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  1. It's air/sea pricing. Passengers must fly using FlightsByCelebrity.
  2. Statement RCI provided to media inquiry Sunday night: "As part of the stringent protocols put in place by the shipyard, all shipyard workers and crewmembers must receive a negative PCR test result before boarding. Once on board, the ship conducts daily testing. This process allowed Meyer Werft to detect any possible COVID-19 cases and take the necessary measures to contain the spread of the virus."Earlier this week, six shipyard workers were identified after a positive test and they were immediately quarantined land side. At this time, there are no positive cases onboard."
  3. Exactly. For the cruise lines, CDC is a U.S. regulatory agency. I retired from commercial nuclear power which has the NRC as our regulatory agency. A NRC resident inspector once told me "we don't care if you ever generate a single watt of electricity, all we care about is that you are in compliance with federal law and your license requirements." This is how CDC looks at the cruise lines. CDC still gets paid every two weeks whether Royal Caribbean is sailing from the U.S. or it isn't.
  4. Yes. Booking window now closes on January 31 and the double points sailing window is also extended to cruises sailing March 1, 2021, to March 31, 2022.
  5. For the last suspension announcements on Dec 2, NCL came out early that morning followed by RCG a couple hours later. Carnival announced on Dec 3 followed later that day by MSC.
  6. Here: https://loyaltoyoualways.com/service/casdoublepoints/
  7. The CDC requirements for volunteers aren’t listed on the sign up page. However, those and whatever requirements the Royal lawyers imposed will be a high bar.
  8. Of note is that once they boarded last weekend they didn't require masks anywhere for either the passengers or crew, until day 3 when suddenly it was decided that crew had to mask up all the time and and passengers too in certain situations. Of course there is no way to tell if it was a factor in this one case but the optics were terrible. It got a lot of negative social media attention which may have played a role in SeaDream quickly changing the mask rule.
  9. All is not well on the SeaDream Yacht Club cruise. One passenger with a positive test, so everyone sent to their cabins and they are heading back to Barbados at warp 9. Gene reports they have no idea what will happen upon arrival, but the lunch they sent to his cabin was excellent.
  10. Agree. Everyone will be a "drill participant" as we call them in the nuclear power industry for emergency exercises. There will be "drill controllers" aboard from the cruise line, CDC, CLIA, USPHS, whoever they choose to monitor and assess things aboard, and these people will create random situations to see how the passengers and the crew respond. As I mentioned in another thread, someone could be sitting on the pool deck and a controller might walk up to them and say "this is a simulation exercise - you're not feeling well and have a slight fever" and then stand back and observe what happe
  11. Regarding the use of employees, the CDC order also makes it clear that nobody can be required to do the test cruises as a condition of employment. We called it being “voluntold” in the Navy. Additionally, no consideration or offer of a future reward can be given. So, no cruise points either. As someone who was involved in emergency exercises for nuclear power plants for many years I can also see these tests unfolding in unexpected ways for some volunteers. Example: A person might be lounging by the pool and suddenly a monitor from the cruise line or CDC will walk up and tell the
  12. In fact I just returned from a week in Cancun. Very rigorous virus safety protocols at the resort. Felt “safer” there than here in the U.S. - the CDC homeland. The flights going and returning were full (well, to the extent Delta allows currently).
  13. I just did a dummy booking on the RCI website using the double points promotion link and it gave me the balcony discount as well as my DP340 single rate, so I don’t think the above is correct.
  14. Just announced: Pence will hold a virtual conference today at 2pm with the cruise industry representatives.
  15. It’s now questionable whether a new date for the meeting with Pence will even be set up prior to the election. If they don’t have it very soon, like by the end of next week, don’t be surprised if CDC adds another month to the suspension and moves to November 30.
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