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  1. Great review. Was on the ship this past September for 11 nights and booked onboard for next September for 11 nights. Took the drink package as one of the perks. How did you find the cocktail choices in classic drink package? Just wondering if its necessary to upgrade to premium. It would be great if someone could post the current drink price lists to see how many drinks are outside of the classic package.
  2. Luvtoeat

    Scopolamine patches?

    Just picked up a box of 4 patches this afternoon for my wife. Got them at Walmart. Price was $25.00 using insurance as no generic is currently being made.
  3. Luvtoeat


    I also just got an email for Equinox Sept. 3rd. I picked our cabin last Sept. while on almost the same cruise. I see all the bid selection categories but I know that some of the cabin locations may not be in a place we would ever select and don't want to be in a bad location. If you could pick your cabin that would make it easier, but the room location is up to Celebrity.
  4. Luvtoeat

    Cruising After Gallbladder Removal

    Had my gallbladder out last week and was sore for 3-4 days. Now it will be interesting to see how long it will take to slowly get back to eating the things I like. We cruise in 6 weeks and I would hate to pass up my favorite cruise breakfast item eggs/salmon benedict. I will try to not eat any bad foods for the next couple of weeks so hopefully my system will adjust.
  5. I may be having my gallbladder removed in the next week or so and was hoping for advice from anyone that had a similar situation how they handled eating all the food that is available. Wondering if their were certain foods you had to avoid and how you made out. We are not cruising for 2 months and I am hoping that my digestive tract will return somewhat to normal.
  6. We will also be on the Sept. 3rd sailing and may want to book some specialty restaurants. This will be our 4th Celebrity cruise and have always eaten in the MDR. Will probably wait until we are on the ship and see what deals they are offering.
  7. Luvtoeat

    La Quinta Miami Airport West

    After a little more research, decided to go with Holiday Inn Express for not that much more money. Way to many choices to pick from and have not ruled out parking at port.
  8. Thinking about booking the above hotel for 11 night cruise in Sept. Can book their stay and cruise parking deal which includes 10 nights of parking for approx. $101.00. Shuttle to and from port is $15.00 pp extra. Would greatly appreciate any feedback from cruisers that have stayed at this location as to their thoughts. Hampton Inn we stayed at last year would be approx. $225.00 which includes the extra nights of parking and shuttle to the port..
  9. Thinking of booking this cabin which is right near the elevators. we usually try to book a few cabins away from elevators but this is the only cabin available close to the elevators for the cruise we are looking at. I can't seem to find any reviews for this cabin and was hoping that a CC member that has stayed in this cabin could provide any info as to noise or any other issues being so close to the elevators.
  10. Luvtoeat

    Parking at Miami Cruise Terminal

    Cruised from Miami for 11 days in Sept. Found a hotel with a cruise and park package for 7 days with one way transport to the port. Paid $145.00 plus $5.00 for each extra day. We always get to any port the day before ship leaves so not to have any possible issues on day of cruise.
  11. $2550 for 11 nights on the Equinox this past September with the senior, military and resident rate. They were all the same price. Also got $150 discount from TA. No perks were included but with that price, could live without the perks.
  12. Looking at a 11 night cruise November 2018 on either of these 2 ships in a mid-ship balcony. The price of both as of today are fairly close. Epic sails from Canaveral and Star from Miami. Have been on many cruises but Epic would be the biggest ship we have ever been on. Not sure that bigger is always better but I know the Epic will have more things to keep you busy. Would greatly appreciate to hear from cruisers that have been on both ships which they preferred and why.
  13. Luvtoeat

    $25 sale

    I saw these offers last week for cruises sailing by the end of October and a few days later included sailings by the end of November. We got back last month from 11 nights on Celebrity and it was just to soon to sail again. I just checked a few minutes ago and these offers are gone. Had they included sailing dates going into 2018 would definitely have jumped on one. A good reason to constantly check your VIFP offers.
  14. Luvtoeat

    Change of itinerary

    Hope the don't change to Western Carib. These are my least favorite ports. Still plenty of time for them to decide if any changes needed. Would not mind visiting the ABC islands, have not been there for many years. Bermuda for a few days might be nice. Nothing to do but just wait to hear if anything will change.
  15. Luvtoeat

    Change of itinerary

    Most of our cruises were in hurricane season and have not had them change the itinerary. One cruise they took us back to Canaveral and had to bus us back to Tampa. Last year our cruise was behind the hurricane and had to dock in Canaveral in the afternoon so we actually got an extra lunch on the ship. We will also be on the 9/4 cruise and hope the most that will happen is that they cruise east and then south to get behind the hurricane if it is still headed in the same direction. It's to early to know if it will change paths and it could still head into the Western Caribbean. Would not mind a detour to Bermuda, as it's been many years since we visited.