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  1. Hope power is restored quickly. We are on the July 26 sailing. Please if possible, keep us up to date. Thanks. Best of luck.
  2. when we have gone to Blu at a busy time, we have been asked if we would share a table with others or if we preferred to wait for a separate table. We have shared sometimes with very nice people.
  3. Have parked at the port many times. Never had problem finding a space. A short walk to the ship. Only $1per day more than parking off site. No waiting. Be sure to write space where you parked as garage is large.
  4. My bids for upgrade are still pending for April 22 TA. Site has all suites sold out. Wonder if I still have much chance of a move up?
  5. Has anyone received an acceptance of a bid after the website has posted no cabins available. Out TA shows sold out but we received an email to bid on an upgrade.
  6. As long as the signal is from your carrier there should be no problem. As has been said put phone in airplane mode or turn off roaming when leaving port. Mine worked fine in Ft Lauderdale and Key West.
  7. You pay for freshly squeezed juice.
  8. No footrests on balcony. Nice size for balcony. We will be on the transatlantic leaving Ft Lauderdale April 22. This time in 1105.
  9. I thought i was doing that. Not clear how to post there.
  10. Just got off the Infinity. The short ribs in Blu were great. Like the more intimate dining in Blu which we find similar to Luminae.
  11. We upgraded before embarking using some of our OBC. Cost $10 + $1.80(gratuity). On board they advertised $14 per day to upgrade. Worth it if you prefer better wines and premium water.
  12. Spreadsheet Updated - 15 February 2019 [up to including, #431] Format Update: please use the following fields (copy / paste into your reply) to submit your cabin information Ship: , Infinity Cabin: 1100 Deck: # 11 Class: Aqua Area/Location: , Aft Bed Location Wall-facing Quiet? Yes, Balcony/ Excellent Balcony/Porthole Size: Standard, Large, Oversized, etc. Wind a Problem? No (if no, use comments) Soot a Problem? No no problem with noise from movies above. Very quiet. Not much room at foot of bed.
  13. Just upgraded. It is $10 + $1.80 gratuity.
  14. Tulum is better as the bus ride there is shorter and more interesting than Chicen Itza. Be prepared the ferry ride to the main land can be very rough.
  15. Same for me. never get an answer when calling number on website.(30 minutes then hangup). will try number given here.
  16. We will have our first cruise as elite coming up. Can we use the coupons at the Martini bar?
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