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  1. I'd choose the OBC. Saving up for cruise expenses is a purposeful action. Having some OBC helps with that. Of course, I'd only take the OBC option if it could be used with whatever other promotion or OBC I have going on.
  2. I don't moderate the Carnival board but if you get in trouble, I can put in a good word for you. 😉
  3. I don't mind sharing. When I started, I was the assistant community manager working over all the boards, making sure everyone played nice, handling user problems, tech issues, etc. Over time I transitioned over to working almost exclusively for member reviews. Over 40,000 member reviews were submitted every year. I processed those reviews and published them to the site. Answered questions about member reviews and the process. Those member reviews came in all day everyday and I got them up on the site. Dream job for me. I got to read about cruises everyday. When cruises stopped, review
  4. Thanks. I know jobs are supposed to be just jobs but working for Cruise Critic was a dream job that never felt like work for all 17 years. If I'm being honest, I'm still mourning the loss. Thankfully I've been able to stay around as a host. Maybe Cruise Critic will ramp back up and there will be another opportunity for me with the company? I can only hope. Thanks for the support. Fingers crossed we're all going to be ok very soon.
  5. I'm so sorry. 😞 I hope you make it to Italy and that your husband will be looking down on you smiling.
  6. Fourteen! I may be up near that number. I had March 2020 canceled, May 2020 canceled, June 2020 canceled, July 2020 canceled, August 2020 canceled (my 50th birthday cruise to Bermuda), October 2020 canceled, Thanksgiving 2020 canceled, New Years 2020/2021 canceled, March 2021 canceled, May 2021 canceled, June 2021 canceled and July 2021 canceled. Next up is Thanksgiving 2021. So 12 canceled. Only 4 of them were original cruises. The rest were canx and I rescheduled thinking cruising would be restarted by then. I actually worked for Cruise Critic for 17 years and lost my job
  7. I missed my 50th birthday cruise to Bermuda in August 2020. In March, when cruising stopped, I never imagined it wouldn't be back by late August.
  8. Hi there! I know most of us didn't cruise in 2020 but we still had sad cruise memories. For me, it was the cancellation of our Radiance Transatlantic that was supposed to depart on June 11, 2020. I'd already bought the shirts and everything. Now when I wear the shirt around the house, I'm reminded of my missed cruise. Anyone else? I actually did cruise in 2020. I got off the Magic on January 4, 2020. Seems so looooooong ago.....
  9. Mask wearing may be a political issue for some. There is also some validity in tests that have been done to show how masks aren't 100% effective. If one mask was effective, why wear two or three that some wear? The gaiter masks that the kids like are worse than not wearing anything at all but that's an acceptable mask for schools or anywhere really. Fauci did say in March of last year that the mask was ineffective and would only give a false sense of security. The science has developed over the last year but again, cloth masks aren't near as effective as N95 masks. There are also dangers
  10. HI there. We aren't going to vaccinate our kids until or if there is an approved vaccine with long term data to outline all the possible side effects and long term possibilities. We're not anti vax but these are my kids. I'm not willing to have them get an emergency use vax when kids are not effected as much. That does mean we won't go places that require a vaccine and that's the price we will pay. My kids are 12 and 15. When they're 18 they can decide for themselves. The vaccines that are available today are authorized for emergency use only. Based on the data, I don't think it's an e
  11. Two helicopters, twenty zodiacs with four embarkation ports and a ready room for all that gear! You've thought of everything. The MAGS system sounds like a game changer in terms of waste management. Is the rest of the ship as environmentally conscious? Thanks for being here! Host CMLA
  12. At some point we will have herd immunity and hopefully mandatory vaccines won't be a condition for cruising anymore. We won't get the vaccine or wear mandatory masks or be limited to specific shore excursions. That puts us out of the cruising game for a while but that's our choice.
  13. Thank you all for having a respectful conversation about this. If I can add something about vaccines. There isn't an approved vaccine for children under 16 but they can carry the virus and pass it on to others. Several of my son's middle school friends have gotten it and recovered. Mandating a vaccine will cut off a large percentage of cruisers and the percentage of cruisers in the US isn't that big. Only 15% of Americans have ever cruised. Of that 15%, only 7 to 8% have cruised in the three years before 2020. The cruise lines will have to offset the costs of cutting out fam
  14. Hi. It's exciting to have a new cruise line out there! I love the web site. The ships are beautiful. Like the picture, I want to paddle board in Antarctica at the base of glaciers. Bucket list fulfilled. 😊 It looks like more of an older crowd would book because it's a more personal cruise experience but are there accommodations and activities for all ages? Older teens traveling with parents? I'm really interested in sailings in the Indian Ocean, specifically the Seychelles. I'm just suggesting an itinerary I'd love to do. LOL Any thoughts on itineraries in tha
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