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  1. Another scenario to consider should B2B not be allowed: Passenger X leaves a 3 night Royal Caribbean cruise and ambles down to another terminal to board a 4 night Carnival cruise. How is Carnival going to know? Ask all embarking guests if they've been on a cruise in the past month? Maybe a tracing database common to all CLIA cruise lines so every cruise line knows Passenger X was on a 3 night RCI cruise on such and such date. Even better, what if that Carnival cruise leaves the day after debarking the Royal cruise? Passenger X spends the night at a port hotel and comes back to the pier in the morning. So more chances of acquiring the virus while hanging out in town for a day. The point is this can get very messy and we all know people will look at workarounds to get their 7 nights of cruising done in order to get the most bang for their airline reservation dollars.
  2. I can see B2B cruisers having to go through new medical screening for each cruise, leaving the ship and going through whatever medical testing is done in the terminal along with the newly embarking guests with no special screening just for B2B people.
  3. From in paragraph two, they seem to be responding to the claims that they are ignoring the cruise industry.
  4. Peter Knego buys and sells cruise ship furniture and other items. He is a well known cruise journalist. Midshipcentury.com is the website as I recall.
  5. That’s my take on it. The first quarter of 2021 may even be in doubt.
  6. Key words are “initial recommendations by the end of August.” https://presscenter.rclcorporate.com/press-release/101/leading-public-health-experts-to-oversee-development-of-enhanced-cruise-line-health-and-safety-standards/
  7. Cruise Week email I received a couple hours ago: "well-placed sources tell us it's more than likely that the CDC will extend the pause beyond July 24, perhaps even beyond the current pause extension by CLIA through September 30."
  8. With the Pullmantur reorganization the Grandeur's future may now be unknown.
  9. The DP340 rate also reduces things like the D+ balcony discount and any OBC offer that is available by 25%. So if the offer has a $50 OBC you get $37.50.
  10. It's like seeing the progression of the Lloyd Bridges character in Airplane with the "Iooks like I picked the wrong week to quit <insert addictive substance>". Started out with smoking and ended with sniffing glue.
  11. I am still waiting the port and tax refund for April 4 MJ and the amounts for my agent’s commission for three cruises. I’ve received the rest of the refund amount for those cruises. The commission amount was not in the menagerie of refund pieces. Yesterday they refunded the agent commission amount for a cruise that I took the FCC on. That FCC was for the correct amount including the commission amount, so it seems they refunded the commission amount for the wrong booking. Finally, I received a refund for 18 cents to a card I haven’t used for a cruise booking in over a year but that card must still be in their system.
  12. I've been wondering about that. Every cruise I have booked for September through January is a 3/4 night B2B or B2B2B. Assuming those cruises happen I suppose they could make us go all the way off the ship and outside the terminal and check in for each leg like a new guest. This being done just so they can vet us through the passenger screening protocols and have very concise records for each sailing. Or they will run all the consecutive cruisers as a group through the passenger medical screening and then take those who are okay medically back to the holding area to reboard. I'm hoping for option 2.
  13. Yeah, when they get to 200% FCC I might tell them to remove the refund request.
  14. Our June 12 Ovation cruise to Alaska was cancelled and I submitted it for refund. No refund appeared and then we got the incorrect FCCs two weeks ago that so many others received. Ours were for 25% of the cruise fare. Then earlier this week we received the corrected FCCs for the 125% amount. Okay, so we checked and the booking is still showing as being in the refund queue. And now, just a few minutes ago we received a third FCC email. This time the FCCs are for 140% of the cruise fare. All three variations have the same certificate numbers but this is out of control The FCC went from $1114 each, to $2785 each, and now they are for $3109 each.
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