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  1. escentialssoycandles

    Social Media Wifi Price Increase

    I went to pay for my social media package today for my sailing next week and noticed at check out it went from $4 a day to $6.80. Did I miss an announcement or do you think it is a website glitch? Looks like the other packages went down in price.
  2. escentialssoycandles

    Nassau Booze Cruise?

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a Booze Cruise in Nassau?
  3. escentialssoycandles

    Thanksgiving on Formal Night?!

    We are cruising Conquest Nov 18 and formal night 2 is definitely on Thanksgiving. They will do the traditional Thanksgiving menu as well as the "fancy" menu.
  4. escentialssoycandles

    Still waiting on room assignment

    As long as you have a receipt confirmation of booking, you will have a room. On my first Carnival cruise, I booked at GTY and did not get the assignment until the day before.
  5. I just gave up 6 slots for our upcoming Conquest cruise, so do not be discouraged.....you may still get in!
  6. escentialssoycandles

    Carnival Conquest Muster Stations

    I am sailing with a group of 50 for our wedding on the Conquest. I have extreme claustrophobia and abhor muster drills. Can someone tell me where Station C is?
  7. escentialssoycandles

    Cruise director list? Where to find?

  8. escentialssoycandles

    Conquest MDR Dining for Group of 50

    I am cruising with 50 people for our wedding in November. The dining is all linked for our group. Does anyone know what the table sizes are on Conquest? Trying to figure out if I should link specific cabins together for table seating?
  9. escentialssoycandles

    Specialty Dining Menu's on Cruise Planner Accurate?

    That did sound amazing but we are not in a balcony :-(
  10. escentialssoycandles

    Specialty Dining Menu's on Cruise Planner Accurate?

    Yes I am on Crown and I do not like the new Sabatini's menu so thinking I may just wait it out and not prebook that venue just in case.
  11. I am booked on my honeymoon cruise in December and on my planner it shows Crown Grill and Sabatini's sample menu's. Is it safe to say these menu's are accurate?
  12. escentialssoycandles

    Prices for speciality restaurants

    Steakhouse I think we paid $30 or $35 each, same price for the Champagne Breakfast. I am going on Classica Saturday and can post back with the others :-)
  13. escentialssoycandles

    Bahamian Brewery - any info?

    They are not open on the weekend for tours but are open to purchase beer. We bought I believe 6 beers for $12. It is only a few minutes from the port so cab should not be too much, we had hired a driver for the day.
  14. Our Sea Day is the last day before we get off. I think our itinerary is opposite of what you sailed even though it is the same ports. Nassau, HMC, Grand Turk, Amber Cove, Sea Day. Also I did not finish my sentence about the Fun Times.....I meant do you have them where you can email them to me? It won't let me print them off of the posts for some reason.
  15. I am cruising same itinerary on Conquest in November with a group of 55. Do you happen to have the Funtimes? Also can you confirm when formal nights were?