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  1. Here is our boarding day ritual. Find our cabin, drop off carry ons. Grab a quick bite at the buffet. Explore the ship, finding our little quiet places, check out the dining rooms and bars. Head out to the balcony to relax until muster and sail away. Hopefully this will all be happening on the Edge in November 2021!
  2. We are both fully vaccinated (since Jan 8, 21) healthcare workers! So ready for some time to relax in the sun. We would gratefully hop on a ship of vaccinated people. Hopefully the majority of people on on planned November 14 cruise will be vaccinated.
  3. My day is made!!! Thanks Bo and Texed, et al!
  4. Hi, I may be dating myself, but I remember the most amazing fresh waffles on the Constellation and Millennium. Any chance they are to be found on the Edge? This was one of the first things my husband mentioned when we booked this sailing. Fingers crossed, Kim
  5. I was able to change to a sunset veranda. I have sailed in aft cabins before and love them!
  6. I don't understand the logic in eliminating the real balconies. Did Celebrity give a reason why? It seems like balcony cabins always sell out. I may be way off base, as I don't work in the industry. I just know that I will not sail without my own balcony to go out and sit on.
  7. Thanks everyone! I'll call to change it now.
  8. I think we made a booking error. We want to have a true balcony to sit outside on. We are currently booked on the Edge for November in concierge class. We booked through Expedia, and the description said "private balcony". Will I have a place to sit in the sun, or will I be sitting in my stateroom with essentially a big window? I will change my booking if I need to in order to get a true balcony. Thanks! Kim
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