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  1. Because human nature's desire to complain is stronger than human nature's desire to compliment.
  2. I wouldn't think a "normal" (side) verandah would be large enough to be comfortable. Maybe an aft suite?
  3. Sounds like things worked out for you - thank goodness! I understand how they didn't generate any revenue last year but that isn't our fault - we certainly want to cruise. We lost airfare on a booked vacation in 2020 which really torqued me off but what are you going to do? Enjoy your cruise!
  4. Isn't HMC a private island owned by Carnival? Wouldn't whatever HAL required of you be enough for HMC? Don't know for sure...
  5. Also beware of a cabin under the pool. Made that mistake once and there is a time of day (night) when they re-arrange all of the deck chairs and that was something that bothered me (at 3am or whenever).
  6. There are more than a few very helpful folks on this board who know a lot more than I do that's for sure. They keep me coming back for more! 😊
  7. Wish we were going too. Even though we've been on 4 or 5 AK cruises, I'd happily drive up to Seattle to go on another. Enjoy yourselves!!
  8. Although we've used the app on previous cruises, I would have never thought to use it prior to a cruise. My experience with the app has always suggested that it was a poorly cobbled together app that was of minimal use while on board.
  9. Due no doubt to the high-profile fiascoes in March/April of 2020.
  10. We've only been to Venice by land: arriving by train and departing via private boat across the lagoon to the airport. Since they also seem to be getting serious about limiting access to large cruise ships, I'd imaging that (in addition to the turnstiles mentioned) they'd simply add an arrival fee to rail and airfares. It doesn't sound like they've got this figured out since the article also says that they might only put turnstiles around congested areas (mentioning the Plaza San Marco). I don't see how that could work since there are so many ways to enter that particular area. Are the turnstiles going to be float mounted so they're accessible when there's a meter of water on the cobbles?
  11. We've done Alaska 4x with HAL - one of those times we took the kids and grandkids. HAL does Glacier Bay on some of their itineraries and the 2x we were there were my favorites. Alaska is all about being in Alaska - the fact that you also get to be on a cruise is a bonus. I think you'd be safe in booking with HAL but you certainly have plenty of time to wait if you'd like to compare itineraries or see what's going to happen with further sailings/lock-downs and pandemic surges.
  12. Sounds like you had a great cruise. Although we've been to Alaska many times, I've got cabin fever so bad, I feel like driving up on a Saturday and just getting on the next ship with an open cabin.
  13. Wish we were there with you! Thanks for keeping us landlubbers posted!
  14. Go here. Halfway down the page you'll find a button that allows you to download the pdf. Do that. On the pdf the symbols are explained on each page of the deck plan. The codes indicate location.
  15. Boy, I sure would, we can't even get Congress to do stuff that is meaningful to a majority of citizens.
  16. On my birthday, I got a birthday cake with "Happy Birthday Gary" written on the plate with chocolate sauce.
  17. Only been there once and we spent the evening seeing SWAN LAKE. Not sure what happens on board or what to think might be "safe" these days.
  18. With 6 cruises on your horizon it doesn't sound like you're very concerned about the reasons most are still not cruising. Not passing out menus is one way to avoid passing around a virus. You do have a way to see what is on the menu and I doubt that you'll go hungry. As to no "smartphone" I get it but that's your choice. I suspect that there will also be a way to view menus on your stateroom's TV.
  19. We like to try to lunch in the dining room on embarkation day and (to date) have had no trouble in boarding early enough for that but (as has been mentioned) who knows what will happen with the boarding process in this brave new world. Good luck!
  20. Although not Celiac, our experience with gluten intolerance on HAL has been really good. Simply inform the dining room host that you are Celiac, and you will be presented with a menu for the next day's meals and they will ensure that your selection is GF. There are GF selections in the Lido. It used to be that you needed to inform HAL of your special requirements months prior to sailing but that isn't an issue these days.
  21. We've never purchased their internet. We both have iPhones with T-Mobile and once in port we can check email, surf the net, text, phone whatever. Our package w/T-Mobile supports us nicely in Europe (haven't checked elsewhere).
  22. @bouhunter - so what would you suggest as a fair and viable protocol? Having read the article (and another thread on the topic) I for one think that they did a great job. It was also interesting to note that the pax load was 600 meaning that ship was relatively sparsely populated. I thought the fact that they targeted the people who went on the same shore excursion was good (as was the fact that they were testing everyone enroute to disembarkation).
  23. The referenced video states that the FIRST sailing to Alaska will be booked to 50% and that subsequent sailings will go up from there. It was stated that they don't expect to get to 100%
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