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  1. I doubt very much anyone cruising this year. I miss cruising but when they can not get crew home not sure how anyone can think they will get crew back on ship.
  2. There are a lot of people booked on Serenity in Oct or Nov. I am one if them. I know I will not be in Europe as planned so I booked a bunch of cruises hoping one,two,three go. I will be happy to be fed and watered daily. I do nit care about the ports I just want someone..anyone..to, cook and clean for me. But we need to remember there are crew still on ship floating off Manila so Thry still might be enjoying family come fall.
  3. Unless I can gdt into,Europe I will be on ship in Oct..PH..going to request a butler or two.
  4. I know a German who flew to Mexico for a month. I am thinking the same idea but for a few days. Then again if needed or an island somewhere
  5. I know people who go out to eat without masks. They have cross state lines. I am willing to wear a mask just to go To Drs, eat etc. I do not understand why They will not. I hope to sail out of FL bit it will be months. anne, I would be careful of holiday hotels as that is where people from states will go to get away from winter,
  6. I have mix feelings about Azamara Pursuit this fall. Yet,,Windstar starting late Oct out of Greece. Crystal talking about sailings out if Mia in Oct. so only time will tell. at this point I am more concern about winter 2021. I believe S America could be a problem.
  7. The night before I left the ship this March..my flight was cancel. I wad staying a few days. In Au. I called downstairs and Isabel said I was wrong. Well, Jaison, my butler, took my iPad downstairs with the proof. With in minutes he was back with the iPad. I had the new flight in five minutes.no way could I get off the Sofa I was so shocked. twice he had helped with a cancel flight..once took me to medical after an accident. all what Keith has mention I have used but the above is true caring.
  8. My agent has called more than once and so far no word on cruises before Oct 1st.
  9. I got an email for one cruise on Pursuit..not fir the others. My agent got nothing. If you go,on an airline site flights are going to,Spain in Oct non stop for ORD. Yes, that could change too..again! The question is for Americans do we get tickets or not. My first set if tickets was cancel in March. But now they are back! Since we have to,July to cancel I waiting.
  10. I got back my WC money in two months. I know some got it sooner and others not at all. when I mention Windstar it was with the hope of start up dates for all their ships. Since their drydock is taking longer due to virus they are aiming for late Oct. let,s just say I need more than a cruise I need a long break from here.
  11. Windstar got a cruise going there and Cairo..since the Thry are coming out of drydockmImam sure they do not want to,cancel
  12. Where is she going? Where the JR? Azamara still selling fall cruises. I have yet to canceL. I want out of the states I would take a cruise just to leave,
  13. Well, that means close to July. Works for me.
  14. I am not sure who,I want to cry for first. The officers and crew or their families. plus how many months home to be with families. Like a war they are gone for a year.
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