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  1. Is this an app that you can download at home or is it only available to download when you are onboard? Thank you
  2. It was confirmed by passengers onboard that the delay was a result of Starboard azipod problem. They hope to get it resolved quickly in port and todays departure shouldnt be delayed too long.
  3. We just booked our Alaska cruise for June 2018 and would LOVE to see your spreadsheet. My email is dougmarquart13 at hotmail dot com. Thank you from Green Bay
  4. Is the golf simulator still operating? If yes, was there a cost? The RC website said the Jewel has a "complimentary golf simulator", but I have not heard anybody comment on it. Thanks
  5. What time did they run the progressive trivia games? Was there a sushi making class or other cooking class during your trip? Thanks Doug
  6. Did you watch any of the movies on the outdoor screen? What movies were they showing and were you able to hear and see them clearly? Thanks
  7. Where you able to participate in the Sushi class ? Was there a signup on day 1 for the class? We'll be onboard in 3 weeks and I would love to try that class. Thanks, Doug
  8. There is an option on Ticketmaster for Basilica + Audio + Towers for 23.80 Euro per person. That is the one I would recommend. I believe 9:15 is the first time available to enter the tower. In my opinion, The Nativity Tower is the more interesting of the two towers. Enjoy your visit.
  9. Which ship are you on ? We are going to rent a vehicle and tour the island
  10. Stef, Tarik sounds like a pretty lucky young man. I can't wait to hear of your adventures on the Serenade and see pictures of the ship, your ports, Tanja and Tarik. Doug
  11. The other option I enjoy with MTD is having different dinner mates with you each night. If you hit it off well with a couple, then you both can book the same table and same time for future dinners together. We've met some wonderful people with the MTD option.
  12. Bump....Great thread Any photos or reviews of room 8666 on Serenade would be greatly appreciated. I will post photos and review after our TA in Nov. Happy sailing to everyone !!!!
  13. response to earlier statement by SEAGO2.. He must be doing something right to have sold so many books. Have you read Deception Point ??? Absolutely NOT a waste of time. You said "don't waste your time", but you did not put a reason....Please expound on your reason why you don't like his writing.To throw out a statement like that without any explanation is not helpful to anyone.
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