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  1. The food menus looked more like me but I picked rosewood to enjoy the pool and bars.
  2. I am staying here. I booked. The car and three meals by using the 800 number. Had answers in three hours not sure yet how to get to convention center..golf cart? I figured I deal later there. I booked French and Japanese.might switch my 3d one to med style food vs italien. I gave up on the app they sent me. Using my phone for a key will not work. if walking on beach or at gym I would lose it.
  3. I really want to know how long Joel,staying on ship.he in the AVe and I hope to hear him in August as no Ana and Humberto.
  4. I will be very interested on what you think of hotel as I licked the same one for August. That includes room and service. Food! please find Frederick and Renata and Marco and Ariella..till rhem counting days. as always thanks for all your help.
  5. I know some who were concern about side effects as a couple people landed in bed after the vaccine.I was fine but tired.
  6. Not even looked. Beach ir ship who knows.
  7. One crew member told me in writing that it was the Johnson. I did not ask where the ship would be when this person got it. By the time crew who need vaccine get their ***** everyone will be on ship for three weeks. I got the Johnson vaccine and I still wear my mask in every building.so no problem with the ship.
  8. I have one booking number and decided the lunch option looked good. Also I added another cruise and that is still a different booking number an no lunch option. Like the idea of just leaving ship and going somewhere to have lunch. My B2B was booked thru my agent ..the add on I did one night online so a different number.
  9. I know a family of ten not one adult got vaccine. A other friend who works full time with children refuses to have vaccine and her son is now old enough. problem I see they think we are cruising Disney and I will not be going and it was to be a gift. Disney sails out of FLorida .
  10. If we sail at 7 I thought we had to be on ship by 5 at latest for drill etc. many cruises I walked on went to the bar and from bar to drill. Not this cruiseline but others. Getting from town to this fab check in takes what..30 minutes or longer. I hope I do not have an early check in as I tend to check out of hotel late. Much rather get to ship around 3 and just enjoy my balcony.
  11. Ernest I know..former singer in shows..had him on some cruise. Thomaz is there.Mario name shows on one of my cruises. No idea of chef. But then after ten years I am use to new names.
  12. Vacation for everyone. I looked the other day but really do not pay attention to vacations. Since in ship now at some point she goes home.Thought Thomaz from Poland was the other HD. Food wise I could care less who is chef. Known Others longer. I will look again. Also this is the cruise I am waiting for updates on, as I get on ship in Oct I am concern about Visas as I am traveling in sept too.
  13. There are many B2B people this summer.on my booking in Nassau there a tour with lunch that I signed up for that brings you back to ship. I would think that your booking should of shown this if you have one booking number.
  14. If I am reading the above correctly I can hold a bottle of water in my hand while walking to the laundry,the stairs etc and no one will say anything! I carry a bottle of water everywhere I go..sometimes inside the market. I wrote a hotel about their mask rules..yes you still wear them unless at table or at pool. I plan for that trip 12 masks so I have time to dry them. for the cruise at least that many.did not know I needed to wear one until I was glued to my beach chair on a tour.use to taking mine off near the pool and never put on again until I got close to inside.
  15. I not stayed there but have stayed in two Rosewoods in Mexico. Talk about expensive! Food was ok but the bar drinks were short pours at Rosewood. the convention center not there..think near or in Hyatt property.
  16. No! But I am nit at a hotel near there nor planning on switching.I wonder if Nassau had Uber? I used Uber in Mexico. Also wonder if the term shuttle is a 40 person bus with our suitcases. Not thrilled with that at all.
  17. You do not know Heike? She been around I think since day one?
  18. No email from them. As I am adding cruising switch hotel but now in town vs Atlantis. I gave the beach up for some history.
  19. There was a picture of an entertainer getting his vax on board the new ship. So Crystal getting the vaccine from somewhere.
  20. I was named for my fathers mother.. Rebecca Helen..my mother made it more modern,
  21. As far as I can remember you can not ask where a lost or thread has gone..it is just gone.normally it is posts not whole threads. guess we asked the wrong questions..but who cares..we are cruising
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