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  1. I'm extremely sensitive to scents, but had absolutely no problems with HAL laundry. We sent clothes out 6 different times and it was beautifully done each time.
  2. We were on Zuiderdam in November 2019 just prior to the dry dock, and we thought it was very nice even then. We liked it so much that we are just about to book another cruise on the ship.
  3. It was $150 on Zuiderdam in November. I thought it was well worth it. Lasted 3 1/2 hours. I asked about it and signed up on embarkation day but I did see a small note about it in the "when and where" several days into the cruise.
  4. We always were seated at a nice table, whether we requested to sit with others or at a table for two. When we sat with others they didn't have the CO menus so it wasn't a specific section of the dining room. There is a separate podium for CO so you don't need to wait in line for a table. We were always seated immediately.
  5. We just got off the Zuiderdam on Nov. 10, and Club Orange wasn't a separate area of the dining room. We were seated at tables with others some nights (our choice), and we were given the Club Orange menus while others at the table had the regular menus. We chose the CO special menu item about half the time and they were all very good.
  6. Another vote for the Ambassade. It's our favorite Amsterdam hotel, and one of our favorite hotels anywhere. Love the location and the beautiful, comfortable rooms.
  7. We always wear tuxedo / gown on gala nights because we enjoy dressing up, but we are definitely in the minority.
  8. We've loved every one of our adult-only Disney cruises. The adult areas and activities are great. Highly recommended!
  9. Our favorite is the Hotel Ambassade, on the Herengracht. In an old canal house, great central location.
  10. I love the pecan pastries they serve at breakfast, like a croissant with pecan pie filling. I usually get an extra one from the Lido to take back for an afternoon snack. I also love the muesli.
  11. We always take the public bus, $2.50 per person (they accept US $). You can board them and get off anywhere along the route, doesn't have to be at a bus stop. We just start walking towards the beach and when the bus (mini van) comes along the driver will honk to see if you want a ride. Just wave at the driver to stop and tell them where you want to be dropped off. We usually go to Royal Palms ($2 entrance fee).
  12. We've sailed on Liberty 4 times (most recently in July) and each time the stale cigarette smoke was so unpleasant in the Schooner Bar that we couldn't sit and enjoy anything there. This was true during the day as well as in the evenings.
  13. We purchased the same set as mentioned by fredflint, and would highly recommend it. Works great, with no fogging of the mask and no seawater getting into the tube.
  14. We enjoy dressing up, so we always wear tuxedo / evening gown on formal nights. We were pleasantly surprised to see some others dressed formally on our last three cruises on Liberty, with a handful of men in tuxedos.
  15. We have done this 3 times on our own, most recently in June, and would definitely recommend doing it that way. Taxi is $12 each way - easy. We brought our own snorkeling equipment last time so I don't remember the cost of renting, but it was reasonable when we did it in 2017.
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