so yes they are a critical group.their lives are at stake,
  13. My India tour company refused to help out. Agreed no money could be the cause but it was my money. My retired travel agent step in and got thru my Ins major $ back. for future cruises I will watch which companies I use until I know we have more freedom to travel.
  14. He is still a great CD ..I feel like he died when you say. .WAS vs is. He has another ship to,go back too.
  15. I love the shows on Celebrity but long ago learned to enjoy the shows on AZ. But I get bored seeing the same thing over and over and just do not go. I would not have enjoyed the so called opera that Ann talks about..walked out on one. I like Kim but after ten times .. if a good DJ or piano player a great night. learn to love a good book.
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