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  1. Seriously people, if you don't think you'll have fun, don't go. And don't worry about people who think they're still capable of having fun without cramming into a bar or watching a hairy chest contest. I doubt masks will be required if you're outside on the lido deck or on a chair. Maybe whne you're in line for the restaurant or in the lounge watching a show. That's no different than being on land right now.
  2. Super. Not really on topic though. Also, don't you have to have Allstate insurance?
  3. I know it used to be easier to get discounted cards from Carnival (just answers some quizzes and use points to buy cards for 10% off). Now you have to be a member, and it seems like people are losing their crap over this. I just paid $12 to join for a year, then turned around and saved $260 buying 5 cards ($500 cards are $448). I didn't even have to answer questions or build up points for a few weeks, which was well worth $12 of my time. Is this just a case of people not wanting to do a little work, or expecting too much for nothing? Now let's just hope I c
  4. I was just thinking about hanging out near the pier in the morning, going in the ship for lunch, then heading back out again.
  5. Looks like it would be pretty easy to get on and off the ship more than once if you needed to?
  6. We'll be in St Martin in March of next year. The wife and I have been there before. We'll be bringing our (will be) 12 and 8 year olds this time. Is there a good family activity that we can do that's not through the cruise line? The town is within walking distance, so we could walk somewhere reputable for a local tour or excursion. Thanks!
  7. I don't fall into your "recently cruised" timeframe, but I'll add to what Kristin says: You barely have time to enjoy the ship. There's plenty to do, with good shows, comedy, food, etc. But if you're the least bit adventurous, you'll be exhausted after a few days. I've never been on a ship that was this quiet at night. Everyone is sleeping.
  8. Looks like there's a big beach surrounding the cruise pier. If so, I assume it's not free?
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