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  1. If a child is too small to ride go cart alone- do you pay for both people in one go cart?
  2. If child is too small to go alone and has to ride with someone do you pay for both people in one go cart?
  3. How long ago was this that you were able to do this? Thank you all for the information- I only got the card because of the $100 promo so once i have all my OBC and have cruised I will be cancelling card.
  4. I have the NCL credit card and will be cashing in points for on board credit for April sailing ---but i am getting mixed answers from card company and NCL-- Has anyone had success/trouble with on board credit from credit card going towards daily service charges?
  5. Thank you all-- I went with the upgrade to balcony.
  6. OH--thanks for clarifying-- it made it seem like the seating was in regard to balcony not cabin!
  7. I received an email about upgrading to a balcony for my Oct. 26th sailing on Regal but it says choose standard balcony or deluxe balcony (includes seating area)-- Does this mean if i go with the standard balcony it does not have enough room to sit???
  8. We will be traveling on the Regal in October and I am just wondering if Princess still has the heart shaped chocolate mousse dessert with raspberry drizzle in the main dining room and does the soda package still include non alcoholic drinks and milkshakes? Just curious as these are 2 reasons I loved Princess last time since I love chocolate and non alcoholic drinks!
  9. It was on my credit card within a couple weeks, my cruise rep stayed on top of it for me and let me know when to look for it.
  10. I did group cruise in October on Escape and they did not give to me in OBC it was refunded to the credit card I made my final payment with. Have a great cruise.
  11. By any chance did you bring the dailies home with you?
  12. Guess I should change this to anyone just off the Escape to Canada/New England have the dailies to share?
  13. Looking for someone currently on the Escape that will be bringing all the Dailies home for this weeks Canada/New England sailing. Have a group leaving October 7th and a lot of first timers so trying to help plan things.:)
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