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  1. I just scrolled through the options presented to me in OceanReady. It seems to me the clip may work well with small children? Then clip it somewhere where they can't grab it off (e.g., the back of the shirt). Just a thought...
  2. Here's a spreadsheet I put together a few months ago. Prices should be right on or close. Carnival Vista Cheers Evaluator 2018-08-02.xls
  3. 27/38 of my cruises have been on NCL, 10 of those in suites (everything ranging from front & aft to 1- and 2-bedroom haven to Owner's Suite to Garden Villa). Haven't been on MSC yet, but one of the things pulling me this direction is the fact that the food in the YC seems so much more varied and plentiful. The room itself seems somewhat comparable to a standard NCL suite. Aside from our cruises in the Garden Villas, the butler service on NCL has been meh. That's another big selling point for YC.
  4. Message from Bong last week. He is on vacation, and will return to the Bliss. Didn't say when, but I'm thinking he'll likely be there in December.
  5. I swear... People being mean to Clarence or Bong is akin to kicking a puppy. What sort of person would do that?!?
  6. I was on a cruise with friends when he proposed to her. They had a private dinner at the steak house. He got the maitre'd in on it, as well as the waiters. After dinner, the waiter came over with a covered platter, explaining that he had a special dessert. When he lifted the cover there was a single red rose and an engagement ring displayed in its box. My friend got on his knee and proposed. It was a private thing in a public place. (She said yes.) Very sweet.
  7. Great pics! Thanks for sharing.
  8. The only time I gave gifts was when I took a cruise on which I knew there would be a couple of lady crewmember friends from previous cruises. I gave each a pair of soft, fuzzy aloe socks for kicking back at the end of a long day on their feet. They were delighted. I made it clear that if they wanted to toss them at the end of their contract my feelings wouldn't be hurt. Otherwise... Cash is king.
  9. After working on this for about a month, I think I'm ready to go live! ATTACHED IS A **NEW** CHEERS EVALUATOR SPREADSHEET It is in Excel *.xls format To help you determine if Cheers may be a good value for you: Download the spreadsheet Enter your Cruise Length (C1) and number of Sea Days (C2). NOTE: If you are cruising from Galveston or New York, enter one day less for Cruise Length. Cheers does not become active until your first full day; you are only charged for the remaining days. For example, for cruises 7 days in length, enter 6. The Cheers! package price which is pre-loaded (C3) is the pre-cruise purchase price and includes the automatic 15% gratuity. The only other items you need to enter are the desired number of each beverage for each sea and port day. Everything else calculates automatically. Keep an eye on the Worth It? box (F2-3) -- it will turn green if your anticipated consumption exceeds the cost of Cheers. All drinks listed are included in the Cheers package. I cannot claim the spreadsheet setup as my own. A user name Kelly Mohr originally created this spreadsheet for Princess. I have simply updated it for Carnival. MUCH THANKS to user Carol Jones for providing recent bar menus! The major change from Kelly's organization scheme is that I have grouped drinks available by bar. If you're like me, you know where you're likely to hang out and want to know what's offered there. Prices and selection given are for Carnival Vista. You can assume price/selection will be pretty consistent across the fleet. I have tried to use the most up-to-date information available. If I know the date of the menu from which the prices/selection were taken, it is listed by the venue name. For those without a date, I have cross-referenced from recent menus to try to provide the most up-to-date guess. **If you have information to update this tool, please post it here! I'll be happy to provide updates as long as I can.** Carnival Vista Cheers Evaluator 2018-07-28.xls
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