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  1. Same with me. I see it in list , but when I move cursor to the list, it disappears. maybe come up in a few weeks.
  2. Thanks. Guess I need to keep checking. Wish there was a way I could show interest and they would contact me when available.
  3. I am new to Royal. Am on the Sept Adventure of the Seas sailing. However, I see no option to buy The Key package. Do they not sell it on some cruises? Do they wait until close to sail date to sell? Or is there another way to purchase? I think I would like to buy The Key, but heard only a certain number are sold. Thanks.
  4. Is there an approximate number of days before sailing that one can book the specialty dining tables? Is it different for Neptune Suites vs. normal balcony type cabins? Any advantage with booking by phone call to HAL vs. just doing it on line? Just trying to book for the dates and times we want. Also, does one pay when booking and, if 4 star, do they pay the discounted rate? Thanks. Tried to find answer elsewhere, but could not.
  5. Are there good beaches where we can rent chairs/umbrellas within a few miles of the NCL docking area? Or can we just go to Amber Cove and use (pay for) thier pool and facilities?
  6. I am in a Haven suite in Apr Transatlantic. A question: Is there a sun deck area within the Haven? Or do we share a private area such as the Vibe? Or to lay out in the sun, just go the regular deck chairs around the ship? Also on any of these, do they have sun umbrellas for shade? Thanks. Hoping COVID gone by April.
  7. PS/ If you used FCC from both self and another (spouse) acct, you need to check both for any FCC reposted to your accounts.
  8. NCL has posted the credits (FCC) that you may have used for a cancelled cruise back to your NCL acct. Go to NCL site, sign in, and look at My Account. They did post the FCC from earlier cancellations (as expected), but also posted the single use 25% FCC bonuses. I have not reconciled all my enteries (I had 23 early cancellations and 2 rebookings), so some of my FCCs have rolled over a couple of times. But happy they did not take back the 25% bonuses. However, still lost the 20% off my re-booked cruised and getting 10% now - but the new cruise rates are quite a bit more
  9. Texas Gal. Good link. Shows exactly what I had said. It does not say that NCL will take away the 20% off future cruse discount they gave us back in Apr/May for those cancelled cruises. Nor will they give us back the added 25% in FCC bonus they gave us back then. So net effect: We, in lieu of refunds we could have had, only get 10% off on a future cruise where the prices have increased recently to by about 20%! That is a slap in the face.
  10. My agent said if you paid with part cash and part FCC, they refund csdh to Cr card and FCC back to FCC in your NCL acct. . And restore Cruise Next Certs back to your acct. All automatically.
  11. Oh, one other thing. Why to they say they will post these by 7 Oct and still not there yet - 8 Oct. I know, I am impatient, but they should have these cancellation processes automated by now!
  12. NCL make the FCCs very complicated, on purpose I believe. Here is my story I had been given a total of $8,006 in Future Cruise Credits from cancelled sailing back earlier in 2021. The also gave me a 20% off a future cruise if I purchased a new one within, I believe, 20 days - which I did. . They also added a 25% bonus FCC for the cancellation. I booked a 29 Nov Panama canal cruise using the above FCCs and 20% off. That has just now been cancelled. So what do they give me. 1) they will refund the cash I paid on my credit card for the additional amount owed du
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