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  1. Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, the Celebrity president and CEO.
  2. Back when you could do C&A preferences online, and free upgrades were still happening, there was a block you could check about your upgrade choices regarding the CP and BW balconies. I think it said something like “automatically upgrade my cabin unless it is to a CP or BW balcony cabin”. They did have problems filling those categories at the time.
  3. I just looked and that sailing is still available for booking.
  4. The employee at the entrance to the expedited check-in line is only interested in seeing a Set Sail pass with "Expedited Arrival" on it, regardless if it's a paper pass or the pass on the phone app. It's not an actual "check in" line but a verification line to make sure everything is done, scan the passport, and redo the security photo is needed.
  5. Cortrans uses small buses, 15 passengers or so, and they have a lot of them so they don't take long to load and go. I am not absolutely sure, but I think GoPort uses full sized motor coaches, so a lot more people to load or wait for, more luggage, etc. Personally, I started using Cortrans shortly after they started business, found them totally reliable - they do hotel pickups around MCO and have always been at least on time and usually early (and waited) - so I've stuck with them. $20 is a good price, but I'm not paying to transport a large family. I use them because they've earned my loyalty.
  6. I also recommend Cortrans shuttle. Excellent service.
  7. Rising Tides bar on Harmony has Louis XIII. $149 a serving plus the tip.
  8. The ability to cancel online was removed in the website update RCI made in 2018.
  9. According to This Article “Perfect Day’s structures, including the iconic Daredevil’s Tower, were designed, built and tested to withstand a Category 5 hurricane.” I think it’s safe to assume they don’t mean the cabanas and rooftops over places such as the Oasis Lagoon bar.
  10. On Navigator the pizza is available at the promenade cafe.
  11. For my ‘originally going to Cuba’ Majesty cruise in June we were sharing CocoCay with Navigator, and Navigator was of course long scheduled to be there. However a few days after Cuba being canceled we had some cabanas open on the cruise planner, thrill water park passes, several other excursions. I assumed they pulled the available inventory from Navigator and gave us a chance to book, also since they supposedly hold back X number of excursions for onboard sales. I was able to get a Chill Island cabana. No Oasis Lagoon cabanas were available. I think water park cabanas were open too. We walked up to the balloon ride and bought tickets and boarded immediately. Zero line.
  12. If you mean Oasis Lagoon cabana I paid $521.99. Booked it on May 5 for my Harmony cruise stopping there August 19th. It's quite a bargain price compared to what some are paying lately.
  13. I was in a JS (cabin 1082) in June and on embarkation day my cabin attendant showed me the "hidden" USB ports on the bottom of the reading lamps for the bed. These might only be in the suites but it made life easy for charging devices.
  14. According to a couple of reports this morning, RCI has lowered the unaccompanied age to 14 effective August 3.
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