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  1. Joe...I'm working my way through the podcasts and really enjoying them. Thanx for the heads-up.😉 I've cruised with Mike and Mitch so found it very interesting listening to them telling tales and sharing stories. Also enjoyed hearing their memories of other crew members. One of the episodes mentioned Greg Maxwell. He was CD on my first cruise on Sun Viking, in 1984, and again on my second, on Sovereign, when he had just returned to the ships after being ashore for a while. Can't wait to go back and listen to more of them.
  2. Not a clue but I can report that Abe Hughes is CD on the Virtual of the Seas!😉
  3. FWIW...just took a look to see where our Lady G is on Marine Traffic. At the moment, it is showing her heading down the bay, just off Deltaville, and listing her destination as Miami. Interesting.
  4. Home again, home again! Made it! Phew. What a cruise, what cruise, what a cruise! I was a little behind Dragon getting off the ship, though I had the same #5 tags. By then, things were backed up a good bit. Took an elevator down to deck one and there was no room to get off. After a few more rides up and down, just for fun, was able to get off and join the line moving to the ding machine, off the ship and then on through the terminal and customs. Easy finding my bags and leaving the port. Lots of crew members leaving the ship along side of us. Pulled into the driveway in Bowie at 9:50 AM, so can't complain. All in all, unique ups and downs aside, it was one hell of a cruise! Hope to see many of you again soon on another cruise in our brave new world. In the mean time, as Sgt. Esterhouse used to say, "Be careful out there!" and as David said so often over the past 12 days, "Wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands and wash your hands!"😉
  5. The last report from the bridge was quite impressive. Capt. Patrick said that he had never done a cruise like this before that had 12 days with only 2 ports and 2 stops at St. Thomas, where no one got off! He ended his comments in an emotional voice saying "To the crew, I love you! You are awesome!" The Centrum erupted in well deserved applause. And so our adventure on the Grandeur Princess ends.😉 Happy trails and safe travels home to all.
  6. Greetings from Grandeur! When we got the noon report from the bridge today, we were told that it came from St. Patrick!😄 Nice to know that will all our ups and downs, our Captain Patrick has been able to maintain his sense of humor. In addition to all the usual nautical stuff in his report, he shared his 3 favorite Irish proverbs and ended his remarks with an Irish blessing. Very nice! The luck of the Irish was surely with us today as we enjoyed a warm sunny day, with mild seas, while there was lots o wearin o the green around the ship. The Quest was Irish themed as well this evening. The pump you up music before the start was all Irish instead of the blasting rock you usually hear. It was hosted by Cian, in full leprechaun attire, instead of CD David. As usual, it was a very unique and fun time. Still awaiting details around our Baltimore arrival and ship departure plans. Will take it as it comes, as we have the whole of this cruise, and go with the flow. The comedian on the ship, who has been stuck aboard with us due to missing his transfer ports, made the comment that he had given up ports for Lent.😊 Gotta love it!
  7. lelmorrow...I just spoke to Guest Services and your parents are off the ship, seeing the town. When they return, they will be directed to Guest Services to collect a copy of your post and hopefully get back to you. Assume that that all is well as they are out and about.😉
  8. Hi lelmorrow, Printed pict of your parents - taking it to Guest Srevices to ask them to get in touch with you. Will also BOLO
  9. Bonne chance, Dragon! Sounds like a wonderful plan. Now, laissez les bon temps rouler!
  10. Dragon...When did you get the last missive? I've not gotten anything like that yet.
  11. I'm heading out to sea tomorrow on Grandeur. Here is the latest and greatest info I have. Will update when I return. Play nice while I am away. In the meantime, here's wishing us all good health. Sea you on the flip.😉 ADVENTURE: Katy McCullagh from UK #1813 as of 1-26-2020 #1830, Drew due back 3-22 #1849 ALLURE: Michele Scarpato now #1754 and May to September, 2020 #1652 ANTHEM: Mercedes Lafuente #1676 for 2 months from 1-16-2020 #1703, should be Mitch for April TA #1859, then Katy McCullagh joining in May after drydock for the UK season #1863 BRILLIANCE: Clo O'Connor after 2-20-2020 #1786 , Dan till on as of 2-27 ??? #1854 EMPRESS Steve Knisley as of 1-3-20 #1751 ENCHANTMENT: Bobby Broughton #1802 until 3-30-2020 then Steve Davis, Bobby 7-24/9-24-2020 #1809 EXPLORER: Simona Ferraiuolo, as of 2-8-2020 #1833 FREEDOM: Elvis Pinto #1671 GRANDEUR: David Bradshawe #1786 as of 2-20-2020 HARMONY: Marc Walker 9-29-19/3-15-20, Jimmy Rhodes 3/15-5/ 3 #1753, Marc 5-3/9-13-20, Brian Leavitt - 9/13th-11/15 Marc 11-15-20/3-7-21 #1619 INDEPENDENCE: Cuddy Cudsworth #1677 JEWEL: Carley Bolleau as of 1-27-2020 #1808, Chris Brown as of March 16 #1857 LIBERTY: Cory Rogers to May 17#1802, Bobby Broughton 5-10/7-14-2020 #1809, Cory 7-12/11-22-2020, Bobby 11-2020/3-2021 MARINER: Ricky Matthews as of 1-11-20 #1732 MAJESTY: Tom Hopkins, new to RCI, as of 1-18-2020 #1777 NAVIGATOR: Marcelo Alvarado on 1-17-2020 #1768 OASIS: Dennis Charles as of 1-23-20 #1774 OVATION: Joff Eaton #1762, coming soon Tanya Yates Tongue #1769 QUANTUM: Gordon Whatman #1762 RADIANCE: Elizabeth Hackett #1847 as of 2-13-20 RHAPSODY: Bill Bronckhurst as of 2-20 #1853 SERENADE: Chris Brown #1651 SPECTRUM: Fang Lixin through end of March, 2020 #11801 Michelle Oliveria Due March 28, 2020 #1800 SYMPHONY: Brian Leavitt as of late February #1860 VISION John Blair as of 1-30-2020 #1822 VOYAGER: Michelle Oliveria #1565 through 2-5-20, #1752 then Mike Hunnerup #1800
  12. Signing on to cruise along! I'm cruising with Dragon and DH and trying to maintain my sanity while trying to maintain my health. Not sure about the glass half full or half empty but if it is an 8 oz glass, I'm the 'it has 4 oz in it' type.😉 It is what it is and we will keep washing our hands and rubbing elbows. I've also packed liquid hand soap (and a spare), sanitizer gels in many bottles, sanitizer wipes, a bag for the remote and lots of extra meds. Also loaded my kindle with as many ebooks as I am entitled to by the library and cut lots of SuDoKus from the Post to bring along. On a normal cruise, I never read or do SuDoKus, other than to teach them. Hopefully, this will be a normalish cruise.
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