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  1. I discovered this artist onboard a ship and because I love dragonflies, I bought it (I also love the frame). I LOVE it. It is signed in both corners and hangs in my office where I can look at it every day. The artist is Rob Kaz and Beau the frog is one of his trademarks. Everything he paints has Beau somewhere in it, sometimes prominently and sometimes hidden. He is also a Disney Certified Artist and does a lot of Star Wars paintings. He was thrilled when George Lucas purchased a few of his pictures! It has been a joy to actually come to know him and his wife, Doris, personally. I purchased another print that hangs in my living room on that cruise. I have also purchased other pieces at his exhibitions and online. He is always doing something at Disney with his art as he lives in Florida. I wouldn't have know about him without seeing his work on a cruise ship.
  2. I hope you are wrong about the Reflection, as I am on the November 6th sailing - the first one out. I haven’t heard that it might be delayed. Where do you get your info?
  3. Would anyone mind giving a step by step on how to use these purchased tests? I've seen something about monitored and not monitored. What exactly is accepted etc... TIA
  4. I did that and because I have auto download, there was nothing to do. Thanks.
  5. Humor me please - how does one update the app?
  6. It seems that way. I'm on the first Reflection cruise out of Fort Lauderdale and there is nothing...
  7. What are everyone’s thoughts on what will replace it and when are they going to inform us? I am on a Western Caribbean cruise that is supposed to stop in GC. I don’t see it stopping anywhere in the Eastern Caribbean as a make up port. Anyone?
  8. We don’t go to the actual auctions but do look through the art displayed. If there is something we like, we buy it on the spot. Once my husband saw something he liked, handed his credit card to the art person, told him to wrap it up as we were going in to dinner and we would see them when we came out! We have 3 Anatole Krasnyansky’s hanging in the conference room at the office. My husband bought a Coyote and Road Runner cel for his office. And I discovered my favorite living artist on board a ship and bought two of his pieces, one for my living room and one for my office. And since I’ve befriended him and his lovely wife. I’ve purchased other items of his when not on a ship. Check out Rob Kaz. Totally self taught. His art may not be for everyone but it always makes me smile. FWIW - my favorite deceased artist is Claude Monet!
  9. I did exactly that on Saturday. No problem.
  10. I understand that we have to check-in on the Celebrity App, but where exactly do we find said check-in button? TIA!
  11. What are vegetarian options in Luminae (that isn’t always pasta)? We’re on the Reflections first cruise back in November!
  12. I remember when Frank Del Rio (when he was the head of Oceania Cruises) would post all the time. It was great knowing he was watching and reading everyone's comments. Now he's the CEO of Norwegian!
  13. Check this one tomorrow and you should be able to see the Edge. https://www.paradiseislandcam.com/
  14. https://www.portmiamiwebcam.com/ Sorry. Try this one and then you can go to their dropdown and look at a few other ones. Let me know if this works for you.
  15. Thanks Kathleen, I really appreciate it. The picture I saw was very flat with waterfalls. Iceland was our last trip in November 2019. We went to the Galapagos about 13 years ago and I would love to go back on a Celebrity ship. I plan on reading the blog from your website later. Happy travels!!
  16. Don't know where to put this question, so I'm dropping it here. Please feel free to move it Admin. So, now with the start up of cruising (Yay!) I'm enjoying the few port cameras on PortCams.com. What I am missing is ALL of the cameras around the world that Kroooz-cams has(d). The website doesn't seem to be operational. Does anyone know anything about it? TIA!
  17. I LOVE Le Petit Chef! I'm not cruising until November, but I already have it booked! And it's just me and the DH!
  18. Wonderful! I was wondering why you had toast on your head in your pics!! 🙂
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