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  1. They use facial recognition to sort the professional photographs onto USB drives. It's not perfect, we got a few that weren't us. But the photographers are no longer printing every shot hoping that you'll find them and decide what prints you want.
  2. It must have known that it did a job worthy of gratuity...
  3. It would be quite easy to disembark, walk across the street, catch the tram and ride up to the museums (Van Gogh or Rijksmuseum) if that would be of interest. If you have never been on the ground in Amsterdam, it's pretty easy to see by foot on your own. Just be mindful of the time! It would be easy to get involved in something and lose track of the time and miss getting back to the ship. When we were there in June of 2018 you needed to pre-purchase tickets for the Van Gogh (or for the Ann Frank house).
  4. Well that wouldn't be fun in the middle of the night.
  5. We've booked two (of our 3) staterooms on Eurodam on this summer's Alaska cruise that will be set-up with the upper bunk. Based on what I've seen, I'm expecting them to be over the main bed. I'll be curious to see how it turns out for the kids.
  6. Our experiences with Alaska glaciers included an early season sailing that included Hubbard - we didn't get very close. On that same cruise we did a helicopter trip to the top of Mendenhall, got out and just wandered around on the glacier for (maybe) 45 minutes (it's cold, wear appropriate clothing and shoes). We have cruised through Tracy Arm - which I'd imagine to be a different experience from a shore excursion that will put you into a smaller vessel (getting much closer to points of interest). From the land/bus tour out to Mendenhall, you aren't going to get that close to the face of the glacier. Our favorite to date has been Glacier Bay where (on the ship) we got pretty close to the glacier face and there was a fair amount of calving taking place. As you may be able to tell, we've enjoyed our AK cruises and we're taking our kids and grand kids there this summer (through Glacier Bay).
  7. It's possible that the reluctance has to do with the fact that the performer's contract could expire at any point. I suspect that many of the musicians are expected to be able to drop into an ensemble setting and pick up the sheet music and play. I know that I was mightily impressed with the LCS performers on K'dam this past June. I had asked if they did their own arrangements and they told me the arrangements were supplied.
  8. In June of 2018, although we both love seafood we were scared away by the a la carte pricing however the MDR and Tamarind were just fine.
  9. Sorry Jacqui - we didn't return to Ijmuiden, we returned to the Waterland Terminal on our 24 JUN 2018 Viking Saga cruise. Waterland is some 6 miles (as the crow flies) from the PTA terminal.
  10. That's worth pointing out! On our return, we docked at IJmuiden and did not return to the Amsterdam terminal due to the number of ships scheduled. I believe that Amsterdam can accommodate two. A few folks were dismayed to learn this as I guess they were planning to spend post-cruise in Amsterdam.
  11. In my experience, HAL's recommended boarding times have not been enforced. So we always get to the departure lounge early (10 to 11) and wait a short while. We're usually on board in time to have lunch in the MDR (last couple of time - it's more relaxing than the Lido). Enjoy your cruise!
  12. I don't think that was it Roz... This shot is looking out the window towards the front of the hotel. The gray area you see just behind the flags is where the semi's turn to enter the loading area for ship supplies. The building just beyond the high-rise tower is the embarkation lounge (I think). The close tracks are for the local train/tram and the set of multiple tracks are for train service into Germany (going towards the upper left) and France (going towards the lower right). There are a couple of fast food restaurants within a block or so (one was a Subway).
  13. We actually arrived a couple of days prior to allow time in Amsterdam. Mövenpick was very convenient. We jumped on the train right in front of the hotel to go into town when we visited the Van Gogh and Rijksmuseum. We walked into town and back several times. One thing I will say - both my wife and I were slammed with allergies upon arrival in Amsterdam in late June. It was crazy! My nose was running like a faucet (it was embarrassing). As soon as we boarded the ship and got under way everything was fine. Even the usual allergy relief (like Claritin) had no affect.
  14. Hi Roz - Yes, we booked the hotel and transfers through HAL. It was painless. - Gary
  15. We stayed there in June of 2018 prior to sailing to Norway on Koningsdam. It is a nice hotel. Breakfast was included (we arrived the day prior). Luggage was picked up outside our room around 7:45 am the day of departure. We watched the 20 or 30 forty-foot semi's pull in and unload a week's worth of supplies. We also watched the K'dam arrive and turn around to dock. In the photo from our room the K'dam has just cut forward motion prior to backing into the area (lower right). Took a while.
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