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  1. Last week my Sept. 10 day cruise increased by $1500.00 with a ton of open cabins in 2A. 3-4 days ago it was only up $1100.00. Last night it was only up about $800.00. Very glad I got the deal I did about 6 weeks ago but who knows if the ship will be sailing in Sept. I had to include CFAR in my travel insurance since Celebrity's cancellation policy didn't go out that far. Hoping for the best for everyone.
  2. Will be on the equinox in Sept. and hoping that Celebrity extends the cancellation offer past our cruise date. Will be taking travel insurance that covers pre-existing but have only 2 more days to add CFAR. Hate to pay the additional for CFAR but don't want to take the chance that we may decide to cancel depending on how things look in another 6 months.
  3. Will be on the Equinox in September and have until March 9th to include CFAR in my travel insurance. Wish Celebrity has extended the cancellation offer past the end of July so not to pay for this extra feature. Hopefully they will extend the offer but if not I will include the CFAR just to be safe.
  4. We booked Fairfield Inn & Suites Fort Lauderdale Airport & Cruise Port back in Feb. for Sept. cruise. Total Price then was $168.37 which included parking for the cruise, breakfast and 1 way transport to the port. Hard to beat the price considering all that's included.
  5. We always get to the departure city day before the cruise and book a hotel that lets you park car for the entire cruise all for a special price. Most also include transportation to the ship but you have to find your own transportation back to the hotel. We always drove to the ports especially when we lived in Florida since it's always better to be there a day early.
  6. This list is great. Will be on the Equinox in September with the classic package and now have many new drinks to try. Thanks.
  7. Prices do seem to have gone crazy. Booked this Sept on the Equinox while onboard last Sept for approx $3600 with 2 perks. Just checked prices for same category with the military discount and 2 perks is now approx $4600. I can see why a line like MSC is attracting so many people with low pricing but not sure what the experience would be like after reading so many not great reviews.
  8. Has anyone had any success in contacting NCL to extend the expiration date of the certificates? If so, how far in the future would NCL extend them?
  9. Will be on an 11 night cruise in September and looking for a hotel that includes parking and transportation to port. Last 2 years we left from Miami and have not left from Ft. Lauderdale in 4-5 years. I am hoping to get suggestions for hotels that CC cruisers have stayed at. I know most of these deals include 7 days free parking and will have to inquire about the additional days. I know some websites will list dozens of hotels but thought it would be easier to ask here for recommendations.
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