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  1. Hi Roz, most of our cruising has been with HAL but we're looking at a river option in 22. Do the river operators offer Gluten-Free options (on HAL it's great).
  2. Some folks have to eat GF or they have real problems (even if they are not Celiac). Generally, your lunch and dinner on the first day will require some thought however after that you'll be given the next day's menu and the kitchen will ensure that you're OK. As mentioned - they even do some good GF bread/rolls. Breakfast on the Lido is also usually pretty easy: plenty of fruit, they do have stations that can prepare GF pancakes/waffles. There may also be GF English muffins. In the past you were asked to let them know prior to sailing, we didn't have to do that in 2019 (and we didn't sail last
  3. We've NEVER seen woven placemats on any of our numerous cruises with HAL. Of course, we haven't been out since the last Alaska cruise with the kids in August 2019. Were placemats new since then?
  4. You don't ever want to be under the pool. Made that mistake once - they drag the tables/chairs around when they hose off the deck. It gets pretty noisy for a while.
  5. On our first Alaska cruise (which was in June) we did a helicopter excursion to the Mendenhal Glacier in Juneau. It was 70 degrees at the airport and the kids from Florida were happy in their flip-flops. On top of the glacier it was (winter) cold and they were miserable.
  6. Unless everything is dug up like it was when we were last there. It was still easily walkable but pretty confusing (compared to what it would be if no construction). BTW - the Mövenpick is certainly convenient and a nice hotel but Amsterdam is full of options. We stayed in Mövenpick when we went out of Amsterdam to Norway with HAL.
  7. Walking from the port downtown probably takes 45 minutes so depending on how you're feeling it may be refreshing or it may be a schlep. Arrival time in Victoria is also always subject to delays (at least it has been on most of our AK cruises). Butchart Gardens is certainly beautiful but once you add bus loading/travel time at both ends you don't end up with much time out there. Other than just wandering around in the downtown area and window shopping I can't think of any "must see/do" activities. We've been several time, Victoria is a beautiful place - maybe a buggy ride?
  8. We got ours and I saw a nice 14 day from Amsterdam to Rome that had a lot of stops in Portugal - which is now high on my bucket list after watching a documentary on Port wine and another on Lisbon. Alas with the 7 day restriction, that isn't going to happen and I'm not sure that August 2021 would be viable anyway - I think things are going to be a mess for a while.
  9. I can't think of any Canadian ports that I'd want too visit between now and February 😊
  10. 2020 just keeps getting better and better...
  11. Number was up to 12 crew (out of 150 random tests = about10% of those tested) as of last night around 8pm (according to the Washington Post).
  12. Thanks Hank, the CDC certainly isn't perfect. My point was that: the population of individuals on cruise ships that were sick is/was a fraction of the population in the USA who eventually sickened and ultimately passed away. I suspect that those who are still ending up in hospitals are individuals who have decided that they don't need to limit their excursions out of the house and who haven't been wearing masks at all because they feel that being told is infringing on their rights to be self-determining.
  13. I wasn't suggesting that CCL doesn't deserve its poor rating - only that I don't place my faith in either the FOE or the CLIA. Part of me wonders if Disney isn't financing FOE to some degree - they certainly seem to get wonderful numbers (of course their rack rates are way above the rest of the crowd).
  14. In the grand scheme of COVID problems I don't think that the cruise industry was any worse than some countries. What was worse was the hysteria surrounding the ships that were en-route and who were unable to dock to let passengers and crew off. I thought I'd go over to the site and perhaps post a comment however the number and details of the questions seems to suggest that any analysis of the answers will run to years and be irrelevant to any decision. A large % of the population seems to ignore the CDC's guidelines on masks, why should we expect comments on this to carry any more weight? Sorr
  15. While I suspect there are pieces of the FOE report that are interpreted to show the cruise industry in the worst possible light I would also assume that CLIA's rebuttal is more favorable due to the "follow-the-money" adage.
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