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  1. 2020 just keeps getting better and better...
  2. Number was up to 12 crew (out of 150 random tests = about10% of those tested) as of last night around 8pm (according to the Washington Post).
  3. Thanks Hank, the CDC certainly isn't perfect. My point was that: the population of individuals on cruise ships that were sick is/was a fraction of the population in the USA who eventually sickened and ultimately passed away. I suspect that those who are still ending up in hospitals are individuals who have decided that they don't need to limit their excursions out of the house and who haven't been wearing masks at all because they feel that being told is infringing on their rights to be self-determining.
  4. I wasn't suggesting that CCL doesn't deserve its poor rating - only that I don't place my faith in either the FOE or the CLIA. Part of me wonders if Disney isn't financing FOE to some degree - they certainly seem to get wonderful numbers (of course their rack rates are way above the rest of the crowd).
  5. In the grand scheme of COVID problems I don't think that the cruise industry was any worse than some countries. What was worse was the hysteria surrounding the ships that were en-route and who were unable to dock to let passengers and crew off. I thought I'd go over to the site and perhaps post a comment however the number and details of the questions seems to suggest that any analysis of the answers will run to years and be irrelevant to any decision. A large % of the population seems to ignore the CDC's guidelines on masks, why should we expect comments on this to carry any more weight? Sorry for being negative, the wild fires here in Oregon are of more concern to me at the moment than the possibility of cruising again in 2022 or 23...
  6. While I suspect there are pieces of the FOE report that are interpreted to show the cruise industry in the worst possible light I would also assume that CLIA's rebuttal is more favorable due to the "follow-the-money" adage.
  7. You could ask for specifics here although I suspect that a large % may use non-HAL options. We have used HAL's excursions exclusively because they are convenient and the ship waits for a HAL excursion if there is a problem (I'm sure somebody will post that they were on a HAL excursion and got left behind). For the most part we've been happy. There have been one or two stinkers but HAL took care of us afterwards. We've even done several of HAL's Alaska options multiple times. For the most part, we're going someplace that we've never been and often to a country where we don't speak the language so going with HAL is easy. As note above, I'm not sure that I'd attach much value to reviews on HAL site. I'd be more inclined to read reviews on this board (elsewhere) or a place like TripAdvisor where you'd most likely get reviews of the non-HAL excursions.
  8. As I sit here in Oregon looking at the dense smoke outside (and smelling it in the house) I'm thankful that my house hasn't been burned down. I was supposed to have a procedure today that was cancelled due to the fires. I've been trying to have that done for 9 months. We had a 9-day cross country trip planned for April that was yanked out from under us. I haven't even been to the grocery store since March. So, do I miss cruising? You bet! Luckily our last one included all the kids and grand kids and even the scrapbook for that one is done.
  9. Last night we watched a 56 minute The Sinking of the Andrea Doria on Amazon. I don't believe this is the 80 minute one from 2016 called: Andrea Doria: Are the Passengers Saved?
  10. We've gotten caught up in Netflix's ALTA MAR (High Seas) which is set on a very (very) nice ship in the late 1940's.
  11. I tend to enjoy art in general. It's supposed to be a treat. It can simply be beautiful or it can inspire you to think. I've enjoyed the art on the HAL ships over the years. Here is one that I had to photograph on my last visit (since I didn't get one the first time out). It appears to be a scene out of a doll house however the apple on the miniature table is full size. The full size apple has a miniature sword stuck in the apple and there is a miniature apple wedge on a plate. What caught my eye was that the apple skin looks real. Perhaps it is a real apple that has somehow been preserved? I suspect it has simply been painted to appear real. In any case, I love it.
  12. Be aware that we went there 10 years ago or so the first week of June and there was quite a lot of ice in the bay and we didn't get very close.
  13. It does seem to be a better way. I always wonder how effective the whole thing would be anyway. Actually going to your muster station helps = we didn't even do that the last couple of times on HAL.
  14. I'm not 100% sure, but what about deck 5? I seem to recall being on a small "balcony-like" area that we got to from inside. If you look at the deck plan for 5, you can see "door ways" at the forward end of the hallways.
  15. We have only sailed out of Seattle - because we live "down the street" in Portland, OR. If you have never done Alaska, I'd say to do whichever port is most convenient for you because you can always cruise out of the other one the next time you go (because you will go again). The 7 day choices out of Seattle only really vary by which glacier you'll cruise to. We're partial to Glacier Bay although we've also do the ones to Tracy Arm and Hubbard. One of these days we'll likely do one out of Vancouver, BC but while the scenery will be different going/coming Alaska is all about Alaska - you're not "in" the inside passage all that long really. Alaska is truly beautiful! Go!!
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