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  1. Android - Galaxy S10. As stated above this seems to be the key. Since I cannot login at all, for me it is simply non-funtional.
  2. Ok, I downloaded it again for the third [maybe 4th] time and it still will not allow me to log in at all. Am I missing something?
  3. In [I believe] October 2018, cruise critic did a major overhaul of the web site. Prior to that, I used the app extensively. My memory is it was a little easier and more convenient to go directly to the app rather than opening a browser and getting to the forums, even if you had it bookmarked. I loved the old app. I would probably use the new app except I can't get it to work.
  4. Using Android version on Samsung Galaxy S10. Originally got in and was able to see the threads I was subscribed to. After a day, these disappeared and i was unable to get to any content at all. Tried deleting and reinstalling, then could not even log in, even though able to get into web version just fine [I am able to post after all]. Seems like the Apple version works but the Android version does not.
  5. Great suggestion. Boston has great public trans. We've had great experience with Uber in Boston. A tour like this can be easily modified to take in the specific sites you want to see. And you won't have to waste time on or waiting for a HOHO bus.
  6. I don't care for HOHO buses in general, so take my comments with a grain of salt. The HOHO buses in Boston are a prime example of why I hate HOHO buses. They are not always timely, and our experience is they were frequently full, so if you're with a group, you may have to wait for another bus or split up. Additionally, a lot of the route was of minimal [if any] interest. We had a couple of days before our cruise, so the extra time was annoying. On a shore excursion, it could destroy the whole day. Not familiar with the HOHOs in Halifax, but know many of the attractions are an easy walk from the ship. As to the Sackville, it has been undergoing refit/restoration. It should be finished and open again, but the website is unclear. There is a novel called "The Cruel Sea" by Nicholas Monsarrat that relates the WWII convoy escort experiences of the skipper of a Flower Class Corvette [like Sackville]. Having read it made my visit a lot more meaningful. Anyway, great ports. Enjoy your cruises.
  7. As far as shore excursions go, a lot depends on your interests. Most of these ports have a lot of history, especially Newport, Boston, and Halifax. Bar Harbor and St John are more scenic. I had a couple of personal interetests. I remembered [from 6th grade - more than a few years ago] hearing that the Bay of Fundy had the greatest difference between high and low tide, so the reversing falls and dry sea beds were interesting to me. I also read a book about WWII convoy escorts, so the museum ship HMCS Sackville in Halifax was a must see for me. In Boston, the Freedom Trail has a lot of interesting sites and is walkable. There are also a lot of places I didn't think of myself, but was glad I went, like Cadillac mountain and the national park at Bar Harbor, and Peggy's Cove at Halifax. Great ports, enjoy your cruise.
  8. On Anthem last October, I had a slice one night that was quite good. It was thin and similar to many eat coast pizzaria slices I've had. The next night, my slice was thicker and somewhere in the region of truly awful to inedible. Not that thick and thin distinguisues pizza quality, I've had thicker crust that was really good, this wasnt. I asked about the thin pizza I'd had the night before and was told something like: "we don't make that any more."
  9. If you ask for a table for 2, you'll get it. Since it's your tenth, that may be the only thing you want. On the other hand, we've met some interesting people we're still in touch with by sharing. Even when it was just the 2 of us. With MTD you dont have to do the same thing every night.
  10. All great suggestions. You might also consider a walking food tour in Portland. Did that once and greatly enjoyed it. In Halifax there are several Titanic sites the museum is a short walk from the ship. Theres also a flower class corvette - the Sackville in the harbor. Interesting if you've read "The Cruel Sea."
  11. We've been on TAs, not quite as long, but longer than normal. Entertainment is generally pretty good. They typically rotate entertainers at Ports of call so you can expect new shows as the cruise progresses.
  12. Since nobody has responded, I will share my experience from Symphony, on the assumption it's similar. There are 2 locations in the Windjammer [one on each side near the entrances - IIRC, 2 machines at each location]. One on the Royal Promenade near the Cafe Promenade or Sorrentos, can't recall which. One in the Park Cafe, in the Central Park neighborhood, and one in El Loco Fresh [the Mexican restaurant]. Surprisingly [at least to me] there was not one in the Boardwalk neighborhood [but you could get a soda in a glass at Playmakers. Is Oasis similar?
  13. Doubt it. RCI seems to take great pride in its IT ineptitude -- it seems to be a core value.
  14. We go to the 'jamma. Have done so every cruise since our first in 2007 and don't plan to quit. It's a rite of beginning that says the cruise has begun. It's crowded [usually], food is not the greatest, but I wouldn't miss it.
  15. Interesting. That's what I always thought, but in response to a question about bizarre event scheduling, the cruise director on Symphony said something like there was nothing he could do about it because the ship wasn't designed to have everyone aboard at once.
  16. I forgot you will be approaching the area from the east end of the beaches, If you have an option to see Pegasus Bridge or the British beaches where there are still remnants of the Mulberry Harbors, well worth it. The Museum in Caen is great, but with your limited time I would recommend spending it seeing the actual sites. Although it is a somewhat sanitized version of the battle, I recommend watching the Longest Day to get an overview of the battle.
  17. There is no way you can come close to seeing everything in an 8-10 hour shore excursion. Decide what you want to see the most and choose the excursion that gets you there. Personally, if my time was that brief, I would not want to miss the cemetary, Pointe de Hoc, and the Bayeux Tapestry. The tapestry is obviously a different matter altogether from the DDay sites, but it is fascinating. I would also recommend becoming familiar with the course of the battle to better understand what you see. About 10 years ago, we took a ferry across the channel after a cruise on Indy and spent 3 days in Normandy. Highly recommend that option. Still many things to see if we go back.
  18. On Anthem last October we were assigned Monday before a Saturday sailing.
  19. Try this: https://www.cbp.gov/travel/us-citizens/western-hemisphere-travel-initiative
  20. We spent 2 weeks on Symphony in a cabin near where Gatordad815 was on Oasis. As everyone else has said, great location.
  21. Cruised from US, Canada and Europe. The boarding process is virtually the same everywhere [other than possible visa/identity document requirements]. I've never noticed it taking any longer.
  22. Had Bobby Brown on Symphony last year. He was indeed very visible and personable. But organization and scheduling was a mess. Overall, I would rate him a fail.
  23. We did the GTY game for a purpose of the moment cruise on Anthem last October. We were assigned on Monday before sailing on Saturday. We got a balcony on six, and when they say obstructed, they mean it. Our view was a small aperture between two life boat davits on either side, and the lifeboat below. I would guess we had maybe half of the normal view. It was fine with us, we knew the rules and got what we bargained for. Biggest problem was the smoker next door.
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